Living Paleo: The Cave Man Diet

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Living Paleo on a Budget

You might be wondering what impact living Paleo will have on your budget. The truth is that eating like cave men — meat, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats — is more economical in the long run than eating [more…]

Paleo Diet Plan Week 1: Cleaning Up and Jumping In

The first week of your Paleo diet's 30-Day Reset can be an exciting, optimistic time. You're ready to sprint right into your new Paleo lifestyle. You've written your new goals on sticky notes attached [more…]

Paleo Diet Week 2: Creating New Habits and Being Strong

The second week of the Paleo diet plan may feel less exciting than the first week. After a week or ten days, the Paleo way of eating begins to feel more comfortable, but it hasn't quite reached the stage [more…]

Paleo Diet Week 3: Feeling Great and Sharing Your Success

Three weeks into the Paleo diet, you should really be feeling like a champ. You're well on your way to creating your new Paleo lifestyle. For the most part, your cravings have been kicked to the curb, [more…]

Paleo Diet Week 4: Celebrating Success and Preparing for What's Next

During the fourth week of your Paleo diet, you're probably feeling pretty excited, and you may experience some anxiety. How closely you follow the Paleo rules after this week is up to you. [more…]

Stick to Your Paleo Diet by Re-Creating the Restaurant Experience

As your palate adapts to the bright, fresh flavors of Paleo foods, many of the same foods enjoyed by your cave men ancestors, you may find that restaurant food doesn't taste as delicious as you remember [more…]

How to Pack Paleo-Approved Lunches and Snacks

If you work outside your home, packing your lunch becomes an essential part of living Paleo. While following the Paleo diet, you can absolutely eat at restaurants, but for optimal control over what you're [more…]

How Treats Fit into a Paleo Diet Plan

Eating Paleo-approved foods 80 to 90 percent of the time helps you feel your best, but you can incorporate non-Paleo foods (and even Paleo treats) into your habits with intention and to eat them occasionally [more…]

What Is the Carb Flu on the Paleo Diet Plan?

Carb flu describes the unpleasant symptoms some people experience when they begin the Paleo diet. Living Paleo means committing to a lifestyle that minimizes the toxins and chemicals to which you expose [more…]

How to Incorporate Paleo into Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyles

Eating Paleo does recommend the inclusion of animal protein like the cave men used to eat. However, you can enjoy eating Paleo and gain considerable health benefits without making animal protein a part [more…]

Improve Nutrition for Kids of Any Age with the Paleo Lifestyle

The Paleo lifestyle is healthy for adults and children alike. The best time to introduce your kiddos to the nutritious foods on the Paleo diet is no doubt as young as possible. Actually, when kids are [more…]

Eliminate Gluten and Dairy for Kids on the Paleo Diet

You can adapt some of the principles of the Paleo lifestyle for your family. Cave men had children, too, and your children can also benefit from the Paleo diet. [more…]

How to Teach Kids the Why behind the Paleo Diet

Your children will benefit from the adapting the healthy choices that are part of the Paleo lifestyle. Teach them the principles of the Paleo diet when they're young, and they will experience lifelong [more…]

How to Provide Tasty and Nutritious Paleo-Approved Treats for Kids

Nobody practicing a Paleo lifestyle should feel deprived. There are lots of tasty and nutritious Paleo-approved treats available. Kids love treats. In fact, many of them would trade you in for a banana [more…]

Build Kid-Friendly Plates on the Paleo Diet

What you eat on the Paleo diet so should your kids. What's healthy for you as you adjust to a Paleo lifestyle is healthy for them. Knowing how to build a healthy plate is the cornerstone of healthy eating [more…]

Why Start Paleo Living?

Most people are intrigued when they're introduced to Paleo living, or living like cave men. It's hard not to be when you see so many people enthused and getting results. When you see or hear from friends [more…]

The Truth about Common Foods and How They Fit in Paleo Living

The Paleo lifestyle, in which you try to eat like cave men, reveals some of the truths about common foods. Is it sugar or fat that's making people fat and unhealthy? Do eggs dangerously raise our cholesterol [more…]

Why a Calorie Isn't Just a Calorie in a Paleo Lifestyle

In practicing a Paleo lifestyle, in which you try to eat like cave men, it is important to differentiate between the types of the calories you are putting in your body. Conventional thinking abides by [more…]

Supercharge Your Body with the Power of Paleo Diet Foods

When living Paleo and eating a cave man diet, it feels as if someone plugged you back into your energy source! You feel thinner, your skin looks better, and your eyes glisten. Hormonally, things just start [more…]

Build the Foundation for Success: The Paleo Diet 30-Day Reset

The Paleo diet's 30-Day Reset is the foundation of the Paleo living program. When you get past these first 30 days, everything gets easier. Everything starts to fall into place. [more…]

Paleo Diet Proteins and Why Animals Matter

Humans, cave man and modern man, are omnivores. The Paleo lifestyle builds on that meat-eating heritage. Anthropologists agree that our earliest ancestors were meat eaters, and scientists estimate that [more…]

Friendly Fats and Why They're Essential for Paleo Living

Specifics of the Paleo diet, eating like a cave man, often surprise people. If the term friendly fats seems like an oxymoron, this information is for you! Your brain has been hijacked by low-fat, no-fat [more…]

Complex Carbs and Why They're King in a Paleo Lifestyle

The Paleo lifestyle is not a low-carb diet but a healthy-carb plan. You begin to live the Paleo way when you drop unhealthy refined carbohydrates and replace them with vegetables and fruits. [more…]

Paleo-Approved Supplements

Living Paleo means putting real food first, just like the cave men did, in your Paleo diet plan. But the modern world presents some real nutritional challenges, and sometimes supplementation — for a short [more…]

Sleep: An Essential Ingredient for the Paleo Lifestyle

When you begin living Paleo, you will sleep better. Cave men had good sleeping habits, and when you begin to maintain good sleeping habits, you'll discover good sleep has a domino effect in your life. [more…]


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