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How to Unblock MySpace Users

You can unblock MySpace users from your Blocked Users list — where you can see all the users you’ve blocked. So, if you change your mind about who you want to keep out of your MySpace space, you follow [more…]

How to Make Your MySpace Profile Private

You can use a private profile on MySpace to limit who can view your profile information; you can narrow it down to only the individuals listed in your Friend List. Your private profile then doesn’t allow [more…]

How to Block MySpace Users

You can block other MySpace users so that the person can no longer contact you at all through MySpace. That means (s)he can’t comment your page — or send you any message that you actually receive. [more…]

How to Send a Message on MySpace

You can create and send messages to other users on MySpace. The most common way to send a message is by using the Send Message link on the user’s profile. [more…]

How to Stay Safe Using MySpace Settings

Changing a few settings on your MySpace profile can add a level of protection to your MySpace account that goes a long way toward keeping all the Internet predators away from you and your loved one’s MySpace [more…]

Using a Blog to Promote Your Web Store

In essence, having a blog is like having a conversation with your customers if they came through your door in a retail setting. Many store owners use their blogs to discuss new inventory purchases, upcoming [more…]

How to Set Up Your MySpace Profile

MySpace makes it easy to add, erase, or change your profile information whenever you want. Simply go to your home page and click the Edit Profile link in the top-left corner of your home page. The link [more…]

How to Join MySpace

The first step to getting your own page on MySpace is to sign up on the site. You give your name, e-mail address, and information about what town you live in, and you’re a member. [more…]

How to Use MySpace to Find Friends

Friending is the underlying foundation of MySpace. Millions of users are active in the MySpace community. You can find a friend by using a direct MySpace URL, by browsing, or by searching for a user. [more…]

How to Report MySpace Abuse

Whether it’s a message that you think is spam or a profile that has crossed the line between appropriate and inappropriate content, you need to report abuse to MySpace. MySpace is dedicated to making your [more…]

How to Become Someone’s Friend on MySpace

You can officially become someone’s MySpace friend by either sending a fellow MySpacer a Friend Request or by being on the receiving end of a Friend Request from another MySpace user. [more…]

How to Blog on Social Networks

You can blog on social networks, such as MySpace and FaceBook, thanks to their bountiful (and improving) blogging tools. In general, social networks with blogging tools are good for, well, social networking [more…]

How to Cut Down on Spam in MySpace

You can manage MySpace spam by clicking the Spam link in the main Settings Account window to open the Settings: Spam window. Then use the following check boxes to turn certain MySpace spam options on and [more…]

How to Avoid Predators on MySpace

Social networking on MySpace carries risks and responsibilities, which includes avoiding people who prey on others and cause problems. To stay safe on MySpace, you have to follow basic rules for your own [more…]

How to Decide Who Can Become Your MySpace Friend

You’ll receive Friend Requests from MySpace users you know and other MySpace members you don’t know. Being able to decide whether you should accept the Friend Request and befriend the user is very important [more…]

Boosting Your Blog with Better Content

As you think about ways to generate buzz around your blog, you can also improve the quality of your blog by focusing on your posting techniques. These tips may give you some good promotion ideas: [more…]

Getting through Blogger's Block

One nice thing about blogs is that you can post whenever you want, from wherever you want. It's convenient, but it's no guarantee that you have something to post about. There are times in every blogger's [more…]

How to Receive Tweets with Your Cellphone

Many twitterers use Twitter almost exclusively on their mobile phones. Text messaging (SMS) is the most basic way to access Twitter via your cellphone. In addition to sending tweets as SMS messages from [more…]

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