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Sticking to Your Diet at Indian Restaurants

Dieters beware! Some styles of Indian cooking are vegetarian, which is great for including proper nutrition, but don’t let that lull you into thinking that these foods are low-calorie diet dishes. Plenty [more…]

Deli and Sandwich Shop Healthy Choices for Dieters

True delicatessens provide challenges for dieters, but menus are flexible, so this is one type of restaurant where you can exercise your calorie-smart creativity. If you are on a diet, go to lunch with [more…]

Dispelling Common Anger Myths

Before you can manage your own anger, you need to be aware of what anger is and isn't. Unfortunately, myths about anger seem to abound. Here are some falsehoods and the facts: [more…]

Soothing the Common Cold with the Right Foods

Proper nutrition strengthens your immune system, but no diet can keep you from catching a common cold. Some surprising foods can soothe your symptoms. This is not about chicken soup. That issue has been [more…]

Making Full Use of a Vintage Brain

You don't know less in your old age; you probably know more. During your advanced years, however, your information-processing speed slows down. Don't worry, though — your long-term memory remains intact [more…]

Understanding the Origins of Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

Contrary to popular belief, eating disorders aren’t just about being fat or thin, about dieting or weight. Instead, eating disorders are typically about self-esteem, depression, power, communication, or [more…]

Understanding the Difference between Hunger and Appetite

People eat for two main reasons. The first reason is hunger; the second is appetite. Hunger and appetite are not synonyms. In fact, hunger and appetite are entirely different processes. [more…]

Applying Feng Shui Principles to Professional Goals

The lessons of Feng Shui can help you enhance your career in a number of different ways. Although ancient Feng Shui masters didn't have the same career concerns that you may have, they understood the power [more…]

How Your Body Uses Vitamin C

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is an important nutrient found in many fresh fruits and vegetables. It is essential to a healthy diet. Vitamin C breaks down readily when foods are heated or when they sit [more…]

How to Pick Out Good Quality Dietary Supplements

Even though the FDA can’t require manufacturers of dietary and nutritional supplements to submit safety and effectiveness data, a respected name on the label offers some assurance of a quality product. [more…]

Pizza Provides Healthy Eating Possibilities for Dieters

The trend toward nutritious newfangled pizza is a real plus for dieters. You can add or subtract nutritious vegetable and meat ingredients to fit your particular tastes and to stick within diet boundaries [more…]

The Water You Need Every Day from Food and Drinks

Because you don’t store water, you need to take in a new supply every day in your diet — enough to replace the nutrients and minerals you lose when you breathe, perspire, urinate, and defecate. On average [more…]

Zinc: The Immune System Nutrient

Zinc is thought by many nutritionists to be the most important mineral supplement because it is commonly deficient in the diet. Zinc is the nutrient that aids the immune system. [more…]

Dream Interpreting: Recognizing and Working with a Physical Dream

Dreams come in many shapes and sizes, some vague, some detailed, some frightening, some inspiring. They all contain encoded messages aimed at improving your life. As you become ready to start a dream diary [more…]

Assessing Body Weight for Healthy Athletic Activity

Athletes come in many shapes, which impacts their dietary needs. If you lined up a marathon runner, a jockey, a speed skater, a weightlifter, a pole-vaulter, a linebacker, a gymnast, and a sumo wrestler [more…]

Recognizing Four Primary Signs of Parkinson's Disease

Although the actual causes and risk factors for getting Parkinson's Disease (PD) are still mysterious, the primary signs that signal the presence of PD are very clear. You may have noticed one or more [more…]

Manganese: Trace Mineral Important to Metabolism

Manganese is an essential nutrient found in the greatest concentrations in seeds, and whole grains. Dietary sources also include peas and beans, which contain lower amounts of this mineral. Often confused [more…]

Using Massage to Your Toddler's Advantage

Toddlers struggle to reconcile their need for autonomy with their need for their parents' help and guidance. One of the many ways that kids in this age group express their autonomy is by saying [more…]

Sodium: Moving Fluid through Body Cells

Sodium is a hidden ingredient of many prepared foods. Although it is essential for proper nutrition, too much sodium in your diet increases the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. This nutrient is [more…]

Examining the Effects of Psychedelics and Hallucinogens

Direct from the Age of Aquarius, with a history going back thousands of years, hallucinogens take people on far-ranging trips inside their own minds. Hallucinogens [more…]

How to Figure Protein Needs for Dieting Athletes

Athletes have special dietary needs, particularly when they want to lose weight. To maintain performance, athletes in training need extra calories in their diets — especially carbohydrates and protein. [more…]

Figure the Right Amount of Fat for Your Diet

Yes, you do need some fat in your diet for good health. Fat supplies essential fatty acids and helps your body absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. But a diet high in saturated fat and, to a [more…]

Understanding How Multiple Sclerosis Can Affect Your Cognition

Research studies on cognitive function in MS have demonstrated that as many as 50 to 66 percent of people will experience some cognitive changes over the course of the disease. Even though the severity [more…]

The Nutritional Benefits of Vegetables in Your Daily Diet

A diet rich in vegetables contains beneficial antioxidants that help reduce your risk of cancer, stroke, and heart disease. These antioxidants are just some of the nutritional benefits of eating vegetables [more…]

Consider Commercial Meal-Plan Diets for Healthy Weight Loss

Weight-loss programs based on meal plans can be good options for people who have trouble sticking to a diet plan on their own. The Journal of the American Medical Association has concluded that the structure [more…]

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