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Homebrewing Problem: No Fermentation

Fermentation problems occur frequently to homebrewers, and a common one is that the would-be beer just never started fermenting. Before you pour your homebrew down the sink, make sure the process actually [more…]

Make It Mexican: Tequila, Sangria, and Beer

The only thing that sounds like more fun than eating Mexican food is drinking Mexican drinks. Mexican beers, sangrias, and tequilas are so popular that they are the gateway for many people to tasting Mexican [more…]

An Italian Dinner’s Courses

So what’s the structure of the traditional Italian meal? An Italian dinner actually has five components, or courses. Not every meal contains all five courses, but many do. If you want the full, five-course [more…]

Tips for Making Sushi at Home

Making sushi at home is fun — and you can eat your mistakes! As a sushi novice armed with these sushi-making tips, you can march into your kitchen knowing that you can make some truly tasty sushi. [more…]

Shaking Cocktails, Making Martinis

The main reasons for shaking drinks are to chill a cocktail, mix the ingredients, or put a head of foam on some cocktails.

As a general rule, you should shake all cloudy drinks [more…]

American Macaroni and Cheese

This recipe is a classic and simple version of good old American macaroni and cheese. You can customize this macaroni and cheese recipe by making substitutions, alterations, and additions. The ways you [more…]

Steak Diane

Steak Diane is a classic filet-mignon entree often served in some of the finest restaurants — but there’s no reason you can’t make Steak Diane in your very own kitchen. It comes together so quickly that [more…]

Discovering How to Sniff a Glass of Wine

The process of tasting a wine — of systematically experiencing all the wine's attributes — involves three steps: Looking at it, smelling it, and, finally, tasting it. Before you explore the smelling ritual [more…]

Apricot-Glazed Pork Chops

In this recipe, apricot jam is the base for a sweet and spicy glaze with which you cover the pork chops. These apricot-glazed pork chops are a wonderfully flavorful grilled main dish. [more…]

Assembling the Basic Tools for Bartending

The most important assets for any profession are the right tools. You need basic bar tools to mix, serve, and store your food and drink. Whether you're stocking a home bar or working as a professional, [more…]

Identifying Basic Sauces for Cooking

You can find all kinds of sauces for food, but sauce serves one purpose: to enhance the dish it's served with. Think of a sauce as a primary liquid and flavored with ingredients and seasonings. For example [more…]

Three Ways to Cook in a Pressure Cooker

You can cook food in a pressure cooker in a variety of ways. The kinds of dishes you prepare in your pressure cooker can range from steamed veggies to soups. You approach these pressure-cooker creations [more…]

Simple Solutions for Slow Cooker Dilemmas

Slow cookers are relatively easy to use. With no moving parts, they break or malfunction much less frequently than other appliances do. Nevertheless, things can go wrong, whether it's user error or operational [more…]

Trussing a Chicken

If you want your chicken to hold its shape perfectly while roasting, you can truss it. You can do without trussing if you’re in a hurry, but a trussed roast chicken makes for a better look and easier carving [more…]

Pasta Primavera

Primavera means “spring style” in Italian. Primavera dishes are made with a variety of fresh vegetables, and although this recipe uses fettuccine, you can replace it with any kind of pasta you want. This [more…]

Aebleskiver (Danish Pancake Balls)

To make aebleskiver (or Danish pancake balls), you need a specialty cast-iron pan (called either a Danish cake pan, aebleskiver pan, or munk pan). Danish pancake balls make a wonderful start to any morning [more…]

How to Chop Vegetables

Chopping means simply cutting something into small, usually even, pieces. You need to chop vegetables, most often onions and garlic, for many different cooking techniques, including sautéing. Chopping [more…]

Types of Chinese Noodles

The Chinese love their noodles and have for centuries. The shapes of Chinese noodles may not vary as much as do those of Italian pasta, but the different ingredients used to make Chinese noodles do set [more…]

Grilled Beef Tenderloin au Poivre with Herb Butter Sauce

Poivre is French for pepper, and cracked peppercorns infuse this beef tenderloin with flavor and just the right touch of spice. Marinate the beef tenderloin before grilling it, and then you top it off [more…]

What Foods Not to Freeze

In practice, any food can be frozen. In reality, not all food freezes well because of its texture or composition. Don’t freeze foods you can’t defrost and eat later. Here’s a list of foods that don’t freeze [more…]

Marvelous Fajita Marinade

Use a zester or hand grater to get the orange and lemon peel that you need for this fajita marinade. You can use fajita marinade on beef, pork, or chicken to make a tasty Mexican meal. [more…]

What'll You Drink? Clear Spirits, Dark Spirits

All spirits (vodka, rum, tequila, bourbon, and so on) fall into one of two broad categories: clear spiritsand dark spirits. Clear spirits are the ones you can see though; dark spirits range in color from [more…]

How to Shell Shrimp

Removing shells from shrimp is pretty easy, whether they’re cooked or raw. To shell shrimp, you need just your hands. If you want, put on a pair of vinyl gloves to prevent shrimp-scented hands. If you [more…]

Simple Side Dish: Scalloped Potatoes for a Crowd

Scalloped potatoes are standard side-dish fare, and we don't reinvent the wheel here, because the traditional dish is very tasty. However, this recipe yields enough for a crowd. [more…]

Food Equivalents

Knowing your food equivalents can save time when working out a recipe. One example of a food equivalent is: one stick of butter equals 8 tablespoons of the stuff. Pretty handy, huh? This table lists common [more…]


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