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Creating Paper Bag Luminarias for Holiday Decorating

Traditionally, luminarias are made of votive candles set in paper bags weighted with sand and placed in rows along walkways, driveways, and even rooftops. You can use them in new ways, however, to light [more…]

How to Make Thanksgiving Table Napkins for Holiday Celebration

You can make napkins for your Thanksgiving table with inexpensive cotton fabric. Use leftover fabric in dinner roll baskets, wrapped around wine bottles, or over a stack of books to heighten a floral arrangement [more…]

Simple Ideas for Thanksgiving Decorating

Even though Thanksgiving conjures up images of pilgrims and Indians, you can choose from a variety of colors and styles aside from this traditional theme for decorating. Choose from the many colors, items [more…]

Ten Budget Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween decorations can look fabulous, even if you're on a budget. Create a stunning Halloween display with these money-saving decorating tips, whether you're using only a few intricately carved jack-o’-lanterns [more…]

How to Carve a Pumpkin for Halloween

Carving a pumpkin is a fun and inexpensive Halloween tradition. For your jack-o’-lantern, carve a Halloween image that's funny, scary, or pretty into pumpkins that are green, white, pale orange, or even [more…]

Halloween Budget Tip: Carve Pumpkins with Household Tools

Pumpkin-carving kits are convenient, but if you don't have one, then use household tools. Carving Halloween pumpkins with tools you have at home is budget-smart. It's just as fun, and you'll get the same [more…]

How to Air-Dry Flowers and More for Holiday Decorating

Air-dry flowers, herbs, and grasses for homemade Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Air-drying is the cheapest, most reliable method of preserving botanicals for holiday decorations. Other drying [more…]

Holiday Decorating: Preserve Flowers with Silica Gel

For long-lasting holiday floral arrangements, use flowers that you've preserved with silica gel. Preserved flowers make inexpensive holiday decorations. With silica gel, most flowers in full bloom can [more…]

How to Make Waxed Leaves for Thanksgiving Decorating

Dip fresh, colorful autumn leaves into hot wax to preserve their beauty for Thanksgiving decor. Wax-dipped leaves are an inexpensive decoration for holiday budgets. Place the preserved leaves in a big [more…]

How to Place Centerpieces on Your Holiday Table

On Christmas and Thanksgiving tables you can use home-made centerpieces of fruit, pine cones and evergreen boughs, leaves, and other natural items. Holiday table centerpieces can also feature candles, [more…]

Tips for Creating a Homemade Holiday Tablescape

Homemade holiday tablescapes can be perfect if you prefer simple, budget-wise decorating for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah. Tablescapes refer to the artful way items are grouped and arranged. Holiday [more…]

Ten Everyday Essentials for Holiday Decorating

You don’t have to buy holiday decorations for your home if you start looking at ordinary household items in a whole new (holiday) light. Although most people decorate with bowls of fruit and flowers, think [more…]

Tips for Decorating with a Holiday Vignette

Like a Hollywood set designer, you can create a holiday scene, or vignette, to dress up your home. Create your holiday vignette anywhere: in an entry hall or sitting area; on your front porch; on the lawn [more…]

Using Eco-Friendly Candles during the Holidays

Whether you’re observing Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa, part of your celebration probably includes candles. But while candles warm the heart, they also may damage your lungs, indoor air [more…]

How to String Christmas Lights on Outdoor Trees

Have trees in your yard? String them with Christmas lights to create holiday magic. The best way to string Christmas lights on outside trees is by starting at the base of the trunk and following these [more…]

How to Create a Christmas Decorating Theme

Finding inspiration for Christmas decorating themes starts right at home. Christmas decorations can get expensive, but not if you first use items you have in the house. For example, look to your interests [more…]

How to Care for a Fresh, Cut Christmas Tree

Real, cut Christmas trees are easy to care for, but freshness is key. Knowing how to buy and how to care for a real Christmas tree ensures maximum enjoyment throughout the holiday. These tips from the [more…]

Quick and Inexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas

Decorating quickly for Christmas is usually easy. Adding small Christmas touches here and there won’t stretch your budget and are enough to pull even the largest room together quickly and easily ¯ just [more…]

Where to Shop for Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorations

You can easily shop for Christmas decorations and stay within budget. Inexpensive Christmas décor is available at places that you may never have thought to look. Just check out the following possibilities [more…]

Tips for Outside Christmas Decorations

Add outside Christmas decorations to spread your holiday cheer. Whether you live in temporary housing or on your own estate, outdoor Christmas décor will liven up balconies, patios, doors, and windows. [more…]

How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are the perfect Christmas decoration: You can hang wreaths indoors or out, and you can make them on a budget. Make your Christmas wreath from greenery, moss, flowers, faux berries, or dried leaves [more…]

How to Make a Christmas Garland

Garland is an inexpensive Christmas decoration that's easy to make. Your homemade garland can be simple or fancy, depending on what you use. It's a fun craft project for the whole family to work on, and [more…]

How to Make a Beautiful Floral Bow

Make your own floral bows (florist bows) to save money and to add a custom look to Christmas wreaths, garlands, and gifts. Tying floral bows isn’t difficult; if you can make loops, you can make beautiful [more…]

How to Make a Flat, Tailored Bow

Make flat, tailored bows to give your holiday decorations a clean, modern look. You can make flat bows with ribbon that’s hard to knot or gather. Use them on packages, floral arrangements, and napkins. [more…]

How to Create Pillow Covers for Christmas Decorating

Making your own pillow covers is an easy way to decorate your home for Christmas. Choose colors and prints that suit your holiday decorating theme if the traditional red and green don’t suit you. [more…]


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