Living Paleo: The Cave Man Diet

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The Paleo Diet: Eating Like a Cave Man

The Paleo diet — sometimes called the caveman diet — is based on the idea that eating foods similar to those consumed by our hunter-gatherer ancestors is the healthiest, most successful path to sustainable [more…]

The Advantages of Living Paleo

By removing foods from your diet that cause inflammation inside your body — foods that weren't part of our hunter-gatherer ancestors' daily meals — you'll enjoy a wealth of health and lifestyle benefits [more…]

Living Paleo For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Living Paleo means eating all-natural, real foods that support steady blood sugar levels and eliminate inflammation inside the body. Living Paleo also means knowing how to estimate the right amount of [more…]

Paleo Diet Meal Plans: Dining Out at American-Style Restaurants

Finding Paleo-friendly meals at American-style restaurants, diners, and cafŽs is pretty easy. Their menus often feature Paleo (cave man) diet foods such as fresh salads, burgers, and stick-to-your-ribs [more…]

What Is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet (or cave man diet) focuses on health as the core ingredient for long-term success. Based on simple, easy-to-understand nutritional principles, the Paleo diet is natural to implement. The [more…]

How the Paleo Diet Helps You Lose Weight

Adopting a Paleo (or cave man) diet helps your body lose body fat naturally until you've reached your ideal weight. What's so great about eating Paleo is that you [more…]

The Science behind the Paleo Diet

The results of being on the Paleo (caveman) diet is exciting — but knowing the basic science for its effectiveness is reassuring. Living Paleo means weight loss, lower blood sugar, and less inflammation [more…]

Paleo Diet Foods to Eat: Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits, Fats

Paleo diet foods are nutrient-dense proteins, vegetables, fruits, and fats — that any human, from cave men to modern man, would recognize as food. Eating Paleo foods will power your body with all the [more…]

How Alcohol Fits into the Paleo Diet

The Paleo (cave man) diet doesn't forbid alcohol. The key to successfully imbibing alcohol while living Paleo is choosing the right adult beverages and consuming them in a responsible, intentional way. [more…]

Paleo Diet: Foods to Avoid

The foods to avoid in the Paleo (or cave man) diet are ones that wreak havoc on your health and sabotage weight-loss goals. Unapproved Paleo foods create hormonal imbalances, trigger inflammation, and [more…]

Paleo Diet Recipe: Sesame Kale

Leafy green kale is a perfect Paleo diet food, full of fiber and anti-oxidants. And eating Paleo- (or cave man) style doesn't necessarily mean raw veggies. Here, sesame oil and fresh ginger add an Asian [more…]

Paleo Diet Meal Plans: What to Serve at a Party

Eating like a cave man while on your Paleo diet can carry through to parties and holidays. To truly celebrate, create menus featuring Paleo foods that nourish your body and taste great — and then, on very [more…]

Paleo Diet Recipe: Cocoa-Cinnamon Coconut Chips

In the Paleo diet (or cave man diet), crunchy snacks like potato chips aren't approved — but Cocoa-Cinnamon Coconut Chips are satisfyingly crunchable. Here, Paleo-friendly coconut is lightly toasted and [more…]

Paleo Diet Meal Plans: What to Eat for Breakfast

One challenge of developing a Paleo (cave man) diet meal plan for breakfast is redefining ideas about which foods are right for breakfast. A non-Paleo [more…]

Three Paleo Diet Recipes to Enjoy

Of course a cave man enjoyed his food, and so can you on the Paleo diet. In these Paleo-approved recipes, you'll enjoy a classic combo of pork and sauerkraut, steamed kale with an Asian flair, and crunchy [more…]

Water: The Ideal Paleo-Approved Drink

Water is an essential ingredient to a Paleo diet. Cave men had a natural supply of clean, toxin-free water, but you might have to go beyond the tap for a healthy supply. [more…]

Ridding Your Life of Toxins as Part of Living Paleo

When you start living the Paleo lifestyle, your green living will start to evolve naturally. Living a green, or non-toxic, lifestyle, much like cave men, doesn't require you to give up all the things you [more…]

Living Paleo Resistance: Building Strength and Fighting Age

To live a Paleo lifestyle, you need strength. Cave men needed strength — and a lot of it. They needed to climb a tree to get away from a predator, to butcher their kill, to throw the meat over their shoulder [more…]

Living Paleo Anaerobic: Building Speed and Power

When living Paleo, you need to understand that you're designed for all-out bursts of energy followed by conservation. When cave men hunted, or avoided being hunted, they were required to sprint. They went [more…]

Living Paleo Aerobic: Doing What You Love to Build Endurance

To live like a cave man, you need to have certain energy expenditures daily when adopting a Paleo lifestyle. Cave men had to be concerned with food preparation, they had to carry firewood and water back [more…]

How Much Movement You Need when Living Paleo

Your goal when living Paleo is always to mimic the physical patterns of cave men and make the exercises as practical as possible. You need various types of exercise daily and weekly to fulfill the movement [more…]

Design Your Personal Paleo Exercise Program

Living Paleo, adapting a lifestyle like cave men, is all about you. It's about giving you the tools you need to express health and to become lean, strong, and energized. Through the anaerobic program of [more…]

Try Paleo-Approved Cooking Methods

No reason to be afraid of fat, but living Paleo and eating like your cave man ancestors does mean a commitment to eating the right kinds of fat in quantities that support your weight goals and good health [more…]

How to Create a Paleo-Approved Grocery List

A big part of successfully adapting a Paleo lifestyle, eating and moving like cave men, is preparation. You don't need to plan every meal and when you'll eat it, but having a pantry and refrigerator stocked [more…]

Read and Understand Labels to Select Paleo-Approved Foods

Foods that are part of the Paleo diet, sometimes called the cave man diet, include very few processed items. A few processed foods — olives, canned fish, coconut milk, and curry paste, for example —are [more…]

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