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How to Use Your Mobile Device as a Spotify Remote

A range of developers has introduced applications that let you use your smartphone or iPad as a remote control for Spotify on your computer. So, if you’re streaming music from your computer to some speakers [more…]

How to Edit Facebook’s Spotify Privacy Settings

Facebook allows you to change your privacy settings for Spotify so that you can share as little or as much as you want about your listening habits. Follow these steps to access the Spotify Settings window [more…]

How to Share Your Spotify Username

Before September 2011, anyone registering for Spotify was allowed to choose her own easy-to-remember Spotify username. But Spotify newbies, who log in by using Facebook, automatically get assigned an ugly [more…]

Spotify and Facebook Connection Issues

Spotify on Facebook is classified as a third-party platform app, which is a mini-application that plugs into Facebook. In your Facebook account’s settings, you can actually block certain apps from appearing [more…]

How to Share Music with Spotify Links

With Spotify, you can share links to specific songs, rather than just linking to websites. You’re probably familiar with website addresses, also known as URLs [more…]

Spotify Share Button and Twitter, Microsoft Messenger, and Facebook

Twitter, Microsoft Messenger, and Facebook users can easily share a link to their favorite artist or playlist by using the Share button. Spotify also includes a handy Share button next to every track listing [more…]

Spotify Lets You Link to Just About Anything

Spotify lets you copy web links and URIs that you can paste anywhere you like: in blogs, e-mails, social networks, even word-processing documents. Right-clicking what you want to share and choosing a copy [more…]

How Do You Know Which Spotify Links to Use?

To HTTP, or not to HTTP? When you copy a link in Spotify that you want to share online, you need to make sure you’re copying the right kind of link. When you copy a web address and paste it into something [more…]

How to Subscribe to Playlists from Spotify

What happens if you’ve clicked someone’s link to a playlist, it launches within Spotify, and you feel like subscribing to it? All you have to do is click Subscribe next to the playlist. [more…]

Collaborate on Playlists with Spotify's Collaboration Feature

Spotify’s collaboration feature provides the ability to let your friends add their own tracks to your playlist. Collaborative playlists were launched on Spotify back in 2008 and were an instant hit. These [more…]

Your Spotify Inbox

Your personal Spotify Inbox is a Spotify feature that lets you send and receive music in much the same way that you exchange e-mails. You can even add a small message to any tracks, artist pages, or playlists [more…]

How to Read Spotify Inbox Messages

When you have Spotify running and see a number next to the Spotify icon in the Start bar in Windows 7 or your Dock on the Mac, it means that you have that number of new items waiting in your Inbox. This [more…]

Mark and Star Spotify Inbox Tracks and Block Unwanted Messages

If you start playing a track from your Spotify Inbox and don’t have time to listen through to the end, bookmark it by clicking the star outline that appears on the far left column, which adds the track [more…]

How to Use BRITify on Spotify

Like Radiofy from Sweden, BRITify pulls together playlists from the British Broadcasting Corporation’s radio stations and puts them together in a series of handy playlists, listed by timeslot and updated [more…]

How to Use Last.ify and Overhere on Spotify

Last.ify from Spotify takes the music connected to your profile and automatically generates Spotify playlists based on your listening habits. Quite a few other sites create playlists in this way [more…]

How to Use Pitchify and Equalify with Spotify

Spotify offers several tools to improve your music-listening experience. Pitchify and Equalify are just two of them. Pitchify’s slogan is “Spotify Links Based on Good Reviews.” The easy-to-browse site [more…]

How to Use Gigero with Spotify

Gigero is an easy-to-use tool that Spotify offers to help you find concerts and music festivals. Gigero’s polished, easy-to-use website oozes with summer-festival happiness. Even though it’s technically [more…]

How to Use Tubufy with Spotify

You can use Tubufy from within Spotify to find and play YouTube videos. If you don’t know what this strange word, Tubufy, means or how to pronounce it, just add an [more…]

How to Use Topsify with Spotify

Topsify is a tool that you can use with Spotify to access the Top 40 playlists in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.

Remember lying on the floor with the tape recorder on and the radio tuned [more…]

How to Use truShuffle, Spotisquare, and Viral Music List with Spotify

You can use several different tools with Spotify to help you generate playlists. truShuffle and Viral Music List help you pull together playlists and Spotisquare is a cool little tool that helps you find [more…]

Spotify's Site Features

ShareMyPlaylists (or SMP, for short) was one of the first Spotify playlist–sharing sites around and still continues to innovate and deliver new features to visitors. The site’s mantra is “Long Live the [more…]

Register Your Spotify Account on ShareMyPlaylists

To add a playlist to ShareMyPlaylists (SMP) and use the social features, you need to connect your Spotify account to the site via Facebook or Twitter. Whenever you visit, a pop-up [more…]

How to Submit a Spotify Playlist to

In order to submit a Spotify playlist to ShareMyPlaylists (SMP) for others to enjoy, you first need to log into SMP. Then follow these steps: [more…]

How to Use Spotibot with Spotify to Uncover Music

Spotibot is a clever little musical robot (or bot) that you can use with Spotify Spotibot seems to read your mind and suggests alternative tracks you may like to try that are similar to a particular band [more…]

Spotify Music Blogs

Technology can do only so much: Sometimes, you do need a human to find the gems when it comes to what Spotify has on offer. Thank goodness there are plenty of dedicated [more…]