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Checking Out Some Important Personal Trainer Equipment

You wear many hats in your role as a personal trainer. You're a salesperson, scientist, friend, coach, motivator, teacher, employer, bookkeeper, and business owner, to name just a few. To be successful [more…]

Utilizing Carbohydrates in Your Running Program

Some runners pick the right foods to eat the day before and morning of a race and are diligent about taking in fluids during the competition. But many of those same runners don't eat so [more…]

Stretching Do's and Don'ts

While you are stretching, don't forget the following: [more…]

Workouts for Water Lovers

Finding a pool, lake, or ocean may not be as easy as finding a bike or place to walk, but swimming is still an option to consider when you're on the road. You may find a place to swim at the local community [more…]

Measuring Your Upper-Body Strength

Strength tests are designed to give you a starting point before you start a weight lifting program. If you start (and stick to) a good weight-lifting program, you'll likely see dramatic changes in your [more…]

Diagnosing and Treating Osteoarthritis

Nearly 50 percent of those suffering from osteoarthritis don't know what kind of arthritis they have and therefore can't make good decisions about their treatment. [more…]

Staying in Shape while Traveling

If you travel frequently, one of the easier ways to stay in shape on the road is to make the preparations while you're home. You are a perfect candidate for membership with one of the major national health [more…]

Listening to Your Pain

Almost everyone has heard the phrase, "No pain, no gain." What most people don't know is the definition of pain. Pain is the body's warning sign that it's in jeopardy of being injured. A more appropriate [more…]

Making the Most of Vinyasas in Power Yoga

Vinyasas, or connecting movements, link the power of your Power Yoga poses like electrical lines that carry power between generating stations. As you use a vinyasa to move from one pose to the next, you [more…]

Getting the Skinny on Power Yoga Gear

To prop or not to prop? Yeah — that's the question! Do you think that you can suffer the slings and arrows of Power Yoga without special props, or do you feel destined to become spiritually connected with [more…]

Martial Arts Promotions . . . Testing, 1, 2, 3

In most modern martial arts, in order to earn a higher belt rank, you must take a test. Unlike testing in geometry class, looking at your neighbor's paper won't help you here. That's why you need to be [more…]

Finding a Personal Trainer

Getting personal instruction at least three times is valuable for anyone who lifts weights. If you join a club, you should automatically get a free training session on top of a fitness evaluation. Ask [more…]

Buffin' Up Your Body of Knowledge as a Personal Trainer

A great way to get real-world experience before you try hanging your personal-trainer shingle is to become an intern or an apprentice. Internships and apprenticeships allow you to discover the technical [more…]

Staying Fit While Traveling

When out of town, it's easy to use traveling as an excuse not to exercise. This is a grave mistake, because adding fitness into your schedule can enhance the experience of your business or pleasure trip [more…]

Measuring Your Abdominal Strength

The strength of your abdominal muscles is usually measured by a crunch test. (This test isn't recommended if you have lower-back problems.)

Place two pieces of masking tape about halfway down the length [more…]

Maximizing the Healing Effects of Exercise

Performing the proper exercises on a regular basis is a vital part of almost any arthritis treatment program. But to gain maximum benefits, you also need to be aware of proper exercise techniques, and [more…]

Fitting Tone-Ups into Your Schedule

Whether your goal is to tone up in 30 days for an event or establish a lifetime commitment to health, scheduling daily ten-minute tone-ups requires time-management skills. [more…]

Ten Secrets for Mastering Power Yoga

To really excel in your Power Yoga practice, you must be humble, have a positive attitude, and discover your connection with the energy you call life. Anyone can practice Power Yoga, have a great time [more…]

Enjoying a Safe and Sound Yoga Practice

As you move from one yogic posture to the next, pay attention to the signals taking place between your mind and your body. Do you feel removed from your problems, comfortable and confident with your strength [more…]

Understanding the 5 Basic Approaches to Yoga

Since the late 19th Century, when Yoga was introduced to the Western hemisphere from its Indian homeland, it has undergone various adaptations. Today, Yoga is practiced for five reasons: [more…]

Making the Most of Martial Arts as Therapy

Many people have discovered the healing power of martial arts, as they strive to get a grip on emotional issues that may have followed them for years. [more…]

Rules for the Martial Arts Classroom

To become successful as a martial artist, you have to commit yourself to learning. But sometimes, bad habits can prevent you from getting the most you can from your instructors, your fellow students, and [more…]

Mastering Balance

Balance is fundamental to Yoga, and one way to gain this balance is to practice balancing postures.

Balancing postures can be the most fun and most dramatic of all the postures. Although they are relatively [more…]

Choosing a Health Club

Many people have no choice. If your neighborhood has only one club, that's the club you probably need to join, even if the facilities aren't top-notch. You're more likely to use the mediocre fitness center [more…]

Determining the Intensity of Your Walk

Depending on the style of walking you do, the intensity of your workout can vary widely.

If you're just casually strolling around the neighborhood to improve your overall health, then the total accrual [more…]


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