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Trying Out Yoga's Sitting Postures

Some contemporary Hatha Yoga manuals feature more than 50 sitting postures, which demonstrate not only the inventiveness of Yoga practitioners, but also the body's amazing versatility. Still, all you may [more…]

Enjoying Massage in the Workplace

Your first reaction to the thought of massage at work may be less than positive for several reasons. As you contemplate the idea, you may come up with some of the following: [more…]

Weight Loss through Long-Term Diet Plan Best for Good Health

Going on and off fad diets or quick weight-loss gimmicks is often the result of trying to lose weight for appearances more than health. If you repeatedly lose and gain, then changing your focus to maintaining [more…]

How Being a Woman Affects Weight Gain

If you’re a woman, even if you diet, you gain weight more easily than a man for several inherent reasons. Menopause, pregnancy, and the age you are when you reach puberty all impact your weight. [more…]

Post-Weight Loss Surgery Possibility: Cosmetic Surgery

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and after working hard to lose so much weight, you may be discouraged to find that your skin drapes down in unattractive folds or looks damaged with stretch [more…]

Varying Your Workouts and Seeing Results

Cross-training is about adventure and trying new things. You don't have to be the adventurous type, though. It's not necessarily about bungee jumping, rappelling, or white water rafting. Cross-training [more…]

Checking Out Some Important Personal Trainer Equipment

You wear many hats in your role as a personal trainer. You're a salesperson, scientist, friend, coach, motivator, teacher, employer, bookkeeper, and business owner, to name just a few. To be successful [more…]

Utilizing Carbohydrates in Your Running Program

Some runners pick the right foods to eat the day before and morning of a race and are diligent about taking in fluids during the competition. But many of those same runners don't eat so [more…]

Preserving Nutrients When Cooking Foods

Some people think raw foods are more nutritious than cooked ones. However, some foods are less nutritious raw because they contain substances that destroy or disarm other nutrients. [more…]

What Counts as a Food Serving, Anyway?

When considering your nutritional needs, the amount you eat is as important as what you eat. Because people have diets filled with restaurant and convenience store foods, it’s difficult to remember how [more…]

Bad for the Bones — Being Too Thin

You may remember the teenage angst of feeling "too fat," even when your weight barely touched the 100-pound mark. Teens today are as acutely aware of their weight, and many, if not most, teenage girls [more…]

What Affects Your Appetite for Food?

Nutrition experts tell us that the best way to deal with hunger and appetite is to follow your body’s natural cues. Your physical and psychological environments definitely affect appetite and hunger, sometimes [more…]

Who Needs Extra Water and Electrolytes?

Sodium, potassium, and chloride are electrolyte nutrients found in so many foods that a dietary deficiency is a rarity. Most Americans have sufficient amounts, but sometimes you actually need extra water [more…]

Calcium: Essential Nutrition for Teeth and Bones

Calcium is a critical mineral nutrient. You must include calcium in your diet because your body can’t manufacture it. Calcium is essential for the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth. [more…]

Grocery Shopping with Lists and Smart Planning

You may intend to eat healthy nutritious meals and snacks, but if diet-friendly foods aren’t within reach, you’ll have trouble shedding pounds and reaching your dietary goals. Shoppers who use lists spend [more…]

Scanning the Statistics on Smoking

Tobacco has been in use for at least several hundred years, although the cigarette did not become mass-produced until the nineteenth century. Cigarette consumption since then has taken off like wildfire [more…]

Getting Acquainted with Your Quirky Unconscious Mind

In Neuro-linguistic Programming terms, your conscious mind is that part of your mind which has awareness of things around and within you at any given moment in time. This is your short-term memory which [more…]

Dealing with Osteoporosis Pain without Medication

Although popping a pill may be easy for instant relief of pain associated with osteoporosis, you (and your doctor) need to aim pain treatment at more than temporary relief. The nonmedication methods noted [more…]

Why Exercise Is Key to Weight Loss

Consuming fewer calories and including less fat in your diet is necessary to shed pounds. Adding exercise increases the number of calories you burn so that you speed up your weight loss. Plus, you build [more…]

Stretching Do's and Don'ts

While you are stretching, don't forget the following: [more…]

Pondering the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Exam

All men who are 50 years old and older, as well as all men who are 40 (or older) and at risk for cancer (such as black men or men who have a family history of cancer), should have an annual PSA test, along [more…]

What Are Simple Carbohydrates, Complex Carbohydrates, and Dietary Fiber?

Carbohydrates are a necessary part of a healthy diet, offering your body nutrients it can convert to glucose to power muscles. Carbohydrates come in three varieties: simple carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates [more…]

Squelching Myths about Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is in the news almost daily. You may hear everything from glowing reports of saved lives to horror stories about surgeries gone wrong. No doubt you know people who have had the surgery [more…]

Helping Your Mood with Amino Acids Phenylalanine and Tyrosine

Phenylalanine — an essential amino acid— is readily available in most food sources, particularly high in meats and milk products, with lower levels found in oats and wheat germ. To make use of phenylalanine [more…]

Medical Consequences of Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, and Bingeing

Eating disorders — particularly anorexia nervosa — can be deadly. The following lists explain the many medical consequences of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. [more…]

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