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Turning Broken Plates into Tabletops

A green lifestyle includes reusing resources. You can turn old and broken plates into creative works of art as tabletop mosaics. Choose a non-toxic, eco-friendly adhesive and grout [more…]

Planting a Hillside Rock Garden

Instead of viewing a slope in your yard as a landscape liability, consider it a great opportunity — a place to display a rock garden. Rock garden plants are quite beautiful, and growing them on a slope [more…]

Attracting Butterflies to Your Feng Shui Garden

To coax butterflies into your Feng Shui garden, choose flowers that butterflies love, make sure they have places to sun themselves, and supply plenty of water to drink. Butterflies get a little picky about [more…]

Using Botanical Pesticides in Your Organic Garden

Insect and disease killers that come from plant extracts are called botanical pesticides or botanicals. Although derived from natural sources, botanicals are not necessarily safer or less toxic to non-pest [more…]

How to Replace Vinyl Floor Tiles

Replacing vinyl floor tiles is pretty easy, especially if you saved extra tiles when the floor was installed. If not, scavenge a replacement vinyl tile from somewhere that won't be noticed, such as inside [more…]

Where to Install a Smoke Detector

Installing a smoke detector can save your life. But to be most effective, you have to know where to install the smoke detector.

The National Electric Code [more…]

Fertilizing Naturally and Organically with Compost

Homegrown fruits and vegetables grow best in fertile soil. It’s important, though, to keep the fertilizers natural in order to avoid introducing potentially harmful chemicals into the environment. Compost [more…]

How to Replace a Broken Glass Pane in a Steel-Casement Window

The trickiest part of replacing broken glass panes in steel-casement windows is getting replacement glass that’s sized exactly right. To replace a broken glass pane in a steel-casement window, you need [more…]

How to Find Replacement Ceramic and Clay Tiles

Finding replacement ceramic and clay tiles can be time consuming and frustrating. At the very least, finding replacement tiles will require trips to your local tile contractors. But if your tile is older [more…]

How to Childproof a Bathroom

Childproof the bathroom to prevent accidents and protect children. Bathrooms accidents can involve slippery surfaces, water, electricity, and chemicals. Knowing how to childproof a bathroom can make it [more…]

Grooming Your Flower Garden

Some maintenance tasks require devotion to a regular routine during the blooming season to keep your flowers looking good. Other chores — such as getting the flower bed ready for winter — are seasonal. [more…]

Creating Community Currency: A Bartering System

A community currency program works by assigning a value for skills and products based on a point system instead of cash. Alternative currencies help entire communities make less impact on the environment [more…]

Understanding the Cardinal Rules for a Bird-Friendly Yard

The best place to start watching birds is close to home. Birds are present in most yards and gardens, no matter how small or urban the space may be. But why settle for the random robin? If you provide [more…]

How to Maintain Garage Doors

If you know how to maintain garage doors, you can ensure that they stay in good working order for years to come. Regularly maintaining your garage door can also prevent serious injuries and property damage [more…]

Keeping Your Washer and Dryer Running Clean and Green

Clothes washers don’t require a great deal of maintenance, but doing the minimum helps reduce your water and energy use, making your carbon footprint lighter. The real energy hog is the dryer, and you [more…]

Deciphering the Seven Plastic Identification Codes

If you’re interested in living a green lifestyle, avoid using plastics. Plastics are one of the least eco-friendly materials in both initial production and recycling. Conventional plastics often use petrochemicals [more…]

Deciding Where to Put Your Water Garden

Whether your water garden consists of a barrel or tub with a few plants or a naturalistic in-ground pond, gardeners often cite water features as the element that truly complete a garden. [more…]

How to Make Your Clothes Last

One of the most effective methods of reducing the demand for clothes — an eco-friendly goal that decreases the need to manufacture new clothing, which saves energy and resources — is to keep all the items [more…]

Choosing between Types of Home Insulation

When insulating a house, you can choose from several types of insulation: fiberglass, rock wool, and cellulose. All the types of home insulation work, but each has different advantages. [more…]

Managing your Home’s Temperature

Sure you want to be comfortable, but you also want to live green, and moving the thermostat a few degrees lessens your carbon footprint while still keeping you comfortable. Check with the [more…]

Regulating Your Home’s Climate with Solar Techniques

You can harness the power and heat of the sun — the planet’s most sustainable energy source — to provide most of your needs for heating, cooling, and daylighting with relatively little cost to you and [more…]

Planning an Adjustable Shelving System

Adjustable shelving systems allow you to customize your own storage solutions. Planning an adjustable shelving system takes a bit of homework. Shelving systems come in many styles and configurations, so [more…]

Reusing and Recycling Tires

Car tires pose a big problem for the environment. Tires don’t break down, burning them releases toxic gases, and they can release toxins and chemicals into the dirt on which they’re stored. Almost every [more…]

Identifying and Controlling Insects that Prey on Roses

Before you wrestle with any insects on your roses, make sure you know what the problem is. For a start, consult the list of common insects in this article. If you need further help, contact a local nursery [more…]

Repairing Old Wooden Chairs

Repairing instead of discarding is one of the primary tenets of living a green lifestyle. Wobbly legs are common on older wooden chairs, but that doesn’t mean the chair has to sit in a landfill. [more…]

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