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Breakfast Burrito Recipe

The flavors of this tasty breakfast burrito meld together well, and you can pretty much combine anything in a tortilla for an easy, yummy meal. [more…]

Grand Granola Recipe

Store-bought granola often contains too much sugar or not enough nuts. This recipe offers a perfect balance of crunch and sweet and keeps well for a couple of weeks. [more…]

How to Make a Lettuce Wrap with Sesame Ginger Sauce

Present these lettuce wraps to your hungry crowd for a delicious family-style meal. The Sesame Ginger Sauce is delicious for dipping or drizzling. Wrapped sandwiches are a great variation on traditional [more…]

How to Make Raw Coconut Bonbons

Looking for a raw dessert that’s gluten-free, dense, nutritious, and delicious? Look no farther! These little macaroon-like bundles satisfy even hard-core sweet teeth. They're also fantastic food to share [more…]

Kale and White Bean Soup Recipe

This recipe for Kale and White Bean Soup is packed with iron, calcium, protein, and fiber, and tastes great. The creamed vegetables delight all five senses. [more…]

Recipe for Herbed Biscuits

These fluffy, aromatic biscuits are simple to make. Try them dunked in a nice minestrone soup with a simple green salad. The magic of creating something warm, soft, and deeply satisfying out of so many [more…]

Recipe for Mixed Greens with Citrus, Fennel, and Almonds

In this salad of mixed greens, the light sweetness of fennel, oranges, and almonds creates a vibrant contrast to the dark greens. A dizzying array of lettuces and greens are popping up in farmers’ markets [more…]

Recipe for Pressed Salad with Wakame

This salad uses a traditional macrobiotic technique and presses salted, thinly sliced raw vegetables to create a softened and slightly pickled effect. Full of active enzymes and minerals from the sea vegetable [more…]

Recipe for Stuffed Kale Leaves

Looking for a new way to eat your greens? Look no further! Stuffed with sautéed vegetables and protein-rich tempeh, this side dish works well with a minestrone soup or as part of a Mediterranean feast. [more…]

Recipe for Sweet and Black Chili

This chili brings together sweet and savory in such a lovely way, you may want to keep the recipe handy for the next time life hands you drama. [more…]

Recipe for Vegan Baked Beans

Hearty bean dishes make for excellent one-pot meals. Although you technically bake the beans in a casserole dish, you do all your cooking in one pot. [more…]

Recipe for Wild Rice with Cherries and Pine Nuts in Salad Cups

You serve this nutty, sweet rice and vegetable salad in crunchy salad cups. Not since Willy Wonka ate his candy teacup flower has eating your serving plate been so fun! [more…]

Zucchini Lasagna Recipe

When summer’s bounty brings you an abundance of squash, try this recipe to use up the mounting piles of zucchini. Simple meals can be ethnic-inspired — you just need a few unique ingredients to make everyday [more…]

Zucchini, Carrot, and Pineapple Cake Recipe

Although vegan sweet breads and cakes can be over-the-top sugary and just as unhealthy for you as the egg- and dairy-laced varieties, this delicious cake is a great way to enjoy tea time — and get an extra [more…]

How to Make an Eggless Salad Sandwich

This tasty sandwich filling is lower in calories than the traditional egg and dairy version and is bursting with fresh herbs. Even your old-school uncles will enjoy this naturally cholesterol-free option [more…]

How to Make Homemade Tortilla Crisps

Healthier than fried tortilla chips out of a bag, these tasty crisps are versatile and lend themselves well to imaginative seasonings. They can take the place of traditional party food — less fat, but [more…]

Ginger Lemon Tea

Warming, invigorating ginger has long been used as a kitchen remedy for nausea, morning sickness, and motion sickness. This tea also serves as a cold and flu treatment. [more…]

Veggie Quiche with Cornmeal Crust

Quiche is a delicious savory breakfast (or lunch or dinner) served warm or cold. Fresh fruit makes the perfect side for a slice of quiche. [more…]

White Bean Salad with Greek Olives and Mustard Wine Vinaigrette

A quick and easy salad that delivers a lot of punch, White Bean Salad with Greek Olives and Mustard Wine Vinaigrette makes a great meal on hot nights. [more…]

Shredded Onion and Potato Hash Browns Recipe

Served alongside a veggie quiche, vegans and nonvegans alike enjoy hash browns for breakfast. You can caramelize your onions and make your potatoes as crunchy or soft as you prefer. [more…]

Recipe for Cool Herbed Summer Rolls

Fresh herbs and veggies meld their flavors together nicely in this wrapped salad. Basil and mint are cooling herbs, so offer these rolls (halved or whole) at your next summer picnic or barbeque. [more…]

Banana Lemon Mousse Recipe

Delicious pudding is only a few minutes away. Fresh ingredients and natural sweeteners make this recipe for Banana Lemon Mousse a no-brainer for kids’ parties. [more…]

Capri Stuffers Recipe

Cashew butter and dried apricots finally meet in this fashionable, easy-to-make snack. Cashews are a good plant source of iron and vitamin K, while dried apricots are a good source of iron and vitamin [more…]

Creamed Italian Broccoli and Mushroom Soup Recipe

This very thick and creamy broccoli and mushroom soup has been tasted by several Italian Americans and received rave reviews. This ethnically inspired recipe is cruelty- and dairy-free, taste great, and [more…]

Ginger Soy Dressing Recipe

Ginger’s clean, spicy flavor works well with soy sauce and sesame oil to create a delicious dressing that may remind you of that theatrical Japanese restaurant chain — you know, the one where they toss [more…]


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