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Electronics Projects: How to Connect a Servo to a BASIC Stamp

To create motion, you can add a very useful device, called a servo, to your electronics project. A servo is a special type of motor that is designed to rotate to a particular position and hold that position [more…]

Electronics Projects: How to Program a Servo in PBASIC

To create motion in your electronics project, you can add a very useful device, called a servo, which lets you control mechanical motion with a BASIC Stamp program. A [more…]

Electronics Projects: How to Use a Piezo Speaker with a BASIC Stamp

You can add interesting sound effects and simple music to your electronics projects using the BASIC Stamp Activity Kit. The kit comes with a small piezoelectric speaker, which you can connect directly [more…]

Electronics Projects: How to Use Comments in PBASIC Code

If you are using a BASIC Stamp to control functions of an electronics project, you will be writing code in Parallax BASIC (PBASIC). Using comments in your code will help you to remember what each little [more…]


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