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Moving toward Energy-Efficient Appliances

Upgrading your major appliances to those with a high Energy Star rating improves your carbon footprint, reduces your utility bills, and gets you to a greener lifestyle. The federal government rates appliances [more…]

How to Use Architectural Focal Points

For a room to feel balanced and well designed, you need a strong architectural focal point. Knowing how to use architectural focal points isn’t hard. The trick is to assess the architectural characteristics [more…]

Cleaning Up Your Community

There’s no shortage of green community projects aimed at protecting nature, whether it’s wildlife or wild places. You can clear and maintain hiking trails in parks, count birds for wildlife inventories [more…]

Green Country: Living Green in Rural Areas

You can live a pretty sustainable and green life in small towns and rural areas — after all, you’re surrounded by nature. However, you have to factor in how eco-friendly your lifestyle can really be if [more…]

Avoiding Energy Waste with Ovens

It takes a lot of energy to heat up an oven, so anything you do to either reduce or optimize your use of this appliance can help you live a greener lifestyle. These measures are tried-and-true ways to [more…]

Keeping an Eco-Friendly Lawn

If your yard includes some lawn and you aren’t yet ready to replace it with more sustainable alternatives, make your grass as green as possible by using eco-friendly, toxic-free methods to keep it healthy [more…]

How to Find a Green Job

If you’re a green living advocate, working for an organization involved with climate change awareness, renewable energy, wildlife conservation, or green construction not only provides a paycheck but also [more…]

Making a Green Decision to Replace Your Vehicle

Living green certainly extends to your vehicle, but the right time to replace your wheels isn’t always obvious. Maybe you know you can get by with a smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle because the kids [more…]

Choosing Green Vacation Accommodations

You have eco-friendly vacation accommodation options whether you’re spending time in the world’s great cities or on top of a mountain. Check out the accommodation options carefully to make sure that they’re [more…]

How to Make School Lunches Eco-Friendly

School lunches can be a controversial issue as the government worries about the rising levels of childhood obesity, schools worry about funding for meals, and you worry about your child getting healthy [more…]

How to Involve Children in Green Choices

Teaching children to live a green lifestyle can set the stage for a greener future for all. And it doesn't have to be difficult. Children like to be able to teach their parents a thing or two, so give [more…]

Sizing Up Fuel Source Choices

When assessing energy sources, you can’t simply say, nonrenewable energy is bad and renewable is good. Each source has its pros and cons, which means that this green issue isn’t a black-and-white choice [more…]

How to Reduce Business Travel: Carpools and More

Reducing the number of vehicles on the road to work and reducing the environmental impact when workers need to travel on business can go a long way toward cutting the greenhouse gas emissions your company [more…]

Recycling to Create Composite Building Materials

Combining recycled materials into a new product is a good green goal. Made from recycled plastic and sawdust, composite lumbers are much healthier and more environmentally friendly than wood. They don’t [more…]

Choosing Fairtrade Food: Green and Ethical

Although buying food from the local farmers who produced it is the greenest option, sometimes buying locally isn’t possible, particularly when you’re talking about foods that aren’t grown in the United [more…]

Explaining Organic Standards

As someone living a green lifestyle, you want to know what you’re eating and how your food is produced. When eating green, you need to consider chemicals and additives along with factors such as how the [more…]

Knowing Where Your Garbage Ends Up

If you don’t reduce your consumption, reuse an item you already have, or find a way to recycle it, it joins the majority of domestic waste in landfill sites or incinerators. Although both disposal methods [more…]

Greening Your Investment Portfolio

Whatever your investment status, you have an increasing number of green choices for your money, or at least choices that are greener than they once were. In fact, the Social Investment Forum reports that [more…]

Organic Farming Principles

Organic farming is much friendlier for the earth and the local economy than massive corporate farming practices. Instead of using chemical-based fertilizers to create a high-yield soil, organic farming [more…]

Planning Your Bird Watching Field Trip

A field trip is defined as going afield — that is, beyond your immediate home surroundings or backyard. For many beginning bird watchers, their first organized field trip is with a bird club. This field [more…]

Pollution: Poisoning the World from the Outside In

Whether it shows in a factory smokestack or is buried in a landfill, human-created waste pollutes the planet. To help the planet recover its green-ness, it helps to understand how pollution impacts the [more…]

How to Read Organic Food Labels

The USDA’s National Organic Program has strict rules on what food manufacturers can and can’t say regarding organic foods on food labels. Specifically, if a food label has the National Organic Program’s [more…]

Recycling: The Last of the Three Rs

Recycling involves collecting goods that have reached the end of their lives and processing them or their parts into components to construct new goods. Recycling is the third option in the three Rs of [more…]

Discovering Ecotourism

Ecotourism is about doing more than simply enjoying your surroundings; it’s about understanding them while making sure that your travel doesn’t affect them negatively. As an ecotourist, you enrich your [more…]

Buying Green Office Equipment and Supplies

If you have purchasing power in your workplace, buy eco-friendly goods. If someone else is in charge of equipment and supply purchasing, encourage your boss or purchasing office to buy green whenever possible [more…]

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