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Suffering from Insomnia: The Likeliest Candidates

Almost anyone can suffer from an occasional bout of insomnia, but statistically speaking, certain groups come in for more than their share of problem sleep. Women, older people, and people suffering from [more…]

Looking at Bone Degeneration and Loss

Both men and women start having age-related bone loss at about age 50, but bone loss can be accelerated in individuals who didn't develop maximum peak bone mass. There are two levels of bone loss that [more…]

Making Full Use of a Vintage Brain

You don't know less in your old age; you probably know more. During your advanced years, however, your information-processing speed slows down. Don't worry, though — your long-term memory remains intact [more…]

Applying Feng Shui Principles to Professional Goals

The lessons of Feng Shui can help you enhance your career in a number of different ways. Although ancient Feng Shui masters didn't have the same career concerns that you may have, they understood the power [more…]

Recognizing Four Primary Signs of Parkinson's Disease

Although the actual causes and risk factors for getting Parkinson's Disease (PD) are still mysterious, the primary signs that signal the presence of PD are very clear. You may have noticed one or more [more…]

Using Massage to Your Toddler's Advantage

Toddlers struggle to reconcile their need for autonomy with their need for their parents' help and guidance. One of the many ways that kids in this age group express their autonomy is by saying [more…]

Examining the Effects of Psychedelics and Hallucinogens

Direct from the Age of Aquarius, with a history going back thousands of years, hallucinogens take people on far-ranging trips inside their own minds. Hallucinogens [more…]

Understanding How Multiple Sclerosis Can Affect Your Cognition

Research studies on cognitive function in MS have demonstrated that as many as 50 to 66 percent of people will experience some cognitive changes over the course of the disease. Even though the severity [more…]

Watching Out for Multiple Sclerosis-Related Swallowing Problems

Swallowing isn't as simple as it seems — in fact, the process involves about 30 muscles in your mouth and throat and eight of your cranial nerves. So, as you can imagine, Multiple Sclerosis [more…]

Understanding Essential Oils

Many of the aromatic compounds of plants are from classes of compounds that are volatile — they quickly dissipate into the air, even at room temperature. Many boil at 180 to 240 degrees Fahrenheit and [more…]

Getting Past that Old-Style Hypnosis

You've probably seen examples of old-fashioned hypnosis in the movies. The scene usually portrays the hypnotist as a slightly overbearing authority figure and the patient as an unquestioning, sheepish [more…]

Knowing What Alzheimer's Is . . . and Is Not

Alzheimer's disease is a form of dementia. Although all Alzheimer's patients have dementia, not all dementia patients have Alzheimer's disease. The Alzheimer's Association defines Alzheimer's disease as [more…]

Figuring Out Neuro-linguistic Programming Presuppositions

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) presuppositions are no more than generalizations about the world. One of the first presuppositions is that the map is not the territory. [more…]

Acupressure or Reflexology: Sensations during a Session

When giving an acupressure or reflexology session to another person, you may expect to immediately be able to feel energy. In time, most people can feel the qi, or vital force, moving through the receiver's [more…]

Avoiding Herb and Food or Drug Interaction

Science has actively and intensively studied how drugs interact with other drugs and how foods and beverages can increase the risks or decrease the benefits of drugs. Not much testing has been done with [more…]

Inviting Heart Disease: The Couch Potato Connection

While you're sitting still, your heart is beating at 70 to 80 contractions per minute (unless you're extremely fit). With each contraction, the right ventricle discharges about three-quarters of the blood [more…]

Relating High Blood Pressure to Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine is a chemical compound in the leaves, seeds, and fruits of more than 63 plant species, but it most commonly comes from coffee and cocoa beans, cola nuts, and tea leaves. But coffee isn't the only [more…]

Considering the Cost of Addiction to Families

The degree of distress experienced by families affected by addiction is usually underestimated. In all normal situations, families try to take care of each other, especially in times of illness. What happens [more…]

Finding the Right Reiki Practitioner for You

Reiki practitioners come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. You can even give Reiki to yourself if you have studied Reiki. Here are two types of Reiki practitioners you'll encounter: [more…]

Dodging the Hazards of Multitasking

You may be one of the millions of people juggling several tasks at once. This kind of complicated balancing act has been referred to as multitasking, because you're doing more than one thing at time. Multitasking [more…]

How Nutritional Needs Change As You Age

As you age, changes occur in your body that can affect your nutritional needs. The aging process affects the body's absorption of many nutrients. For example, you're less able to absorb nutrients such [more…]

Discovering What Reiki Is and Isn't

Reiki is popping up all over the place, but lots of folks are still confused about what Reiki is exactly. In the context here, Reiki is both: [more…]

Pinpointing Arthritic Relief with Acupuncture

For thousands of years, healers have known that the "laying on of hands" can have a powerful therapeutic effect on the body. This type of therapy doesn't necessarily cure the disease, but it can help relieve [more…]

Treating Unstable Angina

When tests reveal that you have narrowing of one, two, or three of the coronary arteries, your physician develops a plan for how best to treat your unstable angina. This plan may include the use of medicines [more…]

Tuning Into the Importance of Rapport

Rapport is like money. You only realise you have a problem when you haven't got enough of it. Rapport is not a technique that you turn on and off at will. It should flow constantly between people. Rule [more…]


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