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Pinpointing the Causes of Hypothyroidism

The two most common causes of hypothyroidism are iodine deficiency and chronic thyroiditis. Iodine deficiency is rare in the United States and Europe but very common throughout the rest of the world. Chronic [more…]

Reviewing Mom's Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

Although many breastfeeding advocates focus on the positive effects for the baby, moms also reap physical benefits from breastfeeding. For starters, breastfeeding is the best way to get your body back [more…]

Leaner Body Fat Percentages in Male and Female Athletes

Women have higher percentages of body fat than men, because female reproductive hormones require more fat. Women with healthy weights are generally between 15 and 25 percent body fat and men fall into [more…]

Evaluating Your Esophagus

When you're talking about tests, this section is the Big Time for your esophagus. To reach this level of testing, you must exhibit symptoms of GERD which suggest esophageal damage that requires your doctor [more…]

Maximize Fertility: Monitoring Ovulation

Assuming that you know the basics of how to get pregnant, many people don't know how to make the process efficient. You'll want to give yourself the best chance of getting pregnant. To do that, you need [more…]

Knowing Which Drugs Raise Blood Pressure

Plenty of drugs are on the market that actually raiseblood pressure on their own or because they block the action of a drug that lowers blood pressure. If you can possibly avoid them, do so. Sometimes, [more…]

Mastering Gym Etiquette

Even at a health club — a place where tank tops, profuse sweating, and mild grunting are perfectly acceptable — rules of etiquette should be followed. Sure, the social graces expected in a weight room [more…]

How Much Protein Do You Need in Your Diet?

A normal American diet generally provides sufficient protein, so protein deficiencies are rare in the United States. The National Academy of Sciences Food and Nutrition Board sets requirements [more…]

Striving for a Headful of Healthy Hair

Although you see a lot of media and marketing hype about wellness these days, you never really hear anything about what a detrimental lifestyle can do to hair. Hair damage may not seem like such a big [more…]

Understanding How Stress Can Make You Sick

Researchers estimate that 75 to 90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are for complaints and conditions that are, in some way, stress-related. Every week, 112 million people take some form [more…]

Reaping the Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball

Besides developing good overall muscle tone for your entire body, the ball provides numerous other benefits that range anywhere from rehabilitating back, hip, and knee injuries to delivering a powerful [more…]

Understanding the Dangers and Causes of Hypertension

Hypertension isn't called a killer for nothing. High blood pressure is a significant risk factor for developing coronary artery disease (CAD), the leading cause of death in the United States, and it's [more…]

Controlling the Volume of Your Hair

You can create more volume or fullness with even the limpest of locks by manipulating the roots of the hair. [more…]

How Much Exercise Is Enough for Weight Loss?

Combining exercise with a diet is the best way to lose weight. But how do you know if you are exercising enough to reach your dieting goals?

The current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and [more…]

Assessing the Consequences of Smoking

The physical and medical consequences of smoking are numerous, and the extent and seriousness of smoking-related illness are shocking. More than 450,000 Americans die each year as a result of smoking. [more…]

The Dangers of Vitamin Megadoses

Some vitamins are toxic when taken in the very large amounts known as megadoses. It’s nearly impossible for your diet to provide an overdose of vitamins D, E, K, C, and all the Bs. [more…]

Setting Realistic Diet Goals to Maintain Healthy Weight Loss

Accepting weight loss that misses the mark by a few pounds is healthier than writing off your diet as a failure and then giving in and gaining the loss back. A healthier diet strategy is to maintain the [more…]

Noting the Signs and Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism, whether caused by Graves' disease or another condition, produces consistent signs and symptoms that affect every part of your body. The major abnormalities are described in the following [more…]

Setting a Reasonable Calorie Level for Weight Loss

To lose weight, you have to cut calories, but if you cut too many from your diet, you may not lose any weight, and you probably won’t be able to stick to your diet for very long because you’ll lack essential [more…]

Healthy Body Image: Bigger Than Model Thin

Research shows that women — especially those on a diet — in the United States determine their ideal body size and shape from the way models in television ads and fashion magazines look, not from the way [more…]

Identifying Variations on the Migraine Theme

As if migraines aren't big enough mischief-makers as it is, they also like to sing show tunes and take on different personas. So here we turn to migraine variants [more…]

Filling Your Exercise Ball: Tightness Versus Firmness

When you inflate your ball, you should inflate it to the diameter that the sizing instructions show. You want to fill the ball with air only until it feels like it has a slight give and it's not too taut [more…]

Modifying Your Exercise Routine for a Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you need to modify your exercise routine whenever something isn't quite right. Modifying means fine-tuning your exercise program to keep it safe and effective. Your baby's health is your [more…]

Carbohydrates Do More Than Make Energy for Your Body

Making energy isn’t the only thing your body does with the carbohydrate nutrients in your diet. Carbohydrates also protect your muscles. When you need energy, your body looks for glucose from carbohydrates [more…]

Six Steps to Treadmill Safety

Treadmills are among the easiest aerobic machines to use. Still, you do need to know a few things about safe treadmill use. [more…]


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