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Incorporate Social Bookmarking into Your Blog

Encourage Your Blog Visitors to Digg Your Content

Create an Avatar to Represent You in Your Blog Profile

You can portray yourself in avatar form on any Web site that lets [more…]

MyBlogLog Builds Community with Blog Visitor Activity Tracking

Blog beyond Your Own Site and Invite Guest Bloggers In

Stay in Touch with Your Blog Community with E-Mail Options

How to Delete a MySpace Friend

You may want to delete a friend from your MySpace Friend List – de-friend, if you will. When you know that it’s time to get rid of a certain person, you need to know how to delete the unwanted friend from [more…]

How to Create and Send a Message on MySpace

When surfing MySpace, you’re never far from creating and sending your next message. The first step is to find the user you want to contact. The most common way to send a message is by using the Send Message [more…]

How to Reply to a Received Message on MySpace

Any user on MySpace can send a message to any other user any time they feel like it; sometimes you won’t be initiating the contact, but you’ll be replying to it. As your list of MySpace friends grows, [more…]

How to Forward, Save, and Delete Received MySpace Messages

Replying isn’t the only option you have after receiving a message on MySpace. You can also Forward, Save, or Delete any MySpace message that may find its way to your Inbox. Here’s a breakdown of how to [more…]

How to Post a MySpace Profile Comment

Posting a Profile Comment on MySpace is an easy and effective way to communicate with the members of your Friend List. You can post a Profile Comment to say happy birthday, to post an upcoming event reminder [more…]

How to Delete a MySpace Profile Comment

In case you regret a Profile Comment that you posted on MySpace, don’t panic. Profile Comments are as easy to delete as they are to post. Follow these steps to delete a Profile Comment that you’ve posted [more…]

How to Create and Send a MySpace Bulletin

A bulletin is MySpace’s way of giving the millions of users a way to broadcast a message to every one of their friends via Bulletin Space. The more friends you have, the more likely the bulletin you create [more…]

How to Delete a Bulletin in MySpace

If, for some reason, you think that you might not want people to see the bulletin that you just posted on MySpace, there’s an easy way to delete it from MySpace quickly. Follow these steps to get rid of [more…]

Where to Find Blogging Help

You're not the only one blogging, whether you're using Whether you’re blogging with Google Blogger or through some other host, you’re not the only one out there sharing thoughts, experiences, graphics, [more…]

Free Blog Templates

Google Blogger helps you with the basics of creating your own blog, but you want your blog to reflect your personality, don’t you? Well, templates that you can use and adapt as your creativity dictates [more…]

How to Promote Your Blog

Once you have a blog, , whether with Google Blogger or other blogging software, you want to promote it and invite people to check it out. The Internet is full of tools to help you spread the news about [more…]

How to Make Money from Your Blog

You’re out there blogging with Google Blogger or some other host, bringing many sets of eyes to your Web site. Where’s the harm in making a little money for your efforts? The Web is full of ways to make [more…]

Google Blogger For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A public diary and so much more, your blog is a statement about you, so whether you use Google Blogger or another host, you want to personalize your blog with templates, have people read it, and maybe [more…]

How to Make MySpace Account Changes

MySpace makes it easy to get under the hood of your account and tinker with your MySpace page. Those adjustments affect how your account operates not only for you, but also for the users who encounter [more…]

How to Find and Use Templates in Your Blog

Blog design comes down to one thing: the templates you use to run your blog. In these blog templates, you find all the code — and snazzy bells and whistles — that make a blog look great. A good template [more…]

How to Find a Web Designer to Design Your Blog

You may not want to design your blog yourself — who has time to mess with all that code? Web designers create Web sites and blogs for a living. Of course, because these Web-savvy professionals rely on [more…]

How to Use the MySpace Music Player

The MySpace Music Player has been a feature of MySpace from the beginning. The MySpace Music Player gave musicians an outlet to the masses — offering an even playing field for any band that used it, no [more…]

How to Create a MySpace Filmmaker Profile

Creating a MySpace filmmaker profile is very similar to creating a personal MySpace profile. Except that with a filmmaker profile, you get an easy-to-use platform to show off your video masterpieces: [more…]

How to Manage Your MySpace Filmmaker Profile

After you create your MySpace filmmaker profile, you can find all your film-specific options by clicking the Edit Profile link in your filmmaker profile. These options are the main differences between [more…]

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