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How to Crochet Button Loops

Crocheted button loops are nice alternatives to buttonholes. You can use crocheted button loops in a lightweight garment where you don’t need a tight closure to the front or as a simple one-button closure [more…]

How to Add Fringe to Crochet

Fringe is a popular crochet embellishment for scarves, afghans, and shawls. Crocheted pieces sometimes have unsightly end rows, and fringe is a great way to hide them for a nice finishing touch. Fringe [more…]

How to Add Tassels to Crochet

Tassels usually embellish crocheted pieces like shawls, hats, and ties. Rather than working tassels directly into a crochet stitch (as with fringe), you make tassels separately and then attach them to [more…]

How to Sew Beads Onto Crochet

In bead crochet, you can sew beads onto completed crochet work or crochet the beads right into the fabric. Sewing beads after you complete your crochet design works well when using larger beads or making [more…]

How to Embroider On Crochet

Embroidering on crocheted fabric creates additional dimension and expression. You can transfer almost any embroidery design onto crocheted fabric. Crewel [more…]

How to Block Crochet or Knitting with Spray Starch

Use spray starch to block crocheted items for a light- to medium-crisp blocking finish. You can use spray starch to block almost anything, but is especially useful for blocking snowflakes, doilies, and [more…]

How to Block Crochet or Knitting with Liquid Starch

Using liquid starch to block your crochet or knitting allows for varying levels of crispness. Before you block with liquid starch (or commercial fabric stiffener), read the manufacturer’s directions for [more…]

Estimating How Much Yarn to Buy

You need to know how much yarn to buy whenever you start a new knitting or crocheting project. You can figure out the yardage by using yarn calculations, whether you’re substituting one yarn for another [more…]

How to Use a Tension Gauge to Measure Stitches

To check the gauge of your knitted or crocheted fabric, use a tension gauge. Frequently measure the gauge as you knit or crochet to ensure consistency in your stitches. Unevenness will affect the size [more…]

How to Crochet a Gauge Swatch

Crochet a gauge swatch to keep stitches consistent and the size of your design on track. When you work crochet the gauge swatch, work the stitches according to the instructions in the pattern. Crochet [more…]

How to Knit a Small Fair Isle Motif

A small Fair Isle motif can be used as a simple knit border or as an allover pattern. This small Fair Isle motif pattern works well as an accent in all kinds of knitting projects. [more…]

How to Add Surface Crochet to Knitting

Surface crochet is a great way to add colorful details to a finished knitted piece. Surface crochet is a fun technique to experiment with and can be used on top of any stitch pattern. To try surface crochet [more…]

How to Crochet a Pillow with Boa Yarn

This crocheted boa pillow is fluffy and cuddly. To crochet this pillow, you use boa yarn — a very short, thick eyelash yarn with a strong base thread. With this project, you get to practice sewing pieces [more…]

How to Crochet a Tank Top with Shell Stitch

Use a basic shell stitch to crochet this tank top, and you'll have a cool, comfortable top for warm-weather wear. This shell-stitch tank top is perfect for a starter project. [more…]

Increase Double Crochet in the Middle or End of a Row

You can increase (abbreviated inc) double-crochet by adding a stitch at the middle or end of the row. When increasing double crochet, always count your stitches to make sure you have the correct number [more…]

How to Decrease Single Crochet

You can decrease a stitch (abbreviated dec), which is really just subtracting a stitch, in a single crochet row. You decrease stitches in single crochet in the same places that you increase stitches — [more…]

How to Make a Crossed Double Crochet Stitch

For the crossed double crochet stitch (abbreviated crossed dc), you work two double crochet stitches on an angle. When you make a crossed double crochet stitch, you end up with a pattern that looks like [more…]

How to Crochet a Picot Stitch

Picots (no abbreviation) are pretty little round-shaped crochet stitches that add a decorative touch to an edging. You can also use picots to fill an empty space in a mesh design. You see them quite often [more…]

How to Crochet a Cluster Stitch

A cluster (no abbreviation) is a set of crochet stitches that you work across an equal number of stitches and join together (or cluster) at the top, forming a triangle shape that resembles an upside-down [more…]

How to Crochet a Reverse Single Crochet Stitch

The reverse single crochet stitch (abbreviated reverse sc) is sometimes called the crab stitch. The actual mechanics of a reverse single crochet stitch are the same as for a regular single crochet — except [more…]

How to Crochet the Loop Stitch

The crochet loop stitch (no abbreviation) gets its name from the long, loose loops it leaves behind. Getting the loop stitches' loops all the same length takes some practice, but when you get the hang [more…]

How to Work Front-Post Double-Crochet Stitches

Front post stitches are raised crochet stitches on the surface of the fabric facing you. You can create a front-post double-crochet (abbreviated FP dc) stitch with these steps and some practice. [more…]

How to Work Back-Post Double-Crochet Stitches

Back post stitches appear to recede on the side of the crocheted fabric that's facing you. You can create a back-post double-crochet (abbreviated BP dc [more…]

Common International Crochet Symbols and Crochet Stitch Abbreviations

Check out the following quick reference guide to the International Crochet Symbols and the abbreviations (in parentheses) for common crochet stitches. [more…]

Abbreviations for Common Crochet Terms

So they stay free of clutter, crochet patterns feature a lot of abbreviations for common crochet terms. Here’s a sampling of typical crochet abbreviations you might find on a pattern: [more…]


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