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Determining Your Body Type

People come in all shapes, but most can be placed into a particular category of body type, mesomorph, ectomorph, or endomorph. These body types have different characteristics, and you should tailor your [more…]

Exercising with a Fitness Ball

The fitness ball — basically a big, somewhat bouncy ball — was supposedly developed by a physical therapist in Europe who wanted injured patients to be able to get some aerobic conditioning. The therapist [more…]

Finding the Right Running Shoes

Your chances of landing in a comfortable, quality pair of running shoes greatly increases if you shop at a running specialty shop rather than a huge, multisport center attempting to hawk everything from [more…]

Developing Your Oblique Muscles

Your oblique muscles (side abdominals) help you bend from the side or twist your torso. Strong obliques support the lower back, warding off back pain and posture problems. Improved posture, thanks to strong [more…]

Stretching Tips for Runners

A stretch is a stretch, right? Well, not really. Stretching and the different ways to stretch are topics of controversy among runners.

For the past 25 years, so-called [more…]

Practice the Full Lotus Posture Correctly

The Full Lotus Posture (Padmasana) is a wonderful Power Yoga exercise for opening up the hips and creating flexibility in the ankles and knees. Practiced in moderation, the Lotus can invigorate the nerves [more…]

Getting an Upper Back Workout

Upper back exercises fall into three general categories: pulldowns and pull-ups, rows, and pullovers. For the most complete upper back workout, perform at least one exercise from each category, although [more…]

Getting a Chest Workout

You can change the feel and focus of many chest exercises by adjusting the angle of the bench you use. Performing chest exercises on a flat bench emphasizes those fibers in the center of your chest. When [more…]

Getting a Great Lower Body Workout

In general, work your large muscles before moving on to your small ones. So perform your lower body workouts in the following order:

1. Glutes

2. Quads

3. Hamstrings [more…]

What Legwork and Stride Mean to Running

Most runners naturally land on the heel and then "roll up" to push off with the ball of the foot or toes. Midfoot strikers push off with the ball of the foot, and those rare forefoot strikers push off [more…]

Stretching the Spine

If you've ever watched a cat, be it a house cat or a jaguar, you may have been intrigued by the cat's incredible agility and resilience. How does a cat jump from high places and land with little impact [more…]

Working Out with Resistance Machines

Resistance machines come in many shapes, styles, and sizes. In some cases, several machines work the same muscle groups and perform the same basic exercises, but they put you in different positions [more…]

Mastering Gym Etiquette

Even at a health club — a place where tank tops, profuse sweating, and mild grunting are perfectly acceptable — rules of etiquette should be followed. Sure, the social graces expected in a weight room [more…]

Reaping the Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball

Besides developing good overall muscle tone for your entire body, the ball provides numerous other benefits that range anywhere from rehabilitating back, hip, and knee injuries to delivering a powerful [more…]

Filling Your Exercise Ball: Tightness Versus Firmness

When you inflate your ball, you should inflate it to the diameter that the sizing instructions show. You want to fill the ball with air only until it feels like it has a slight give and it's not too taut [more…]

Six Steps to Treadmill Safety

Treadmills are among the easiest aerobic machines to use. Still, you do need to know a few things about safe treadmill use. [more…]

Being the Best Personal Trainer You Can Be

Your clients want more than just a good workout. They want a personal trainer who motivates them, cares about them, and sets a good example. When all else is equal, your professionalism, your attitude, [more…]

Easing Your Back Pain with Pilates

Most of the Pilates mat exercises strengthen the muscles necessary to properly support the spine and bring an awareness about what proper posture actually is. It's not enough just to do Pilates mat exercises [more…]

What You Should Ask before You Start Running

Before you make the transition from walking to running, here are the answers to the most basic and commonly asked beginners' questions. [more…]

Getting to Know about Yogic Sleep (Yoga Nidra)

Yogic Sleep is a very powerful relaxation technique that you can do after you gain some control over the relaxation response. When practiced successfully, this technique is as restorative as sleep — except [more…]

Sizing Up Exercise Balls to Find the Right Fit

Because you use the ball with so many different body positions while you're exercising, the size of the ball you use really does make a difference and can make or break your workout. [more…]

Knowing Your Running Safety Rules

Most running safety rules are just common sense. But you see so many runners — both male and female — who violate them every day that a rules review is indeed in order. [more…]

Deciding to Try Pilates

First things first. Pilates does not rhyme with pirates. It's puh-LAH-teez. Pilates teaches fundamental movements that are easy to learn and are completely safe for the average Joe. [more…]

Trying Out Yoga's Sitting Postures

Some contemporary Hatha Yoga manuals feature more than 50 sitting postures, which demonstrate not only the inventiveness of Yoga practitioners, but also the body's amazing versatility. Still, all you may [more…]

Varying Your Workouts and Seeing Results

Cross-training is about adventure and trying new things. You don't have to be the adventurous type, though. It's not necessarily about bungee jumping, rappelling, or white water rafting. Cross-training [more…]

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