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Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder, but it’s also one of the most treatable. Because anxiety can produce a wide range of symptoms, all sorts of techniques and therapies can be used to treat your [more…]

What Are the Treatments for Sleep Apnea?

Do you get out of bed feeling tired even though you’ve been asleep for seven or eight hours? Do you suddenly wake up unable to catch your breath? Has your spouse or partner complained that you snore loudly [more…]

Exercises to Combat Computer Eyestrain

A recent survey found that nearly 70 percent of us use a computer to do our jobs. Although working on a computer all day won’t permanently damage your eyes, you might find that after several hours at the [more…]

High Blood Pressure: Kids Can Have It, Too

Although less than four percent of kids have high blood pressure, the incidence of the disease is growing. The results of two studies showed a three percent increase in childhood hypertension in just three [more…]

How Can Mold Affect Your Health?

Molds are an easygoing but pervasive group of funguses. All they ask from us is access to a consistently damp environment like a bathroom or leaky attic. In return, they’ll propagate and provide us with [more…]

Should You Get an HPV Vaccine?

Within the last few years, two vaccines to prevent the human papilloma virus (HPV) have hit the healthcare marketplace. These vaccines come with lots of caveats that can make it difficult for average consumers [more…]

Anger Management For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

While working to improve your anger management skills, having some key information to hand can be invaluable. Print out and pin up these useful reminders and guidelines to assist you in learning how to [more…]

Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

That tingling and numbness radiating from your wrist to your palm and fingers was probably no big deal at first. After all, you could literally shake it off by shaking your hand. But lately, you’ve noticed [more…]

The Three Levels of Reiki Training

Reiki is easy to learn, with only three levels of training to reach the level of Master. The following list decribes the three levels of Reiki training. Keep these in mind when training or when looking [more…]

Sacred Reiki Symbols

The sacred Reiki symbols can help clarify your personal meditation and may also help you channel the healing energy Reiki is all about. The sacred Reiki symbols and the realms they affect are shown in [more…]

Non-traditional Reiki Symbols

Some of the symbols Reiki practitioners use do not directly derive from Mikao Usui's original teachings. If you want to delve further into their use, find a Reiki teacher who can initiate [more…]

What Is Reiki?

The Reiki system of healing uses universal life force energy. Reiki originated in Japan, although one of the two branches is called Western Reiki. Both forms include the same basic features, including [more…]

Components of the Reiki Healing System

Reiki contains five central elements that the practitioner uses to prepare to channel Reiki energy and heal themselves and others. Go through this list when preparing to give or receive Reiki: [more…]

Reiki For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Reiki is a spiritual practice of healing. You can delve into the components of the system and the levels of training, as well as the traditional and non-traditional sacred symbols used in Reiki practice [more…]

What to Expect from Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Your knee pain has gotten so bad that it’s keeping you from doing many of the things you enjoy. You can’t kneel to work in your flower beds or stoop to play catch with your grandkids. And forget walking [more…]

Signs You or a Loved One May Be an Alcoholic

It probably happened slowly and innocently enough: a quick beer with coworkers after a hard day. Or maybe it was just one glass of wine to relax after the kids were tucked into bed. But lately you’ve noticed [more…]

Sorting Out Sunscreens for Healthy Sun Protection

The only thing more blinding than the sun is the number of sunscreens on the market. Trying to make sense of sun protection factors, UVA and UVB blocks, waterproof versus regular, and so on can leave your [more…]

How to Tell whether You’ve Got Allergies or a Cold

You’re sneezing, you can’t breathe, and your nose is runny. You’d like to take some medicine, but you’re not sure what will help because you don’t know what's making you sick. Is it a cold or allergies [more…]

Reading the Eyes for Personal Insights

Eye movements can give subtle clues about what someone is thinking, feeling, or remembering. Everyone moves their eyes according to which internal mental system they’re using – recognising someone’s eye [more…]

Using Your Modalities and Submodalities

Everything you experience is as a result of information that you take in through your senses – visual (what you see), auditory (what you hear), kinaesthetic [more…]

Remembering the NLP Presuppositions

Neuro-Linguistic Programming provides some basic positive assumptions and constructive convictions about the world. A few are listed here, take a look and try playing with these in your mind to see if [more…]

NLP Workbook For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Whether you’re feeling a flat, down, looking for a boost or a remedy to a hectic lifestyle, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is full of practical tips and tricks which can help you to change and improve the [more…]

Health Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

Being a nonsmoker is one of the wisest decisions you can make for your health. However, if you’re regularly breathing smoke-filled air because you live or work with people who smoke, you’re not safe from [more…]

What Genetic Testing Can Tell You about You

Genes are the foundation of our physiology. They contain the code that determines what we look like and how our bodies function. Scientists now believe all disease is the result of mutations that occur [more…]

What Is Bad Breath and How Do You Get Halitosis?

About 75 percent of bad breath originates in our mouths. Decaying food caught between our teeth, coupled with dead cells and bacteria sitting on our tongues are the major culprits. Regular flossing and [more…]

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