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Exploring How the Civil War Began

Wars have many causes. No one should ever forget that wars are fought for political reasons and objectives. Essentially, people or nations go to war to protect a vital interest, defend territory from an [more…]

Napoleon's Josephine: A Rose by Any Other Name

Napoleon's greatest love would come from the Caribbean island of Martinique. Napoleon never went there, but this woman's father, Joseph Gaspard Tascher de la Pagerie, owned a sugar plantation, complete [more…]

Finding the Best Science Fair Project for You

Science fair projects can range from the simplest experiment to a complex project that involves experimentation, observation, and advanced mathematical calculations. [more…]

Creating Simple, Verb-Free Sentences in Arabic

There are two ways to form sentences in Arabic: You can manipulate definite and indefinite nouns and adjectives, or you can pull together nouns, adjectives, and verbs. In Arabic, it's possible to create [more…]

How Cells Work: Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

Knowing how cells work is critical in the genetics field. All living things consist of one or both of two cell types: prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The basic biologies of prokaryotes and eukaryotes are similar [more…]

Sticky Chemistry: Intermolecular Forces

Intermolecular forces (forces between chemical species) are important in biochemistry. Among other things, intermolecular forces are important to hydrophilic [more…]

Ordering at a Restaurant in Spanish

When you’re eating out at a Spanish-speaking restaurant, knowing some basic Spanish vocabulary can make the ordering process a little easier. Placing your order basically consists of two parts: ordering [more…]

Discovering the Key to Every Romance Novel: The Heroine

Most romance readers are women, and naturally, they want to see themselves reflected in their choice of reading. That desire for reflection doesn't mean that every heroine has to be straight from everyday [more…]

Taking a Quick Look at the Types of LSAT Questions

The LSAT has three different kinds of multiple-choice questions. Each type has its virtues and vices, and you will come to know and love them all. [more…]

Debunking Common Myths about Freemasonry

Modern Freemasonry has been around since 1717. The first concocted untruths about the Order appeared in print at almost the same time. The United States was consumed by anti-Masonic hysteria in the late [more…]

Immanuel Kant, Germany's Influential Philosopher

Immanuel Kant is probably the most famous and complex of German philosophers. Immanuel Kant remains influential (getting through philosophy graduate school without studying him is nearly impossible), although [more…]

Nuclear Physics in a Nutshell

The energy of a nuclear bomb comes from inside the nucleus of the atom. Mass is converted into energy according to E = mc2. This energy is the binding energy of the nucleus, the glue that keeps the nucleus [more…]

Genetics: Examining the Basics of Chromosomes

Chromosomes are threadlike strands that are composed of DNA. To pass genetic traits from one generation to the next, the chromosomes must be copied, and then the copies must be divvied up. Most prokaryotes [more…]

Mathematical Matryoshka: Counting Numbers, Integers, Rational Numbers, and Real Numbers

When you first start dealing with numbers, you learn about the four main sets, or groups, of numbers, which, like Russian matryoshka dolls, nest inside one another: [more…]

Exploring Genetics Research

People have been wondering why they look like their parents for centuries. Observations of nature over the past few millenia have led people to ask "Why? [more…]

Figuring Out What Probability Means

Probabilities come in many different disguises. Some of the terms people use for probability are chance, likelihood, odds, percentage, and proportion. But the basic definition of [more…]

Thinking Logically: Deduction and Induction

Because deduction rhymes with reduction, you can easily remember that in deduction, you start with a set of possibilities and reduce it until a smaller subset remains. [more…]

Physics: Understanding Newton's First Law of Motion

Drum roll, please. Newton's laws explain what happens with forces and motion, and his first law states: "An object continues in a state of rest, or in a state of motion at a constant speed along a straight [more…]

Practicing Psychology: Pinning Down Criminal Psychopaths

When you think of the perfect example of a criminal, a few images may come quickly to mind — the criminal mastermind plotting the ultimate crime, the callous armed robber putting a pistol in a bank teller's [more…]

Categorizing Mother Nature: The Linnaean Taxonomic System

In order to effectively study plants and animals, all scientists need to use the same names. Using the same names keeps scientists from getting confused about what species is being referred to. [more…]

Making Sense of Hebrew Syntax

The syntax (the arrangement of words to make sentences), or Tachbir (tahch-beer), of a Hebrew sentence is quite different from English. Have a look at the basics of word order — what syntax looks like [more…]

Thinking Smart: Understanding Intelligence

Psychologists have been trying to figure out what intelligence is for a long time. Plenty of examples of a lack of intelligence exist. Just take a look at those goofy home-video shows, with scenes with [more…]

Understanding Basic Portuguese Grammar

Grammar. Remember that word from high school? Figuring out how to categorize types of words and understanding where they go in a sentence is like putting together a puzzle. And here's some good news: Portuguese [more…]

Multiplying with Scientific Notation

Multiplying numbers that are in scientific notation is fairly simple because multiplying powers of 10 is so easy. Here's how to multiply two numbers that are in scientific notation: [more…]

SAT Vocabulary: Words of Praise and Criticism

The words in this article express praise and criticism. These are words you're likely to use when you try to impress (or thoroughly depress) your date's parents or ace the biggest test of your life. [more…]

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