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How to Delete a YouTube Account

If your username is your identity on YouTube, remember that deleting your account means the end of that identity. Closing your YouTube account means that all the unique qualities of your account [more…]

How to Browse the Most-Linked YouTube Videos

Many people create links on other Web sites that connect to videos on YouTube. To see a list of the most-linked videos on YouTube — and where the links are coming from – do the following: [more…]

How to Build Your Twitter Following through Engaging Tweets

Want to grow your Twitter follower numbers? In less than 140 characters, some advice: Keep your Tweets conversational, well-paced, and connected to something others are likely to care about. [more…]

How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Mozilla Firefox

Removing unwanted toolbars in Firefox is much simpler than removing them from Internet Explorer. Perhaps scummy programmers aren’t as interested in subverting Firefox, or perhaps the Firefox design doesn’t [more…]

How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Internet Explorer

So you find a great little program to install on your computer and somehow, by the time the install finished, you found yourself with a strange new toolbar in Internet Explorer. It happens to everyone. [more…]

How to Remove Unwanted Add-ons from Internet Explorer

Many Internet Explorer problems are caused by add-ons. Unfortunately, removing unwanted add-ons from Internet Explorer can take some work. This is particularly true of the add-ons that you didn't invite [more…]

How to Receive Tweets with Your Cellphone

Many twitterers use Twitter almost exclusively on their mobile phones. Text messaging (SMS) is the most basic way to access Twitter via your cellphone. In addition to sending tweets as SMS messages from [more…]

Getting Help When You Register on eBay

If you run into difficulties with your eBay registration, eBay's customer-support folks can help you complete the registration process. Just follow the Contact Us link on the eBay home page to reach eBay's [more…]

How Much Personal Info Should You Give eBay?

Once you’re a full-fledged, officially registered member of the eBay community, you may see an eBay pop-up window giving you the option to provide more information about yourself. These optional questions [more…]

How to Prove You're Trustworthy on eBay with ID Verify

To show other eBay members that you’re an honest type — and to get special privileges when you’re a newbie on eBay — you can buy eBay's “trust but verify” option, known as [more…]

Link to Sellers and Other eBay Companies

If you look carefully on the eBay home page, you can see several links that give you express service to several key parts of the site. Following these links can open up your buying, selling, and general [more…]

How to Protect High-Cost eBay Transactions with, eBay’s official escrow service, makes it more comfortable for an eBay buyer to proceed with transactions over $2000, which is the upper limit for PayPal buyer protection. Buyers gain peace [more…]

Deciding How to Insure Your eBay Merchandise when Shipping

It’s a good idea to insure the merchandise you sell on eBay against loss or damage; whether you self-insure an item or insure it through a major carrier generally depends on how much the item is worth. [more…]

eBay Blogging on Your My World Page

If blogging is the key to the new Web, your My World page is the hub of your eBay user interaction. Your About Me page is there for customers; the My World page is mostly used by the eBay community. People [more…]

Buying and Selling Items on PayPal Shops

When you think of PayPal, you might think of it as just a payment service on eBay, but it’s much, much more. Did you know that PayPal has shops? Yes! It’s another place to sell your wares online. [more…]

How to Join PayPal Shops

Joining PayPal shops lets you sell your merchandise directly through PayPal. This is a great opportunity to expand your customer base, buy you need to meet the requirements of the application process. [more…]

Buying from Sellers with PayPal Buyer Protection

As a buyer who pays for eBay items through PayPal, you can be covered against fraud under the PayPal Buyer Protection plan. The maximum level of coverage varies from [more…]

Downloading PayPal Payment History for Your Records

Good recordkeeping is important for an eBay seller. That’s why PayPal allows you to download records of your buying and selling activity, in either a monthly or quarterly format. [more…]

Watch Your eBay Bidding Status with the Active Buying Section

When you place a bid, eBay registers it in the Active Buying area of your My eBay page, and displays a clickable link to the item. This part of your My eBay page gives you quick access to all the auctions [more…]

Get Help through eBay's Emergency Contact Board

The eBay Emergency contact board is no Rescue 911, but if your computer crashes and you lose all your info, this board is the place to put out an all-points bulletin for help. [more…]

Researching eBay Bidders to Win an Auction

To find the best price for any item on eBay, you need to research the item to find out what similar items on eBay tend to sell for. But eBay shows you more than just the winning bid; you can gain some [more…]

Finding Your Destination with the eBay Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is at the top of every eBay page and lists five links that take you directly to different eBay areas. Hovering over some of the links reveals a subnavigation list with links to other [more…]

How to Grade Collectible eBay Items

As an eBay buyer or seller, one of the keys to establishing the value of an item is knowing the item’s condition, typically referred to as the item’s grade. [more…]

Multiple-Item, or Dutch, eBay Auctions

A multiple-item, or Dutch, auction on eBay allows a seller to auction multiple identical items. You can bid on as many of the item as you want. To place a bid in a Dutch auction, you must input the amount [more…]

Reserve-Price Auctions on eBay

Unlike a minimum bid, which is required in any eBay auction, a reserve price protects sellers from having to sell an item for less than the minimum amount they want for it. You may be surprised to see [more…]