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Scribing and Trimming Countertops for a Perfect Fit

If your walls were straight and true, installing your countertop would be a little easier. But your walls are likely to be off. To ensure a perfect fit for your new countertop, you check your walls for [more…]

Cutting a Hole in a Countertop for the Sink

When you're installing a new kitchen countertops, installing the sink means you're near the end. Most sinks come with a paper or cardboard template to help outline the area you're going to cut out. Quite [more…]

How to Attach Countertops to Kitchen Cabinets

After you’ve scribed, trimmed, test fitted, and applied any end caps to the countertops, and the glue has set at any mitered corners, you can begin the job of securing your countertops to the base cabinets [more…]

Preparing to Install a Kitchen Sink

Much of the work of sink installation takes place before you set the sink into the countertop. Taking your time with the preliminary work ensures a smooth installation. In most cases, the old plumbing [more…]

Types of Water Supply Lines to a Faucet

After you attach a faucet to the sink, you can attach the water supply lines that will eventually be connected to the shut-off valves on the main water supply pipes. Regardless of what your supply line [more…]

How to Connect Water Supply Lines to a Sink

No matter what type of material you use for your water supply lines, you want leak-free connections. The fastest connection to use is the screw-on nut and washer that’s on the ends of a steel-braided supply [more…]

How to Hook Up a Drain Line to a Sink

After you have attached your faucet and water supply and set your sink, it’s time to connect the sink drain. Drain kits come in different materials and configurations, but installing them is a snap. Choose [more…]

How to Build a Ceramic Countertop

Ceramic countertops are popular, and making and installing one is a manageable DIY project for most homeowners. You need straight-edged tiles and bull-nose tiles for your countertop. Bull-nose tiles come [more…]

How to Check for Gas Line Leaks

If your home has one gas-fired appliance, you can add as many as you like. The only thing that you need is a gas line to each of the new gas appliances. If you run the gas line yourself, you need to check [more…]

How to Install a New a Cooking Range

Assuming you purchased a range (a cooktop and oven combination unit) that uses the same fuel source as your old range, installing the new appliance should be as easy as sliding in or dropping in the unit [more…]

How to Install a Refrigerator with a Dispenser Unit

The refrigerator is the easiest of all appliances to install. Fridges today often come with popular extras that require more from you in the way of installation. The most popular of these extras is the [more…]

How to Remove a Toilet

Disconnecting an old toilet to prepare for the installation of a new one is nothing regal. The steps to install a toilet are the reverse of removing one, so you get a practice run before connecting the [more…]

How to Install a New Toilet

You install a two-piece toilet in three phases: First, you secure the toilet base to the floor, then you fasten the tank to the base, and finally, you connect the water supply to fill the toilet with water [more…]

How to Choose a Toilet for Your Bathroom

When it comes to choosing a toilet, begin by pinpointing who the primary users are and how often it will be used. A good choice for an infrequently used powder room is a distant cousin from one that’s [more…]

How to Remove a Bathtub

If you are remodeling your bathroom, chances are you will be installing a new bathtub. That means you have to remove the old one. Don’t attempt to do this job alone. Get two strong helpers to assist with [more…]

Tools You Need to Install a New Bathtub

Installing a bathtub isn’t an easy do-it-yourself project because it involves working with a large, heavy object in a small space. If you have any misgivings about doing it, hire a plumber who has the [more…]

How to Install a New Bathtub

Installing a tub isn’t an easy do-it-yourself project because it involves working with a large, heavy object in a small space. If you have any misgivings about doing it, hire a plumber who has the experience [more…]

How to Build a Platform for a Bathtub

A platform bathtub is enclosed in a framed platform and surfaced with tile, wood, or other finishing material. The project may require reinforcing existing floor framing in addition to the construction [more…]

How to Install a Platform Bathtub

A platform bathtub is often enclosed in a framed platform. After the platform is built and the plumbing is roughed in, you place the tub in the platform. It's easier to install a whirlpool tub after you've [more…]

How to Install an Enclosed Shower

Installing a shower requires you to construct wood framing to support the walls of the enclosure. If you place the shower in a corner, you have to construct fewer walls. In any case, the manufacturer supplies [more…]

How to Install a Shower (or Tub) Door

If you're tired of dealing with a leaky, mildew-stained shower curtain on an existing shower, installing a shower door might be a perfect solution. The installation, which is essentially the same for a [more…]

How to Install Shower (or Tub) Grab Bars

Getting in and out of a shower isn’t always easy, even when you’re fit and able. If you have a sore knee or a sprained ankle, you may find it nearly impossible to maneuver safely without a secure handle [more…]

How to Install the Drain for a Pedestal Sink

What it lacks in storage space, a pedestal sink makes up for in high style. How you install a pedestal sink varies by style and manufacturer. Installing a pedestal sink involves completing several individual [more…]

How to Install the P-Trap under a Sink

With your pedestal sink on the wall, you can install the P-trap. The U-shape of this pipe is the trap that retains enough water to prevent sewer gases from entering the bathroom. You can adjust the P-trap [more…]

How to Prepare a Wall to Hang a Sink

When you’re going to install a sink in an existing bathroom, you have to remove the drywall in the area behind the sink to add blocking to provide support. You have to open the wall to expose at least [more…]

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