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Trekking through Web Design Tips

The majority of Flash movies end up on Web sites. To help ensure that your Web site is as attractive and useful as possible, consider these pearls of wisdom, some of which apply to all Web sites and others [more…]

Spotting Spam Scams

One of the few things you can count on when you get spammed is that whatever it claims to be offering, it's not for real. Check out the following greatest hits in spam scams. [more…]

Debugging Your ActionScript

When you design a Flash Web site, you need to ensure that your interface, and every movie that loads into it, plays flawlessly and that your ActionScript executes without a hitch. If you can see what's [more…]

Preparing to Photoblog

Photoblogging "nearly' requires a digital camera, because you could conceivably photoblog with a film camera and digitizing service provided by a developer, or a camera/scanner combination. But using film [more…]

Avoiding the "Blog Firing"

Believe it or not, unwise blogging has derailed lives. At some point, the prevalence of blogging hit a tipping point and started a rash of job firings because of employee blogs. It's not that blogging, [more…]

How to Confirm Your E-Mail Address in a New YouTube Account

When you register for a YouTube account, YouTube wants to confirm that the e-mail address you entered is valid and active. Confirming your e-mail address ensures that YouTube can identify you through your [more…]

Knowing Google Images Basics

Because nearly one billion images are floating around on the Web, finding the picture you need for your research can be pretty tricky. Google Images helps you manage this difficult feat. [more…]

Using an Escrow Service on eBay

Escrow is a service that allows an eBay buyer and seller to protect a transaction by placing the money in the hands of a neutral third party until a specified set of conditions are met. Sellers note in [more…]

Figuring Out What XML Is Good For

Case studies of XML never fail to mention new and exciting possibilities where XML adds value to existing environments — or solves previously intractable problems. That's probably why XML applications [more…]

Using the Skype Toolbar

Although you can access many of Skype's features from the main menu, the Skype toolbar displays many of these essential features on toolbar icons. The base set of icons includes the following: [more…]

Expressing Yourself in IMs, Desktops, and Toolbars

For a long time, your America Online software looked like everybody else's America Online software. Your instant messages looked the same, and your toolbars looked the same. It was a vast reservoir of [more…]

Facing Spam-Related Issues

In the war against spam, there is occasionally collateral damage in that the spam solution may frustrate your users, slow the delivery of e-mail, and make a real dent in your already overtaxed IT budget [more…]

How to Personalize Your YouTube Account

After you set up a YouTube account, you can personalize it by searching for videos that pique your curiosity. Personalize your YouTube account by saving something you like as a favorite for future viewing [more…]

Making the Most of the Google Directory

You may be wondering when it makes sense to use the Google Directory as opposed to the broader Google Web search. One great use for the Google Directory is to familiarize yourself with the landscape of [more…]

Boosting Your Blog with Better Content

As you think about ways to generate buzz around your blog, you can also improve the quality of your blog by focusing on your posting techniques. These tips may give you some good promotion ideas: [more…]

How Advertising Might Fit In with Your Blog Plan

Putting an ad or two on your blog is an easy way to earn some money doing something you enjoy. Advertising on a blog has benefits. The first thing to do is decide whether your blog is meant for an advertising [more…]

Editing Images in Dreamweaver MX 2004

New features in Dreamweaver enable you to make minor image editing inside Dreamweaver, without opening Fireworks or any other graphics-editing program. These tools are available from the Properties inspector [more…]

Supporting Your PPC Campaign with Keyword Analysis

The foundation of all search-engine work is a keyword analysis. Doing a keyword analysis is really not that complicated and can mean the difference between success and failure to your PPC campaign. [more…]

Analyzing the Anatomy of URLs

A URL (pronounced You-Are-Ell), or Uniform Resource Locator, is a fancy way of saying an address for information on the Internet. If you hear URL, just think [more…]

Checking Out the eBay Listing Page

All item pages on eBay — whether auctions, fixed-price items, or Buy It Now items — look about the same. If you were viewing this auction page on the screen, you could scroll down and see a complete description [more…]

Getting through Blogger's Block

One nice thing about blogs is that you can post whenever you want, from wherever you want. It's convenient, but it's no guarantee that you have something to post about. There are times in every blogger's [more…]

Figuring Out What URLs Are Made Of

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a standardized way of naming network resources, used for linking pages on the World Wide Web.

The first item in a URL, the letters that appear before the colon, is the [more…]

Protecting Your System from Viral Invasions

You may not like hearing this statement, but it turns out that Mom was right: When it comes to fighting viruses, it's muchbetter to take the proper precautions to avoid the virus in the first place than [more…]

Taking a Multisite Company to VoIP

Companies that have worked with and mastered traditional networks (either telephony or data) often think that it's just a small step to implement VoIP. Think again! If your business has multiple locations [more…]

Noting What's New in Dreamweaver MX 2004

All those requests you make to Macromedia, all that wishful thinking. . . believe it or not, they heard you and many of the little — and not so little — things we all have been wanting in this program [more…]