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How Being Green Benefits Businesses

Keeping a business as green as possible has benefits for the business as well as the environment. Aside from the inherent positives for the planet, taking preventive measures to protect the environment [more…]

Conserving Water at Home

A mere one percent of the planet’s water is drinkable, so conserving this valuable natural resource is vitally important. The easiest way to lower water use is through conservation. And conservation begins [more…]

Is Vegetarianism Essential for Green Living?

If your goal is to live lightly on the planet and embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle, at some point, you need to decide whether that means cutting meat out of your diet. People become [more…]

Keeping the Baby's Nursery Green

Keeping an eye on what you put in a baby's room can not only help protect the environment, but can protect your child from harmful chemicals as well. Using natural and organic materials whenever possible [more…]

How and Where to Recycle Used Electronics

The pace of technology development means that many electronic items are difficult to reuse after only a few years, so recycling them has become an essential issue. The short shelf life of electronics represents [more…]

Diapers: Cloth versus Disposable

Whether to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers is thebig question for prospective parents, especially for those with green leanings.

On the pro side of disposables, they’re easy; on the con side, they [more…]

Running a Green Company: Corporate Social Responsibility

Green living is about protecting the environment andbehaving ethically. Many businesses are embracing what’s called corporate social responsibility to make sure that its operations harm no one and instead [more…]

How to Reduce Waste in the Office

The first of the eco-friendly three Rs is reduce, and being green in the office means looking for ways to reduce consumption throughout, from office supplies to the items in the staff lounge. Consider [more…]

Greening Your Yard and Garden Accessories

One of the great benefits of an environmentally friendly garden is spending time in it simply relaxing and enjoying the chair-side view of nature. After all, nature is what environmentalism is all about [more…]

How to Choose Green Toys

Thanks to the growing green movement and the Internet, finding toys that fit an environmentally friendly lifestyle is much easier than it used to be. Although you don’t want to cut off your children from [more…]

Buying Used and Vintage Clothes

One way to reduce the number of new clothes you cause to be manufactured, and thereby improve your green quotient, is to buy clothes from the past. Lots of good-quality and barely worn clothes in secondhand [more…]

Cheap Clothes Degrade the Environment and Workers

Companies that offer cheap clothes made in faraway countries usually don’t promote green principles and often treat workers badly. Today, much of the clothing sold in the United States is imported from [more…]

Keeping Forests Green: Sustainably Harvested Wood

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent, not-for-profit, non-government international agency that promotes the use of sustainably harvested wood, [more…]

Green Flooring Options

The floor beneath your feet can help you promote your green lifestyle and give you chance to support sustainable practices. Materials for green flooring include: [more…]

These Legs Were Made for Biking and Walking

The greenest alternative to vehicle use is to walk or ride a bicycle to your destination, which gives you both health benefits and green-living points. Even if your destination is out of range for your [more…]

Sharing the Driving — And the Car!

Personal vehicles — cars, vans, SUVs — emit carbon, and lots of it, unless they run on electricity or vegetable oil. A couple ways to cut your greenhouse gas output is by sharing the driving or sharing [more…]

Detecting Radon in Your Home

Radon gas is a natural product, but it’s not one you want in your green, eco-friendly home. Radon is colorless, odorless, and radioactive; that last one can cause health problems, such as lung cancer, [more…]

Saving Gas and Cutting Pollution with Hybrid Cars

Automobile manufacturers have responded to growing concern for the environment by producing hybrid vehicles that work by adding an electric motor to a gasoline engine, thereby reducing the amount of fuel [more…]

How to Introduce Kids to a Green Lifestyle

The most effective way to teach your children to live a green lifestyle — with care and consideration for the environment, animals, and people with whom they share the world — is to live that green lifestyle [more…]

Biodiesel is a Greener Fuel

Diesel is a fossil fuel that, like gasoline, is created by refining petroleum. The exciting environmental twist on diesel fuel involves options for producing it from non-petroleum sources that burn cleaner [more…]

Giving Away Used Goods for the Good of the Planet

In terms of being green, giving away used goods through a charitable organization reduces waste and fits in with the eco-friendly idea of reusing as much as possible. If you’re interested in giving things [more…]

Conserving Energy While Using Your Dishwasher

When it comes to eco-friendly dishwashing, the question is whether to wash by hand or to use the dishwasher. Surprisingly, for everyday dishes, an Energy Star–rated dishwasher is the choice of the [more…]

Produce without the Pesticides: Organic Gardening

Gardening organically means using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides; the only growing aides are sunlight, water (preferably from water-conserving sources such as rain barrels), and possibly some organic [more…]

Green Groceries: Buying Food Locally

From an environmental point of view, it’s best to buy your food locally. The main benefit is that it cuts down on food miles, the distance food travels from where it’s produced to your plate. Mechanical [more…]

Keeping Your Refrigerator and Freezer Eco-Friendly

The refrigerator is pretty essential in today’s world, but it doesn’t have to be an energy guzzler or an environmental hazard. Try these strategies for making the most of your fridge [more…]


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