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Florentine Cookies

Florentines are a favorite Old World cookie. Although preparing Florentine cookies requires several steps, you won't regret the extra time, especially when you see the satisfied smiles on the faces of [more…]

Lemon-Thyme Halibut en Papillote

A simple combination of thyme and a touch of lemon makes this halibut a mouthwatering low-carb entree. You wrap this lemon-thyme halibut in parchment paper [more…]

Beef, Vegetable, and Barley Soup

Beef, vegetable, and barley soup is comforting on a blustery day. This healthy soup has protein from beef, and fiber from the barley and vegetables. Add more broth if the soup [more…]

Pesto Pasta

Pesto is best in the summertime when basil is fresh and you can make a batch of pesto from scratch. Pesto is a snap to make and will fill your kitchen — and maybe your whole house — with the wonderful [more…]

White Chili

White chili, with its chicken and white beans, is a great alternative to a tomato-based chili. Use a pressure canner to make and preserve this dish for later use. When you serve your white chili, garnish [more…]

Chinese Potstickers

Potstickers are Chinese dumplings that are steamed and then fried. The combination of steaming and pan-frying the potstickers gives the dumpling wrappers an irresistible balance between smooth and noodlelike [more…]

How to Make Your Cast Iron Last

Cast iron pots and pans can last for generations, unlike other types of cookware. But you do need to take care of your cast-iron cookware because it isn’t indestructible. Follow certain cast-iron-care [more…]

Bottled Sushi Ingredients

Many of the bottled ingredients used when making sushi are probably familiar to you. These bottled sushi ingredients keep, unopened and in a cool dark pantry, for many months. Refrigerate opened bottles [more…]

Perfect Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon meringue pie uses eggs in two ways: the yolks for the lemon custard and the whites for the meringue. Make this lemon meringue pie with a premade piecrust, as in this recipe, or make your own crust [more…]

Harvest Vegetable Soup

This simple vegetable soup has the flavor and aroma of newly picked vegetables and herbs. You add texture to this soup with a crunchy bread and Parmesan topping. You also can add more of your favorite [more…]

Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant Dip)

The grill’s unique ability to impart rich, smoky flavor gives this Middle Eastern eggplant dip, baba ghanoush, its very special taste. Baba ghanoush makes a tasty appetizer, served with grilled pita bread [more…]

The Different Types of Olives

You have dozens of varieties of olives to choose from, each with a different shape, size, and color. Unlike other fruits (olives are a pitted fruit that arises from tree blossoms), you must cure olives [more…]

Caramelized Bananas

Caramelized bananas are a classic Chinese restaurant dessert. With this banana recipe you end up with a crackly, cooled candy glaze surrounding soft, piping-hot bananas at the center — the best of both [more…]


Ratatouille is a hearty vegetable stew from the Provence region of France, and you'll find many variations. This recipe for ratatouille uses a pressure cooker to cook up the brightly colored and flavorful [more…]

Orange-Garlic Chicken Wings

This orange-garlic chicken wings dish has a slightly Asian flavor that comes from the soy sauce, the orange, and the garlic. These wings are as simple as any dish you can possibly make on the grill. [more…]

Stuffed Pasta, Filled Pasta

Filled with meat, cheese, seafood, or vegetables, stuffed pasta (or filled pasta) are best coated with simple tomato or light, cream-based sauces. Stuffed pasta dough is often flavored and tinted with [more…]

Low-Carb Black Soybeans

Black soybeans are just delicious. You can use black soybeans, which are low in carbs, in all kinds of dishes, including chili and dips. Naturally low-carb black soybeans’ flavor is great in anything, [more…]

Tuscan Fish Stew

Almost every region in Italy makes a hearty fish stew. The fish stew in this recipe comes from Tuscany and contains mussels and clams, as well as shrimp, squid, and fish. [more…]

What's the Time Commitment for Beginner Homebrewers?

If you're interested in homebrewing, you're understandably concerned with how much time it takes to brew beer at home. In addition to the hands-on activities such as cooking and bottling, you also face [more…]


Hushpuppies started as delicious cornmeal fritters called croquettes de maise. The name hushpuppy came about when an old Creole cook was frying a batch of catfish and croquettes. His hungry dogs began [more…]

Drunken Chicken

This drunken chicken recipe doesn’t call for chickens who’ve had one too many martinis. It actually gets its name from the step of marinating moist, cooked chicken pieces overnight in Chinese rice wine [more…]

Bourekas: Savory Cheese-Filled Pastries

These cheese-filled pastries are relatively easy to make — if you purchase the dough to make your feta-filled bourekas. Flaky filo dough makes the best bourekas, but you can also use puff pastry and pie [more…]

Types of Cast-Iron Cookware

You can find cast-iron cookware in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular cast-iron pieces are skillets and Dutch ovens, but you can find all sorts of other basic cast-iron pans and pots, too: [more…]

Candy Making: Nutty Butter Crunch

A butter crunch (also known as a butter crisp) is a crunchy confection that you cook to at least 290 degrees F. This candy is similar to toffee (a crispy confection that contains a lot of butter and sugar [more…]

How to Organize Your Pantry

Keep the pantry well organized so you can see and easily reach the cooking staples and dry goods you use most. Organizing the pantry will save time as you cook — and you’ll save money. How many times have [more…]

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