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Decorate Paper Tableware for a Budget–Smart Christmas

Don't be afraid to use paper tableware such as plates, cups, and napkins for Christmas entertaining and decorating. Paper goods come in many holiday motifs, but those fancy designs add to the price. Be [more…]

Fun Paper Crafts and Decorations for Christmas

If you like the idea of crafting Christmas items from paper, or if you just like to embellish the paper goods you already have, then invest in a good paper-crafting stash of items and create any of the [more…]

Give Old Christmas Ornaments a New Look

Paint and embellish old Christmas ornaments to change the whole look of your Christmas tree without investing in all new ones. Liven up old ornaments and give them a fresh new personality with these money-saving [more…]

Turning Christmas and Thanksgiving Items into Kwanzaa Decorations

Decorating for Kwanzaa doesn't have to be expensive. If you decorate for Christmas or Thanksgiving, you already have many of the items you need to decorate for Kwanzaa. Planning for Kwanzaa should begin [more…]

How to Decorate the Kwanzaa Table

Kwanzaa culminates with the karamu —the Kwanzaa feast — on New Year’s Eve. Decorating the Kwanzaa table takes almost no time. You just need to know how to lay out the items properly on your table. The [more…]

How to Make Your Own Kwanzaa Decorations

One of the principles of Kwanzaa is to exercise your Kuumba — or creativity. Making your own decorations for Kwanzaa is one way to put this into practice. Here are some ways to get creative for Kwanzaa [more…]

How to Decorate for Hanukkah

Hanukkah is a joyous time to share the light that resides within you. When decorating for Hanukkah, you need plenty of candles on hand for your menorah [more…]

Seven Ideas for Decorating for Purim on a Budget

Perhaps you’re short on cash but still want to add a little Purim décor to your home. The best, least expensive, and most functional way to decorate is to use tzedakah boxes. Check out some of these ideas [more…]

Halloween Decorating Safety Tips

Decorating for Halloween can bring out creativity in everyone, but many elements of Halloween decorating can pose hazards to unsuspecting visitors. Here are a few safety tips to keep handy when preparing [more…]

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas to Share with Kids

Thanksgiving really lends itself to inexpensive decorating, which is nice because we all know what a chunk the upcoming holidays can take out of the old budget. Nature provides the most wonderful decorating [more…]

Decorating for the Holidays with What You Already Have

Whether you want to change items that you already own or desperately need some budget-conscious ways to begin defining your holiday style, you can start by repurposing, reusing, recycling, and restyling [more…]

Holiday Decorating with Tablescapes

Tablescapes are arrangements of items gathered in a grouping on top of a table. They're sometimes called tabletop arrangements. Typically, you can use anything as a prop for a great miniarrangement — for [more…]

Part of the Series: Decorating Your Table for the Holidays

How to Set Your Holiday Table

If you're hosting a Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Seder dinner, know how to set a holiday table. A great table setting enhances your formal or casual — but definitely festive — atmosphere. Understanding [more…]

Part of the Series: Decorating Your Table for the Holidays

How to Make Pomander Candles for Christmas

Pomander candles are old-fashioned fragrant balls of citrus and cloves that fill the room with the scent of Christmas. The embedded candles enhance your room with a festive holiday atmosphere via flickering [more…]

Part of the Series: Decorating Your Table for the Holidays

Make a Cookie Wreath Centerpiece for Your Christmas Party

Kids love cookies and they also like to build things with food. You or one of your helpers makes this Holiday centerpiece by gluing a batch of cutout cookies together with icing to make an edible 10-inch [more…]

Part of the Series: Decorating Your Table for the Holidays

How to Sew Christmas Place Mats

Making place mats is an inexpensive way to decorate your Christmas table. Sewing holiday place mats means you can customize them with your theme colors or use traditional colors like red and green or silver [more…]

Part of the Series: Decorating Your Table for the Holidays

How to Make Taper Candles for Christmas

Homemade tapers candles are an easy, elegant gift idea for Christmas. Whether you make the taper candles short or tall, the candle-dipping process is straightforward: You dip both ends of a wick into melted [more…]

Part of the Series: Decorating Your Table for the Holidays

A Cornucopia of Flowers for Your Thanksgiving Bouquets

The wonderful thing about creating a Thanksgiving bouquet for your table or is that at harvest time, almost anything warm goes. Invite the kids or walk through the yard or take a nature walk through your [more…]

Create a Beautiful Fall Garland

Collect colorful fallen leaves from your yard and make garland for your mantle, a table edge, or more to add an instant pop of fall color to your seasonal decorations. [more…]

Holiday Diorama Craft for Kids

To keep the kids busy while the grown ups clean up the Thanksgiving kitchen and cheer on their football teams. Get them busy with this fun and easy craft — a holiday diorama! [more…]


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