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Special Diets

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How the Mediterranean Diet Helps with Weight Management

One of the beautiful side effects of following a Mediterranean diet is weight loss or healthy weight maintenance. Consider it a “side effect” because this type of diet is not your typical restrictive meal [more…]

Linking the Mediterranean Diet to Cancer Prevention

Whether you’re undergoing treatment for cancer or want to reduce your risk for recurrence, good nutrition is key. The Mediterranean diet offers nutrient benefits for cancer prevention as well as improving [more…]

6 Nut and Seed Varieties Popular in the Mediterranean Diet

Here is a list of the nuts and seeds that are essential to the Mediterranean diet. No matter what types of nuts and seeds you choose, you’re doing yourself a favor and reaping loads of benefits. Also the [more…]

The Top 5 Mediterranean Fruits

If you tend to choose the same traditional fruits over and over, the most popular fruits of the Mediterranean cuisine will certainly broaden your fruit horizon and give you new flavors, textures, and health [more…]

The Top 5 Mediterranean Vegetables

Although adding more vegetables in general to your diet is inherently more Mediterranean, certain vegetables stand out as key components of a Mediterranean diet. Here are the top five Mediterranean veggies [more…]

The 5 Grain Stars of the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean diet is grounded in the practice of having a whole grain at every meal. And no, that doesn’t mean eating an entire plate of whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner. Instead, [more…]

The 5 Types of Sealife Central to the Mediterranean Diet

Hundreds of fish are indigenous to the Mediterranean Sea. But this list highlights the top five seafood varieties that are typically included in a Mediterranean diet. [more…]


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