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Fiesta Bean Salad Recipe

In this recipe, you jazz up a typical American-style bean salad with three different beans and a colorful confetti of diced peppers. This versatile salad is a great choice for a buffet table or picnic [more…]

Fisherman’s Stew (Bouillabaisse)

This is the type of stew mostly likely made by a fisherman after cleaning his catch. The base of the stew is a tomatoey fish stock made with the most flavorful parts of the fish that are usually not eaten [more…]

Fresh Egg Pasta (Pasta all’Uovo)

Making your own pasta is surprisingly easy, especially if you use a food processor and manual pasta machine. (Before the invention of the food processor, making the dough for fresh pasta took about 20 [more…]

How to Make Refried Black Beans

Frying beans with a bit of fat and onion accentuates their rich, creamy quality. Feel free to increase the lard for a richer, more authentic refried bean. Remember that if you don’t eat refried beans with [more…]

How to Make Rice Pudding (Rizógalo, Gatnabour)

Traders spread rice throughout the Mediterranean region and Middle East hundreds of years ago. Today, rice appears not only in savory dishes such as Stuffed Grape Leaves and Pilaf but also in sweets such [more…]

Lamb Stew (Navarin d’Agneau)

Simplicity at its best, this stew benefits from very slow cooking, which makes the lamb butter-tender and melting off the bone. Ask your butcher to cut the lamb into even-sized pieces. [more…]

Leg of Lamb (Gigot Rôti à la Moutarde)

Leave it to the French to know how to prepare such a humble cut of meat with so much flavor and aroma. The mustard seals in all the wonderful flavor of the lamb while at the same time keeping the meat [more…]

Margarita Sorbet with Simple Syrup Recipe

Delicious, fresh fruit ices play an important role in the Mexican diet. The ingredients for this sparkling, tart, lime and tequila sorbet should be on the shelf of any well-stocked Mexican-style pantry [more…]

Meat Sauce (Ragù di Carne)

This Italian sauce requires very gentle simmering to produce a finely textured, sweet meat sauce that’s rich and delicious. You can use the sauce in baked pasta dishes, such as lasagna, or tossed with [more…]

Mexican Beef Recipe: Cumin and Chile Marinated Skirt Steak

This marinated skirt steak is so flavorful that all it needs is some rice and beans on the side and some warm tortillas for serving. [more…]

Mexican Bread Pudding Recipe

More like a soft and crunchy bread casserole than an eggy pudding, this sweet and savory dessert, known as capirotada (kah-pee-roh-tah-dah) in Mexico, is bound to appeal to those who don’t usually like [more…]

Mexican Dessert Recipe: Flan

One dessert you can count on in most Spanish or Mexican restaurants is this classic caramel-flavored, sweet and silky vanilla custard. The perfect make-in-advance dessert, flan is a soothing, light finale [more…]

Mexican Pork Recipe: Baby Back Ribs Adobado

Ribs need special attention to cook up tender, juicy, and falling off the bone. First give yours a strong spice rub for flavor, followed by a steamy bake for tenderness, and then a quick turn on the grill [more…]

Mexican Pork Recipe: Pork Chile Verde

Tart, green tomatillos are perfect for cutting the richness of pork — a favorite stewing meat and a popular meat in Mexico. What makes this dish typically Mexican is its focus on chiles rather than beans [more…]

Mexican Poultry Recipe: Chipotle Black Bean Turkey Chili

This updated, reduced-fat chili features three favorite ingredients: smoky chipotle chiles, creamy beans, and rich, meaty turkey. A chili this satisfying doesn’t need a lot of garnishes — a dab of sour [more…]

Mexican Poultry Recipe: Chipotle Glazed Chicken

When roasting chicken, all anyone seems to know is the Italian method — a combination of lemon, olive oil, and herbs. It’s delicious, but why not break out and try roasting a Mexican-style chicken for [more…]

Onion and Bacon Pie (Flammkuche)

Chewy like pizza, flammkuche is distinctly an Alsatian specialty with both French and German influences. Spread thick with sautéed onions, crème fraîche, and chunks of smoked bacon, this pie is especially [more…]

Onion Soup (Soupe à l’Oignon)

Real, homemade soupe à l’oignon is probably the one soup most associated with French cooking. But genuine homemade onion soup has nothing in common with the packaged, dehydrated variety you’re probably [more…]

Open-Faced Omelet with Peppers, Tomatoes, and Ham (Pipérade)

There’s no denying that the origin of this hearty egg entrée is in the Basque region of France, which borders Spain. Basque cooking is known for its extensive use of peppers, onions, garlic, and tomatoes [more…]

Pasta with Eggs and Bacon (Penne alla Carbonara)

The origins of this very popular pasta dish aren’t clear. Some sources indicate that carbonara originated right after World War II, when the egg and bacon rations of American GIs were turned into a pasta [more…]

Penne with Tomatoes, Capers, Anchovies, and Olives (Pasta alla Puttanesca)

This dish comes from Rome, and the name comes from the Italian word puttana, or prostitute. Some sources believe that the name refers to the fact that the dish can be thrown together with pantry staples [more…]

Potato and Garlic Spread (Skordalia)

This thick, creamy garlicky spread is served all over Greece as a popular meze with pita bread, although you can also serve it in the summer with a bowl of raw baby carrots. This unique combination of [more…]

Potato and Leek Soup (Potage Parmentier)

Potatoes and leeks were meant to be cooked together, as you can see in the recipe for this popular soup. Much simpler and humbler than its American counterpart, [more…]

Potato Salad (Salade de Pommes de Terre)

This simple-to-make French potato salad is a delicious departure from the all-too-familiar mayonnaise variety. Cooking the potatoes in white wine and vinegar infuses them with even more flavor as they [more…]

Recipe for Apple Tart (Tarte Tatin)

Tradition has it that this tart was developed by two innkeeper sisters who were running low on fuel to keep their oven going. Needing to make some apple tarts, they decided to cook the apples in sugar [more…]

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