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How to Assess Health Risk with Waist Size Measurement

You can’t use your waist size to get an absolute percentage of body fat, but measuring your waistline does provide information about the location of your body fat. And knowing where your fat is located [more…]

Clearing Up Common Myths about Thyroid Health

Thanks to the Internet, you have access to incredible amounts of information about your thyroid. Unfortunately, much (perhaps most) of it is not accurate. Much of what you read online is based on the experiences [more…]

Looking Into Systemic Conditions that Mimic Alzheimer's Disease

A number of other conditions can mimic the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, including an underactive thyroid, vitamin deficiencies, too much calcium in the blood, and syphilis that's spread to the brain [more…]

Controlling Dust and Dander in Your Home

Allergen avoidance begins at home. Although avoiding or limiting exposure to allergens and irritants outside — as well as at work, school, or other indoor locations — is important, avoidance therapy can [more…]

How Your Healthy Body Relies on Electrolytes

Many mineral nutrients essential to a healthy diet — including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium — form compounds that dissolve into charged particles. But nutritionists generally use the term electrolyte [more…]

Being the Best Personal Trainer You Can Be

Your clients want more than just a good workout. They want a personal trainer who motivates them, cares about them, and sets a good example. When all else is equal, your professionalism, your attitude, [more…]

Easing Your Back Pain with Pilates

Most of the Pilates mat exercises strengthen the muscles necessary to properly support the spine and bring an awareness about what proper posture actually is. It's not enough just to do Pilates mat exercises [more…]

How Your Body Processes Alcohol

Food in your diet must be digested before being absorbed by your cells, but alcohol included in your diet flows directly through your body’s membranes into your bloodstream, which carries alcohol to nearly [more…]

How to Understand and Deal with Food Cravings

Are you craving is a high-calorie diet buster — a food devoid of nutrients? Dieters aren’t the only ones who experience cravings for foods. But dieters, especially those who frequently go on and off diets [more…]

Diets with High Fiber and Low Calorie Content

The thinking behind these high-fiber, low-calorie diets is that because fiber can’t be digested, it doesn’t have calories. This is true. And because it takes up so much room in the stomach, it’s filling [more…]

What Lean Really Means for Lean Meat

How lean is lean meat? And what’s the difference between lean and extra lean meats? Guidelines have been established so that these terms have clear definitions. Meat, poultry, or seafood must meet certain [more…]

How to Figure Your Body Mass Index

You can use Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine whether you’re at a healthy weight or overweight and, therefore, at a greater risk of developing weight-related health problems. BMI strongly correlates to [more…]

Calorie Counting Fats and Carbohydrates in Your Diet

On a gram-by-gram basis, fat has more calories than carbohydrates or protein. Therefore, eliminating fat or cutting down on the amount you eat helps you lose weight. However, if fat is replaced with carbohydrates [more…]

What You Should Ask before You Start Running

Before you make the transition from walking to running, here are the answers to the most basic and commonly asked beginners' questions. [more…]

Possible Causes of Arthritis and Joint Problems

The causes of arthritis are numerous — and some of them are still unknown. Scientists say that the development of joint pain, joint stiffness, and joint swelling can be traced to several contributing factors [more…]

Body Measurements Help Determine Healthy Weight Status

A healthy weight is a range that relates statistically to good health. Being overweight or obese is statistically related to weight-related health problems, such as heart disease and hypertension. [more…]

Getting to Know about Yogic Sleep (Yoga Nidra)

Yogic Sleep is a very powerful relaxation technique that you can do after you gain some control over the relaxation response. When practiced successfully, this technique is as restorative as sleep — except [more…]

Comparing Breast Implant Options

Saline and silicone implants both have advantages, and both types of implants can and do produce excellent breast augmentation results. Because of current FDA restrictions, for most women having breast [more…]

Figuring How Medications during Labor Affect Breastfeeding

Sometimes the medications you have during labor affect your first nursing attempt. Some medications make the baby sleepy; some make you sleepy. Here are how some of the common medications given in labor [more…]

Chewing Away Cravings with Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum is a popular nicotine replacement therapy. Available over the counter, it is easy to use and provides regular, measured amounts of nicotine to the bloodstream. The gum is loaded with nicotine [more…]

Magnesium: The Anti-Stress Nutrient

Magnesium may be the most commonly deficient mineral in human nutrition, even though dietary sources of this nutrient abound. Because it is the calming or anti-stress mineral, it’s very important to many [more…]

What Minerals Are Essential to a Healthy Diet?

Minerals are an essential part of a healthy diet. These inorganic nutrients occur naturally in nonliving things, such as rocks and metal ores. You get essential minerals by including plants in your diet [more…]

Sizing Up Exercise Balls to Find the Right Fit

Because you use the ball with so many different body positions while you're exercising, the size of the ball you use really does make a difference and can make or break your workout. [more…]

What Happens to Aging Muscles

As people age, their skeletal muscle mass starts to deteriorate. Your skeletal muscles (also known as lean muscle) are the muscles that attach to your bones and are under voluntary control. [more…]

Seeking Insurance Approval for Your Weight Loss Surgery

One of the happier moments in your weight loss surgery journey is when you get the seal of approval from your insurance company.

Most insurance companies realize the long-term effects and cost savings associated [more…]


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