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The Complete Breath for Yoga-with-Weights Workouts

The center of yoga-with-weights workouts is the Complete Breath — the basis of all other breathing techniques. The Complete Breath relieves tension and stress, helps your body find balance and energy, [more…]

Yoga Mindfulness Techniques

Yoga-with-weights workouts not only strengthen the body but, when accompanied by mediation and breathwork, also opens your awareness to the outside world and your growth potential. To be mindful, which [more…]

Yoga with Weights For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Properly practicing the fundamentals and alignment techniques of yoga-with-weights exercises will ensure a safe and effective workout. For a full yoga experience, practice mediation and mindfulness techniques [more…]

How to Buy a Stationary Bike

Before you buy a stationary bike for your home gym, test-drive both upright bikes (the traditional kind, which resemble regular bicycles) and recumbent bikes. [more…]

How to Use Proper Form when Running

To get the most benefit from running, you need to develop a form that is comfortable and efficient for you. Running forms can range from the barely functional plod that resembles a forced march to the [more…]

Shopping for Running Shoes

Choosing your shoes is one of the most important aspects of a running program. Your chances of finding a comfortable, quality pair of running shoes greatly increases if you shop at a running specialty [more…]

Stretches for Runners

Stretching is an important part of a fitness regimen, especially for runners. After putting some mileage on the personal odometer, runners’ muscles tend to become tight and inflexible, especially in certain [more…]

Weight Training Equipment for Your Fitness Workout

Although you don’t need much equipment to get started in weight training (apart from weights, of course!), getting hold of a few pieces of equipment will hugely benefit your fitness regime. [more…]

How to Be a Good Personal Training Client

When you sign up with a personal trainer, you’re not employing a counsellor or a mind-reader. Here are some simple tips for maintaining a good relationship with your trainer: [more…]

Weight Training Etiquette

Gyms are public places, and everyone wants to have an enjoyable workout. If you want to make friends with your fellow gym-goers, here are some top tips for good gym etiquette: [more…]

What to Look for in a Fitness Trainer

Any personal trainer can help you get fit, but to get the most value from the fees you pay, you need to find a fitness trainer who motivates you to work hard and achieve results. When interviewing personal [more…]

Talking Like a Fitness Pro: A Glossary of Your Muscles

Want to understand what your fitness trainer is talking about? (Nothing's more embarrassing than flexing your arms when asked to stretch your hams . . .) Here’s a quick rundown of some words you’ll hear [more…]

Dispelling Myths about Weight Training

So many common beliefs about weight training are just simply untrue. Here are a heap of myths about weight training; read on and learn the truth! [more…]

Weight Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australia/New Zealand Edition)

Want to try weight training, but not sure where to start? Start by dispelling some myths about weight training. Then check out tips on weight training equipment, picking your trainer and getting the most [more…]

How to Follow Sentry Rules

When you’re sentry in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps, it’s important to take your responsibility seriously. Follow these 11 rules, no matter which military branch you’re in, and [more…]

How to Tell Military Time

The military is all about being on time. Of course, when you arrive at basic training, you need to learn to tell time in a whole new way — the military way! Master this list, and you’ll have no reason [more…]

How to Master Military Ranks

Different branches have different military ranks. Here’s a list to help you prepare, whether you’re heading off to basic training for the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps. [more…]

Mastering the Military Chain of Command

In the military, you need to know who is in charge — in essence, the military chain of command. You should always go directly to your superior (and not your superior’s superior!). This handy guide lets [more…]

Basic Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Before you head off to basic training, you should be familiar with a few basic items, such as military ranks, chain of command, and military time. You also want to make sure that you know the rules of [more…]

Hitting Your Running Stride

The page you are looking for was recently moved. Don't worry, it's still here; it just has a new address: [more…]

Blooming into Full Lotus Posture

The content you are looking for was recently moved. Don't worry, it's still here; it just has a new address: [more…]

Incorporating Pilates into Your Everyday Life

Even if you were to do Pilates for an hour every day, you wouldn’t get the profound results that Pilates has to offer if you reverted to bad postural habits for the rest of your day. Some people naturally [more…]

Ten Important Pilates Exercises

Determining the top ten Pilates exercises isn’t easy because different exercises are good for different people. Yet, some exercises stand out among the rest, including the following: [more…]

Benefits of Pilates Exercises

Get excited about starting your Pilates program. Some of the changes you may not notice until three months into your Pilates workouts, but be patient. No exercise program works miracles. These changes [more…]

Pilates For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australia/New Zealand Edition)

Pilates has become one of the most popular fitness systems in the world, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. The Pilates method works to strengthen the centre, lengthen the spine, build muscle tone [more…]

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