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How to Make Mock Kataifi Nut Pastries

Finely shredded pieces of phyllo dough, or kataifi, are a favorite Greek and Middle Eastern ingredient to use in making baklava-like pastries. When baked, it crisps up and closely resembles shredded wheat [more…]

Orange Dessert Crêpes (Crêpes Suzette)

The rage of American dinner parties in the 1950s and early 1960s, crêpes suzette are almost as easy to make as a box cake mix, especially if you make the crêpes early in the day and assemble the dessert [more…]

Potato Gnocchi (Gnocchi di Patate)

This dish is the most popular type of gnocchi. You can serve potato gnocchi with many of the same sauces you use on pasta, including marinara sauce and [more…]

Recipe for Falafel

Street food in many Arabic countries, falafel is a delicious Arabic fast food of fried balls (or patties) of ground and seasoned chickpeas stuffed into a pita bread with lettuce, tomatoes, and a tahini [more…]

Leeks in Vinaigrette (Poireaux à la Vinaigrette)

Leeks are called the poor man’s asparagus in Europe. A member of the allium or onion family, they look like thick scallions but have a sweeter, milder flavor. Because this salad is somewhat more substantial [more…]

Mexican Dessert Recipe: Creamy Lemon Lime Pie

Here is a delicious unbaked version of Key Lime Pie that's sure to please the palate. You can simplify this recipe even more by substituting a baked graham cracker crust. [more…]

Pizza with Tomato and Mozzarella (Pizza Margherita)

This basic pizza recipe is open to countless variations. Feel free to create your own variations. You need 1 prepared recipe of Basic Pizza Dough. [more…]

Mexican Seafood Recipe: Grilled Swordfish with Fresh Tomato and Herb Salsa

The best fish preparations are often the simplest, and things don’t get much simpler than this recipe. A fresh tomato and herb salsa supplies just enough bright acidity, color, and texture to highlight [more…]

Mexican Seafood Recipe: Pan-Seared Bass with Chile Lime Broth

Popular sea bass is a great choice for home entertaining. You can’t easily overcook it, and it holds its own with assertive flavors like olives, garlic, chiles, and lime. For a complete meal, serve with [more…]

Mexican Seafood Recipe: Shrimp in a Garlic Bath

In this traditional dish, called al mojo de ajo in Mexico, a quick, rustic sauce of garlic and dried chile slivers is cooked in the same pan as juicy rock shrimp. [more…]

Recipe for Bolillos

Bolillos are a plain, crisp, white roll that you can use to make sandwiches or to eat with butter and jam at breakfast. They’re a delight to have in the house, but if you don’t have the time, a good substitute [more…]

Recipe for Greek Salad (Salatà Eliniki)

People who haven’t ever sampled a Greek salad don’t know what they’re missing. When properly made, a Greek salad should be a combination of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers, livened up with the [more…]

Recipe for Green Enchiladas with Pork

Rich pork and tangy light green salsa are a natural combination in the Mexican kitchen. Add the earthiness of toasted corn from the tortillas, and you’ve got a winning dish. [more…]

Recipe for Poblano Mashed Potatoes

The recipe for these spicy, rich potatoes is frequently requested. Make sure that you serve these potatoes with an entree of equal heft so that they don't overpower the meal. [more…]

Recipe for Quince Paste (Kythonopasto)

This recipe is made in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and, naturally, Greece. Although every home cook has her own favorite version, the one that follows provides the best results. Don’t be turned off [more…]

Recipe for Swooning Iman (Iman Bayildi)

The history behind this recipe is unique. Rumor has it that this dish was prepared by a Greek cook for an Ottoman iman. The ruler was so taken by the aroma and taste of the dish that he became lightheaded [more…]

Recipe for Yogurt Cake (Yaourtopita, Yogurt Tatlisi)

This wonderfully moist cake (called yaourtopita in Greece and yogurt tatlisi in Turkey) tastes even better when served the day after it’s made. It was probably first created by some farm wife to take advantage [more…]

Salmon with Fresh Tomato Sauce (Salmone con Pomodoro Fresco)

For this recipe, you'll need four salmon fillets of about 8 ounces each. Plum tomatoes are used in this recipe to make a quick pan sauce for seared salmon. [more…]

Salt-Roasted Whole Fish (Le Poisson du Paludier)

Roasting fish in a shell of salt has been a popular cooking method for centuries. The salt absorbs the heat from the hot oven to cook the fish, which comes out moist and flaky with just the right about [more…]

Sausage and Beans (Salsiccie e Fagioli)

This recipe is a good example of the Italian cook’s ability to stretch a modest amount of meat to feed an entire family. Here, the sausage is cooked with beans and acts more as a flavoring than the focal [more…]

Scalloped Potatoes (Gratin Dauphinois)

In almost any guise, potatoes are comfort food, especially when they’re as creamy and cheesy as these French scalloped potatoes. Slice the potatoes as thin as possible before cooking in the milk, which [more…]

Second-Day Vegetable Soup with Bread (Ribollita)

The Italian name for this Tuscan soup literally translates as “reboiled” or “recooked.” Traditionally, this soup is made from leftover vegetable soup. To stretch the leftovers, bread is added. The result [more…]

Sicilian Eggplant Relish (Caponata)

This recipe is one of Sicily’s most famous dishes. You cook eggplant with other vegetables (in this case, onions, celery, and an assortment of peppers) in a sweet-and-sour tomato sauce that’s flavored [more…]

Spaghetti with Clams (Spaghetti con Vongole)

Authentic Spaghetti with Clams is made with fresh clams that are served in the shell with the pasta. Therefore, you need to use the smallest clams possible. In Italy, they often use clams the size of an [more…]

Spicy Grilled Corn Recipe

Here is a refined version of a popular Mexican street snack. Just one bite leaves you wondering how you could ever go back to plain old buttered corn. [more…]


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