How To Live Green

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Planting Trees: A Green Community Project

Planting trees can be one of the best green things you can do in and for your community. When you consider what trees do for the environment, they’re pretty amazing. They provide food and homes for squirrels [more…]

Being Environmentally Sound at Work

All the eco-friendly measures you put in place at home — energy-efficient appliances and equipment, water-saving and energy conservation devices and strategies, recycling and reusing programs — can translate [more…]

Hydrogen Fuel Cells — Clean Energy for Cars of the Future?

The advantages of hydrogen fuel cell technology are huge because it releases no emissions at all. Hydrogen is a potential catalyst for energy for utilities as well as for transportation, though several [more…]

How to Establish a Local Recycling Project

Cutting down on the amount of waste generated across the United States is a crucial part of green living, so it makes sense to get the community involved in waste-reduction strategies, including recycling [more…]

Creating Energy with Biomass

Biomass is any organic material. Converting biomass to sustainable energy is a carbon-neutral process because, although burning or otherwise processing the material releases carbon, new organic material [more…]

Examining Genetically Modified Food

A green lifestyle is about treating the planet and the life it supports with respect. Genetic modification (GM) generally runs counter to a green lifestyle, especially when it comes to food. [more…]

Going Beyond Cleaning Up the Environment: Community Renewal Projects

In many towns and cities, entire neighborhoods have become run-down, contributing to crime and environmental damage. Trash, including hazardous materials, is often left on streets or on vacant lots instead [more…]

Preserving and Restoring Historic Buildings and Sites

Rebuilding, restoring, or upgrading sites and buildings of importance to an area’s history is an effective way to contribute to your local environment. You can join in one of thousands of projects going [more…]

How to Throw a Green Party

Every big life event — birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, and religious festivals — deserves to be marked in an appropriate way. Celebrate in a way that’s green, and you extend your focus on [more…]

Green Gift Giving: Regifting

Regifting — giving a gift you’ve received to someone else as a gift — is a way to recycle unwanted or unneeded items. You can also regift something that’s important to you and thus share its value — perhaps [more…]

Avoiding Toxic Food Storage

Plastic containers and cling wraps used for storing and heating food have come under the environmental spotlight because researchers have discovered that certain chemicals in those plastics — especially [more…]

Eco-friendly Driving Tactics

Despite the environmental issues attached to vehicle usage, sometimes even the most eco-friendly person has to drive. At those times, you can increase your fuel efficiency and reduce your emission of carbon [more…]

Telecommute to Save the Planet

Telecommuting, in which a person connects to work via a computer from outside the office, benefits the community and the environment: A telecommuter doesn’t burn fuel to get to work, thus reducing greenhouse [more…]

The Promise and the Problems of Ethanol

An alternative fuel for gasoline-powered vehicles, ethanol (a form of alcohol derived from plants) reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the need for fossil fuels. The major controversy surrounding ethanol [more…]

Moving toward Energy-Efficient Appliances

Upgrading your major appliances to those with a high Energy Star rating improves your carbon footprint, reduces your utility bills, and gets you to a greener lifestyle. The federal government rates appliances [more…]

Cleaning Up Your Community

There’s no shortage of green community projects aimed at protecting nature, whether it’s wildlife or wild places. You can clear and maintain hiking trails in parks, count birds for wildlife inventories [more…]

Green Country: Living Green in Rural Areas

You can live a pretty sustainable and green life in small towns and rural areas — after all, you’re surrounded by nature. However, you have to factor in how eco-friendly your lifestyle can really be if [more…]

Avoiding Energy Waste with Ovens

It takes a lot of energy to heat up an oven, so anything you do to either reduce or optimize your use of this appliance can help you live a greener lifestyle. These measures are tried-and-true ways to [more…]

Keeping an Eco-Friendly Lawn

If your yard includes some lawn and you aren’t yet ready to replace it with more sustainable alternatives, make your grass as green as possible by using eco-friendly, toxic-free methods to keep it healthy [more…]

How to Find a Green Job

If you’re a green living advocate, working for an organization involved with climate change awareness, renewable energy, wildlife conservation, or green construction not only provides a paycheck but also [more…]

Making a Green Decision to Replace Your Vehicle

Living green certainly extends to your vehicle, but the right time to replace your wheels isn’t always obvious. Maybe you know you can get by with a smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle because the kids [more…]

Choosing Green Vacation Accommodations

You have eco-friendly vacation accommodation options whether you’re spending time in the world’s great cities or on top of a mountain. Check out the accommodation options carefully to make sure that they’re [more…]

How to Make School Lunches Eco-Friendly

School lunches can be a controversial issue as the government worries about the rising levels of childhood obesity, schools worry about funding for meals, and you worry about your child getting healthy [more…]

How to Involve Children in Green Choices

Teaching children to live a green lifestyle can set the stage for a greener future for all. And it doesn't have to be difficult. Children like to be able to teach their parents a thing or two, so give [more…]

Sizing Up Fuel Source Choices

When assessing energy sources, you can’t simply say, nonrenewable energy is bad and renewable is good. Each source has its pros and cons, which means that this green issue isn’t a black-and-white choice [more…]


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