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Everyday Green Cleaning Products

Everyday items you probably already have can help you clean green for much less money than the cost of the toxic chemicals in commercial cleaning products. Using natural products may call for a bit more [more…]

How to Save Energy by Insulating an Attic

You can immediately save energy and money by insulating your attic. Attic insulation is easy to install because it doesn’t have to be glued, nailed, stapled, or held in place. Adding more insulation simply [more…]

Prolonging the Useful Life of Wooden Furniture

When wooden furniture starts showing signs of age, you can convert it to a new use or repair and refinish it to give it a whole new, green life — and you can do it yourself! Repurposing reduces your burden [more…]

A Five-Step Plan for Taking Off Wallpaper

The thought of taking off wallpaper can be scary, but planning for wallpaper removal can ease anxiety. Having a good plan for taking off wallpaper will simplify the task and ensure great results. Wallpaper [more…]

Understanding the Effects of Climate Change and Global Warming

Increases of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide in the earth’s atmosphere throw the planet’s highly sensitive ecosystem off-balance. This climate change, or [more…]

How to Choose Green Building Materials

Typical wood-frame building methods are wasteful, inefficient, and far from eco-friendly. Several natural construction methods offer greener alternatives to using wood and may be the best choice for your [more…]

How to Replace a Broken Glass Pane in a Metal Storm Window

Replacing glass panes in metal storm windows is pretty simple — there’s no messy putty. To replace a glass pane in a metal storm window, you need to measure the precise length and width of the grooves [more…]

How to Use Color to Change a Room

Color can change a room by creating a mood, disguise flaws, and create illusions. Knowing how to use color in a room reinforces your design ideas. [more…]

Saving Electricity through Your Electronics

Electronics use a considerable amount of electricity while on standby, which means they draw power even when they’re not switched on. This isn’t eco-friendly behaviour because converting oil, water, or [more…]

Discovering the Benefits of Beekeeping

Why has mankind been so interested in beekeeping over the centuries? You can bet that the first motivator was honey.After all, for many years and long before cane sugar, honey was the primary sweetener [more…]

How to Persuade Your Workplace to Go Green

If you work in an office, you can take your green principles with you and try to make them part of the work culture. Simply talking to your work colleagues about environmental issues and how to reduce [more…]

Green Projects for Students

The ultimate goal of making schools eco-friendly is to get the children involved in projects that help build a greener community. If the school uses renewable energy, recycles, and composts food waste, [more…]

How to Cut a Mortise for a Deadbolt Lock

Knowing how to cut a mortise is essential for installing a deadbolt lock. You'll need to cut a mortise — a small shallow recess in the wood of the door and doorjamb — for the latchbolt and strike plate [more…]

Wind Power: A Gust of Renewable Energy

In 2006, wind-driven electricity powered almost 3 million households in the United States, and this renewable and plentiful green energy source has enormous potential for more. Large-scale wind farms generally [more…]

How to Replace a Glass Pane in an L-Bracket Metal-Frame Window

The trickiest part of replacing glass panes in L-bracket metal-frame windows is getting replacement glass that’s sized exactly right. To replace a pane in an L-bracket metal-frame window, you must measure [more…]

Confronting Nonrenewable Resources

Planet Earth has useful but finite resources. Green living means using Earth’s nonrenewable resources as sparingly as possible. Fossil fuels, the energy-rich organic substances traced back to the remains [more…]

How to Update Old Tile

Just because you have old tile doesn't mean you have to replace it. If you know how to update old tile you can transform even a powder puff pink bathroom into a modern contemporary spa. Tile is expensive [more…]

Green Options for Water Heaters

The typical water heater runs all day and night to keep up to 100 gallons of water hot and ready for use. For a more eco-friendly experience, try alternatives that offer the same hot water without the [more…]

Sniffing Out Air Freshener Alternatives

Air fresheners aren’t particularly eco-friendly. Most of them simply cover up smells rather than remove them, and they use artificial chemicals to do so. Plug-in air fresheners use energy while they’re [more…]

How to Clean a Ceiling

Just like any other surface, ceilings should be cleaned and prepped before painting. Consider the following tips to find out how to clean a ceiling properly. [more…]

Getting to Know Garden-Speak

The language spoken in gardening circles can be quirky. For example, dirt isn't just dirt, it's soil. Dirt is what you make mud pies with. Soil, on the other hand, is full of promise and good nutrients [more…]

When to Hire a Plumber

Knowing when to hire a plumber can save money in the long run. Hire a plumber when the problem is extensive and requires expertise to pin down, and when there’s a higher risk of doing more damage than [more…]

Container Gardening: Keeping a Home Garden in Limited Space

If you want to be green and grow your own food but have only a small space, you can still garden in containers. Container gardening offers the advantages of fewer insects and weeds to deal with and can [more…]

Cheap Ways to Be Greener Today

Building sustainable practices into your everyday routines improves the health of the planet and the wealth in your wallet. To lighten your carbon footprint and save some green, try these low- or no-cost [more…]

Seeing to Energy-Efficient Lighting

Lighting the average home accounts for about one-third of its energy use. You can conserve energy by changing to CFL (compact fluorescent) or LED light bulbs, maximizing sunlight [more…]

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