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Listening to Your Pain

Almost everyone has heard the phrase, "No pain, no gain." What most people don't know is the definition of pain. Pain is the body's warning sign that it's in jeopardy of being injured. A more appropriate [more…]

Looking at Low-Carbohydrate Diets and How They Really Work

Proponents of low-carbohydrate diets claim that many people are “allergic” to carbohydrates or are insulin resistant and gain weight when they eat them. They say a diet that restricts carbohydrates forces [more…]

Bringing Crystals to the Reiki Table

The ancient art of crystal healing relies on the subtle energy emanations of different crystals. Crystals are used nowadays in medical machinery and quartz watches, as well as to adorn the body as jewelry [more…]

Good Choices for Dieters at Chinese Restaurants

Chinese food may seem like a nutritious low-calorie choice if you are on a diet, but depending on your order, you can get a healthy low-cal meal or a calorie nightmare. [more…]

Lifting Your Spirits Quickly and Easily

When you're feeling a little down or uptight, give yourself a break by trying some of these helpful tips. [more…]

Making the Most of Vinyasas in Power Yoga

Vinyasas, or connecting movements, link the power of your Power Yoga poses like electrical lines that carry power between generating stations. As you use a vinyasa to move from one pose to the next, you [more…]

Exceeding the RDAs: Do You Need Extra Minerals?

If your diet provides enough mineral nutrients to meet the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs), you’re in pretty good shape. A restrictive diet, the circumstances of your reproductive life, and just [more…]

Helping Yourself with Reiki

Reiki is a gentle healing energy. Your body can use this energy for just about anything it needs. Here are some common reasons to use Reiki: [more…]

Iodine for Healthy Thyroid Function

Iodine is a required nutrient for humans with limited natural dietary sources in some areas. The best foods for adding this nutrient to your diet are seafood. Iodine was the most common mineral deficiency [more…]

Exploring Hyperthyroid Eye Disease

Severe hyperthyroid eye disease, though rare, can lead to blindness. Just exactly why hyperthyroid eye disease occurs isn't clear, but researchers generally believe that it has a basis as an autoimmune [more…]

Molybdenum, Selenium, and Vanadium: Essential Elements from Soil-Grown Foods

Not a lot is known about these three trace minerals, but they are essential nutrients. Getting them from your diet depends on the soil in which your food is grown. Therefore, most multivitamins contain [more…]

Lowfat Dairy Product Substitutions

You can still enjoy dairy products while cooking the lowfat way. All kinds of lowfat dairy substitutions exist, and even if those lowfat substitutions don’t taste quite like the fatty versions, they work [more…]

Iron: Essential Element for Energy and Red Blood Cells

Iron is an essential trace element, meaning a healthy diet must include this nutrient. Dietary sources of iron are abundant, although vegetarian sources of this iron are more difficult to absorb. [more…]

USDA Recommendations for a Vegetarian Diet

If you don’t eat meat, check out the USDA Vegetarian Pyramid for recommendations that will help you meet all your daily nutritional requirements. Because meat, poultry, and fish are not included in a vegetarian [more…]

Interventions: Breaking through Denial and Fear

Your family often no longer knows what to do. Their lives have been turned upside down. They're worried sick. Every waking moment becomes weighed down with serious concerns. You may have promised many [more…]

Lysine: The Amino Acid for Cold Sores

Lysine is an essential amino acid. Lysine occurs abundantly in fish and poultry, dairy, wheat germ, and other legumes, and in smaller amounts in grains and peanuts. You may need extra lysine if you eat [more…]

Nondiet Programs and Support Groups for Healthy Weight Loss

Often, dieters must face why they eat the way that they do. If you could use some peer support while trying to lose weight — but don’t require a regimented diet plan or the services of program-provided [more…]

How to Estimate Carbohydrate Needs for Athletes

Calculating dietary carbohydrate requirements (and protein and fat for that matter) is based on a percentage of your total calories. Most athletes should get at least 60 percent of their calories in their [more…]

Online Weight Loss Diet Programs That Can Work

The biggest news for diet help is online access to weight loss programs. Two studies (2001 and 2003) in the Journal of the American Medical Association [more…]

Suffering from Insomnia: The Likeliest Candidates

Almost anyone can suffer from an occasional bout of insomnia, but statistically speaking, certain groups come in for more than their share of problem sleep. Women, older people, and people suffering from [more…]

Getting the Skinny on Power Yoga Gear

To prop or not to prop? Yeah — that's the question! Do you think that you can suffer the slings and arrows of Power Yoga without special props, or do you feel destined to become spiritually connected with [more…]

How Do Phytochemicals in Your Diet Benefit Your Health

Beneficial phytochemicals — nutrients found in plant foods — appear to be antioxidants, hormone-like compounds, and enzyme-activating sulfur compounds. Including phytochemicals in your diet helps maintain [more…]

Recognizing When You're Hungry and When You're Full

If you learn its language, your body can tell you when your diet is well balanced. When a meal is heavy in one nutrient, such as fat, and light in the others such as protein or vitamins, you may not feel [more…]

Looking at Bone Degeneration and Loss

Both men and women start having age-related bone loss at about age 50, but bone loss can be accelerated in individuals who didn't develop maximum peak bone mass. There are two levels of bone loss that [more…]

Keeping Sugar to a Minimum in Your Diet

Sugars, which are simple carbohydrates, are found naturally in many nutritious foods, including milk, fruits, some vegetables, breads, cereals, and grains. Many of these are a part of any healthy diet. [more…]

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