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Replacing Powered Lawn Tools with Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Tool sheds and garages can harbor some of the least green garden products on the market. In addition to chemicals for killing weeds and pests, you’re likely to find fossil-fuel-burning gas-powered lawn [more…]

Free-Range Animals and Organic Meat

Organic livestock farming takes into account the health and welfare of the animals. Factory farming concentrates many animals in a limited space, which can result in an overflow of animal waste on each [more…]

Green School Supplies

Just as you buy eco-friendly supplies for your home, make the same commitment when it comes to school supplies. When the kids go back to school, make sure that what they carry in their schoolbags is as [more…]

Volunteering on Vacation

You may not be able to change the world during a week’s vacation, but you can change a little corner of it. Volunteering your vacation time puts your green living principles front and center. Whether you [more…]

How to Get to School the Green Way

Green education starts before children even arrive at school when you choose eco-friendly transportation to get to and from the classroom. In some cases, of course, it’s necessary for children to take [more…]

How to Read Labels to Find Green Clothes

Clothing labels tell you where clothes were made as well as what materials were used. The materials information can give you valuable clues as to how green the production process was. Look for natural [more…]

Green Issues to Consider When Buying Clothes

Dressing green doesn’t mean limiting your wardrobe to just one color. It does, however, mean taking a careful look at what you buy and why.

The pressure on the textile industry to supply never-ending racks [more…]

Factors in a Green Community

Your green lifestyle extends to the community around you. Your neighbors and local community and civic organizations play important roles in either helping or hindering your efforts to promote a sustainable [more…]

How to Green Your Morning Coffee

Because green living isn’t about sacrificing things that make your life more enjoyable, there’s no reason to do without your morning coffee — but you can make it a little greener [more…]

Vinyl and Why to Avoid It

When you think of vinyl, you may think fondly of your old vinyl LP records. But the truth about vinyl is less romantic. Though it's one of the most common synthetic materials, vinyl is the worst plastic [more…]

Getting the Lead Out . . . of Your Home

Buildings constructed before 1978 have a reasonable chance of containing oil-based, alkyd lead paint, which is a health and environmental hazard. (Lead was banned from paint in the United States in 1978 [more…]

How Tourism Promotes Green Outcomes

Being a tourist can be part of your green lifestyle. The United Nations World Tourism Organization says that tourism can help reduce poverty, which they call essential for peace, environmental conservation [more…]

How to Reduce the Impact of Air Travel

You’re keeping your travel as eco-friendly as possible, but sometimes, you have no choice but to fly up, up, and away. On those occasions, try to make the rest of your trip as green as possible by following [more…]

How to Fly Carbon Neutral: An Eco-Friendly Travel Option

To make up for some of the environmental damage done by when you fly, consider making the trip carbon neutral. This involves calculating how much your flight generates in greenhouse gas emissions and buying [more…]

Looking to Hydrogen as the Future of Renewable Energy

The potential of hydrogen as an alternative clean energy source, not just for vehicles but also to generate electricity, is still being explored. But because hydrogen can be produced from almost any form [more…]

Green Finances: Checking Your Bank Accounts

When you examine how your finances can help the planet, start with your checking and savings accounts. Some financial institutions have realized that their clients are concerned about the planet and the [more…]

Offsetting Carbon to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Conventional modes of transportation — car, plane, boat — burn fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. The transportation system is based largely on these modes of transportation [more…]

How to Turn Your Garden into a Wildlife Habitat

Part of green living is creating a balance between human civilization and the animal world. By turning your garden into a place where wildlife can make homes, feed, and breed safely without danger from [more…]

How to Determine What Green Travel Means to You

The greenest vacations are sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly. If you want to be truly green, make sure your trip is as kind as possible to the environment and benefits the local community and economy [more…]

Sharing Your Time and Energy with a Time Bank

TimeBanks is a program in which you share your time and skills and instead of receiving money, you can call on other people’s time and skills in return. Using human resources this way is very green and [more…]

Natural Fibers Aren’t Always Green!

Just because the two most popular natural fibers, cotton and wool, come from plants (cotton) and animals (wool) doesn’t mean they’re green. Like food, natural fibers are best when they come from an organic [more…]

How to Exercise, the Eco-friendly Way

Staying healthy is part of a green lifestyle, and simply making time to walk or cycle can make a huge difference to your health. If you need or want a bit more of a workout, consider buying exercise equipment [more…]

The Green Answer to Paper versus Plastic Bags

Simple, everyday grocery bags have come to be at the forefront of environmental debates. Your grocery bagger’s paper or plastic question raises an environmental dilemma. [more…]

Cutting Back Consumption and Aiming for Zero Waste

The real environmental impact of trash disposal starts when garbage leaves your house and often your consciousness. Much of the energy that created what is now trash comes from nonrenewable sources, so [more…]

Buying New Clothes from Green Companies

Before you head to the mall for some clothes shopping, check out the stores to find out where and how their clothes are made and reward the stores whose principles match your green outlook with your patronage [more…]

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