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How to Browse Videos on the YouTube Most Viewed Page

How to Find a Web Host for Your Blog

After you purchase your domain for your blog, you need to find a Web host. Look for a Web host for your blog that has everything your blog software needs to run. Keep in mind that Web hosts vary greatly [more…]

How to Browse Top-Rated Videos on YouTube

Head to the Top Rated page on YouTube — it's a good bet for finding quality entertainment on the site. Videos become top-rated on YouTube when millions of registered users from all over the world rate [more…]

Keeping in Touch with Design Notes

Design Notes are ideal for communicating with other developers who are working on your Web site, but aren't within shouting distance. This Dreamweaver feature works like the [more…]

How to Browse YouTube's Most-Discussed Videos

The videos on YouTube's Most Discussed page are the ones that spurred the most YouTubers to leave comments after viewing. The most discussed videos aren’t necessarily the videos that everybody’s watching [more…]

Considering Ideas for Business Vlogs

One common topic for discussion when videobloggers get together is how to use videoblogs in a business setting, either to make money or improve a business's exposure and promotion. [more…]

How to Handle Readers' Comments on Your Blog

Knowing how to handle reader comments on your blog requires speed and sensitivity. Comments from readers is a controversial area on a blog, both in the content of those comments and in how you handle them [more…]

Auction Adhesive: Beeswax versus Museum Putty

Some online auction sellers use beeswax to secure items in an irregular position for photography. [more…]

Bidding to Win at Dutch Auctions

In a Multiple Item (Dutch) auction, bidders can bid on one or more of the items up for sale -- and at the end of the auction, all winners win their items for the lowest successful bid price. [more…]

Calculating Shipping for a Non-eBay Item

If you want to sell a non-eBay item and accept PayPal as the form of payment, you can estimate and apply shipping costs to the invoice or money request you send to the buyer. [more…]

Consider Your Camcorder for Auction Shots

The majority of eBay sellers use a digital camera or a scanner to dress up their auctions with images, but some just use what they already own -- their handy-dandy camcorders! [more…]

Don't Dress Up Your eBay Pictures!

Although dressing up items for a picture may sound like a great idea, it's not even a good one. [more…]

Improve Auction Photos with Cloud Dome

Ambient light, light that occurs naturally, is the best light for photographing many types of items that you want to auction on eBay (especially shiny items). [more…]

Know Your eBay Auction Terms

Bolster your buying (and selling) vocabulary with these basic eBay terms: [more…]

Make Your Auctions the Place To Be!

Auctions represent the first point of entry for your prospective buyers. Although a single item caught their interest, you want to broaden that interest into multiple purchases by showing them the rest [more…]

Meeting Your Auction Customers

eBay is a person-to-person marketplace. Although many sellers are businesses (like you), the perception is that sellers on eBay are individuals (versus businesses) earning a living. [more…]

Monitoring Your Auction Action as a Seller

To find out whether anyone has bid on an item you are selling, go to your My eBay page and click the Selling link. [more…]

Organizing Your Auction Presentation

Selling products through an online auction works like selling things face to face in real life. [more…]

Pay Attention to eBay Packing Slips

Lost packages are the bane of all carriers since they started accepting packages for delivery. [more…]

Review Your eBay Listings Regularly

After a while, the temptation is to not review your listings after submitting them. [more…]

Take All eBay Sales Costs into Account

Becoming complacent and blithely ignoring your eBay costs as you list items for sale is easy to do. [more…]

Tracking Auction Buyer Information

Keeping track of your eBay auction winners isn't rocket science. [more…]

Watching Out for eBay Abuses

If you're on eBay long enough, you're bound to find an abuse of the service. [more…]

eBay Charity Auctions: All for a Good Cause

A charity auction is a high-profile fundraising auction where the proceeds go to a selected charity. [more…]

eBay Invites TRUSTe Scrutiny

By creating a comprehensive privacy policy and opening itself up to independent review by TRUSTe, eBay has earned the loyalty of millions of auction-crazed customers. [more…]