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Which Classes Are Right for You?

Fitness has come a long way, and the emergence of group fitness classes in gyms and health clubs has enabled millions of people to get in shape and enjoy the benefits of having a healthy body. [more…]

What is Step Aerobics?

Step aerobics is a choreographed routine of stepping up and down on a rectangular, square, or circular platform (or, in the case of BOSU, a domed, flexible apparatus). Many classes combine step aerobics [more…]

What Is Body Sculpting and Core Conditioning?

Body sculpting (or core conditioning) is a non-aerobic, muscle-toning class, usually focused on core strength. Most sculpting classes use weight bars, exercise bands, or dumbbells, or a combination of [more…]

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a fast-paced class in which you do one exercise for 30 seconds to 5 minutes and then move on to another exercise. It’s like a game of musical chairs: Everyone begins at a [more…]

Telephoning Tips for Personal Trainers

Drumming up business as a personal trainer may start from a simple a phone call. Use these tips to reassure a prospective client of your personal training ability, make them feel comfortable, and answer [more…]

How to Be a Successful Personal Trainer

Building up, and keeping clients, is key to the success of your personal training business. These guidelines will help you establish yourself professionally, and build your client relationships as a personal [more…]

How to Ace Your Personal Training Certification Exam

Being hired as a personal trainer requires a certification if you want to be taken seriously by potential employers and clients. These tips will help you hit the books and prepare for your certification [more…]

Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To become a successful personal trainer, you have to master your certification exam, market yourself to potential clients, and know what clients want and need from a personal trainer. [more…]

Aiming for a Healthy Body: Incorporating Exercise into Your Life

Exercising makes you feel good and look good. But fitting exercise into your busy schedule can be a challenge. The following easy everyday tips can help keep your body fit, strong and balanced: [more…]

How to Firm Up Your Legs with Standing Heel Curls

Standing Heel Curls is a classic exercise that does wonders for the backs of your legs, or hamstrings. By doing these heel curls, you'll develop strong hamstrings and quadriceps — an important result that [more…]

Exercises for a Ten-Minute Tone Up

Try this beginner workout routine — a 10-minute tone up — if getting fit is a New Year’s goal. The table lists five tone-up exercises to do on days 1, 3, and 5. On the alternate days, do cardio work. In [more…]

How to Tighten Your Buns with Squats

If you want great buns in a minimal amount of time, be sure to add squats to your workout routine. Squats tighten your buns and also work the thighs. Experts give this exercise a high rating. [more…]

How to Equip Your Home Gym

Transform unused space at home into a gym by equipping it with some basic gear. Having a well-equipped home gym is convenient if you're on a tight schedule and could be an incentive to maintain an exercise [more…]

How to Choose a Health Club

Choosing a health club for your exercise needs can be complicated. Some cities don’t have many health clubs to choose from, while others seem to have one on every corner. Whether it’s a hoity-toity spa [more…]

How to Tone Up Your Biceps with Seated Curls

As part of your new workout routine, add the Seated Same-Time Biceps Curl exercise. These curls will help tone and tighten that upper arm flab. You work both arms at once while you're seated. [more…]

How to Tone Up Triceps with the Over-the-Head Move

Target flabby arms by exercising your biceps and triceps equally. The Over-the-Head is an effective triceps move that helps build strong arms. Not only will your arms look better, but strong arm muscles [more…]

How to Strengthen Chest Muscles with Wall Push-Ups

Wall push-ups are perfect for a beginner, but all levels benefit from this exercise. Although traditional push-ups work the chest, arms, and shoulders, wall push-ups are an excellent alternative for beginners [more…]

How to Strengthen Your Chest and Arms with Modified Push-Ups

For some people, especially those just beginning a work-out routine, the traditional push-up is too challenging, so the modified push-up is a better choice. The modified push-up works the entire chest [more…]

How to Tone Your Upper Back and Arms

The One-Arm Dumbbell Row works the upper back and stimulates the muscles of the front upper arms and shoulders. Working on the upper back isn't as popular as working out other body parts, such as the abs [more…]

How to Strengthen Your Shoulders with the Upright Row

A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to shoulder damage, so be sure to include shoulder exercises in your workout. Strengthen shoulders with the upright row exercise, which works your deltoids, upper back [more…]

How to Protect Your Shoulders with Internal and External Rotations

Internal and external rotation exercises, grouped together, help you strengthen the rotator cuff area deep in your shoulder. If you're starting an exercise routine, it's natural to want to target your [more…]

How to Do Standing Calf Exercises

If you've resolved to get fit for the new year, work the Standing Calf exercise into your routine to strengthen and shape your calves. Speed up the results of your standing calf routine with these terrific [more…]

How to Firm Up Your Inner Thighs

To firm up your inner thighs, add this Legs Apart Thigh Flexion move to your workout routine. Both men and women stand to benefit from this ballet move that works the inner thighs — as well as the quadriceps [more…]

How to Shape Your Outer Thighs with an Exercise Band

To shape your outer thighs, add the Standing Hip Abduction with Band maneuver to your workout routine. This exercise strengthens and tones the hip abductors — the outer thigh muscles that pull your leg [more…]

How to Trim Your Waistline by Working the Oblique Muscles

If getting trimming your waistline is a New Year’s resolution, you aren’t alone. Working the oblique muscles is sure to tone your waist quickly. However, many people do side bends with a weight in each [more…]

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