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Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Polenta Side Dishes

Polenta is cooked cornmeal, which historically was used in the Mediterranean by the peasants as mush. Now, however, many upscale restaurants all along the Mediterranean coast [more…]

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Bulgur Wheat Side Dishes

Side dishes prepared with bulgur wheat are very common along the Mediterranean coast; many of the region’s most celebrated, classic recipes use this grain. [more…]

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Bean Dishes

Chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) and fava beans are two of the most common beans in Mediterranean cooking, but you also see other varieties, such as black beans and kidney beans. Beans are such [more…]

Eat Pasta Responsibly on the Mediterranean Diet

Pasta is one of the best parts of the Mediterranean diet. But, pasta is one of those foods that can be part of a healthy diet or can become a not-so-healthy problem. People in the United States and Canada [more…]

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Vegetarian Pasta

Pasta dishes in the Mediterranean diet are often side dishes or are served in much smaller portions than Americans are used to. Although including protein with your pasta is a good idea, not all pasta [more…]

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Seafood Pasta

The recipes here celebrate the coming together of two of Mediterranean cooking’s star players: pasta and seafood. The Mediterranean coast definitely has no shortage of seafood, so you often see seafood [more…]

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Pasta with Meat

A great way to make a one-pot Mediterranean meal is to add some type of meat, such as chicken, pork, or beef, to your pasta. Add some vegetables and a fresh sauce, and you have a complete meal. Using meat [more…]

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Classic Gyros and Pitas

Gyros and pita sandwiches are common casual foods in the Mediterranean. Just like pizza and other Mediterranean sandwiches, many different versions of pita sandwiches and gyros exist today. [more…]

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Chicken Classics from Southern Italy

Chicken is a popular dish served throughout the Mediterranean. Chicken is widely popular in Italy, including in some of those classic, much-loved dishes such as chicken cacciatore and chicken piccata. [more…]

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Cretan Chicken Dishes

Grilling and braising are the most popular ways to cook meats in Crete; combined with fresh herbs and spices and traditional foods such as yogurt, cheese, and olives, these techniques create chicken dishes [more…]

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Moroccan and Spanish Chicken Dishes

You find no shortage of flavor when you begin cooking with traditional Moroccan and Spanish meals. Moroccan cuisine brings North Africa’s unique flavors and regional foods; it’s very flavorful because [more…]

Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Appetizers as a Meal

Traditional Mediterranean cuisine is quite unique in that many people often don’t have a main entrée, but instead they eat a series of small side dishes including a variety of different foods, such as [more…]

Protect Your Brain with the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has become well-known for boosting heart health, but a recent study conducted in Spain revealed benefits for your brain health as well. The secret is consuming healthy fats [more…]

Eat Carbs Appropriate to Activity Level

Carbs often get a bad rap, but a Paleo lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding them. The right carbs can keep your active day running smoothly, particularly before and after workouts. In fact, the [more…]

Paleo Lunchboxes: Protein and Fats Kids Love

You can get protein into Paleo lunches in lots of ways. Protein is just too important to leave off the menu. It builds, maintains, and replaces just about every tissue in the body. Kids need protein to [more…]

10 Common Paleo Myths Busted

Lots of myths are floating around about Paleo. Even though eating Paleo is likely the healthiest diet on earth, people simply aren’t used to eating that way. Balking at good nutrition may seem silly, but [more…]

What Foods Don't Fit within Paleo Eating

As you consider what's included in a Paleo diet, you might encounter some roadblocks in your thinking about healthy eating. You may have been sold the bill of goods that some popular foods are good for [more…]

Paleo Grab-and-Go Snacks Fit for a Caveman

Paleo snacks aren’t like other snacks. When you stick to Paleo snacks, you’re building health with every bite — consuming nutrients and balancing your blood sugar. These snacks avoid Paleo-shunned ingredients [more…]

Do’s and Don’ts of Cooking Paleo

The Paleo cooking do and don’ts are pretty straightforward. These easy guidelines make your Paleo cooking easier by making sure you don’t accidentally do something to sabotage your Paleo lifestyle. From [more…]

Spicing Up Paleo Dishes with Herbs and Spices

Paleo herbs and spices take meals from ordinary to extraordinary. Spices can warm up or cool a Paleo dish or even add health benefits. Many Paleo recipes include some of these wonderful spices and herbs [more…]

Swapping Ingredients for Paleo Cooking

Knowing how to swap out non-Paleo ingredients for their Paleo-approved brethren is essential if you want to create healthy Paleo meals that satisfy. When you swap out modern-day ingredients for healthier [more…]

Knowing Which Fats and Oils Are Most Stable for Paleo Cooking

Fats and oils are only stable up to a certain cooking temperature; after that, they become damaged and can result in inflammation — a definite Paleo cooking no-no. Your Paleo fat’s/oil’s stability before [more…]

Understanding the Food Quality Component of Cooking Paleo

Paleo cooking is about using well-balanced, high-quality, real foods. Cooking with quality Paleo foods (within any budget) decreases toxins and increases nutrition. This table shows you the highest-quality [more…]

Paleo Cookbook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you love results, then cooking Paleo is for you. Eating Paleo boils down to one simple philosophy: eating real, fresh foods your body is designed to have. Making this lifestyle change work means getting [more…]

Quit Smoking to Enhance Your Mediterranean-Diet Lifestyle

If you're on the Mediterranean diet, good for you! But if you're also a smoker, then you might be counteracting benefits you gain from that diet. Only one good thing can be said about cigarette smoking [more…]

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