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Doing a Double Crochet

The double crochet (abbreviated dc) is one of the most common crochet stitches and is about twice as tall as a single crochet. (You can read about single crochet in [more…]

Crocheting in Circles

To begin a design that you work in rounds, you first have to create a center ring. The center ring is the foundation for all crocheted designs that are worked in rounds — just like the foundation chain [more…]

Getting Hooked on Crocheting

Your crochet hook is the single most important tool you use when crocheting. To understand how it works, you need to know a bit about how it's made. This article explains, in detail, everything you need [more…]

Preparing to Crochet

Before you even attempt your first stitch, you need to master some basic skills. First, you need to know how to hold the hook and yarn, and second, you need to know how to get the yarn on the hook. [more…]

Unraveling a Yarn Label

Whether packaged in a neat little ball, a long, log-like pull-skein, or a twisted skein or hank, all yarns come with a label that gives you valuable information about the yarn. All the information you [more…]

Looking at Yarn from the Inside Out

Yarns are made up of a wide variety of materials, ranging from synthetics such as acrylic, rayon, and nylon, to natural fibers including various wools, cottons, and silks. Plus, you can find numerous combinations [more…]

Caring for Your Crochet

Because of all the time you've invested in your crochet work, it would be a shame to have your project fall apart on the first wash or discolor by being improperly stored. Follow the appropriate tips below [more…]

Keep Your Crochet Hooks in Tiptop Shape

Over time, you'll build up quite a collection of hooks. And although hooks aren't expensive, you don't want to have to run out and buy the same hook over and over again because you damaged or lost the [more…]

How to Measure a Gauge Swatch

In knitting and crochet, accuracy counts when measuring your gauge swatch. Before you measure your gauge swatch, wash and block it, if that's what you'd do for the completed project. Next, smooth out the [more…]

How to Make Steeks for Cutting after Knitting in the Round

Steeks are an excellent way to secure stitches before you cut open fabric that's knitted in the round. After you steek a pullover sweater knitted in the round, you cut between the steeks to create a cardigan [more…]

How to Crochet a Turning Chain

Crochet a turning chain (one or more chain stitches that you make after you’ve turned your crocheted work) before you begin your next row. The purpose of the turning chain is to bring your yarn to the [more…]

How to Wet-Block Knitting or Crochet

When you wet-block a piece of knitting or crochet, you wet it and coax it into its final shape. To wet block your knitting or crochet, you get it completely wet in a sink or basin of water. Have a large [more…]

How to Spray-Block Knitting or Crochet

Spray block a knitted or crocheted piece to smooth out all the uneven stitches and to straighten wavy, rolling edges. When you spray block knitting or crochet, you use a spray bottle to wet down the piece [more…]

How to Steam-Block Knitting or Crochet

Steam blocking is a gentle way to shape delicate knitted or crocheted pieces. When you steam block a piece of knitting or crochet, you steam it (instead of soak it) to coax it into its final shape. [more…]

How to Block Hats, Mittens, and Socks

Blocking hats, mittens, socks, or other three-dimensional pieces of knitting or crochet isn't hard at all. To block a three-dimensional piece of knitting or crochet, you use traditional blocking techniques [more…]

Anatomy of a Crochet Hook

Even though you may think a crochet hook is nothing more than a straight stick with a hook on one end, crochet hooks actually have five distinct and necessary parts. Each part of the hook performs a specific [more…]

How to Hold a Crochet Hook

Even though you crochet with only one hook, both hands are busy the whole time. Your dominant hand holds the crochet hook, and your other hand holds the yarn. [more…]

How to Start the Yarn on a Crochet Hook

Knowing how to start the yarn on a crochet hook is your first step to crocheting. To start the yarn on a crochet hook, you first wrap the yarn around your yarn hand and then create a slip knot on your [more…]

How to Yarn Over in Crochet

Wrapping the yarn over your crochet hook, called a yarn over (abbreviated yo), is the most basic step to every stitch in crocheting. Yarn overs can be used before or after you insert the hook into the [more…]

How to Crochet the Chain Stitch

The chain stitch (abbreviated ch) is the basis for all crochet. Almost every crochet pattern begins with a chain stitch. If you’re working in rows, your first row is a series of chain stitches, which is [more…]

How to Crochet the Slip Stitch

The slip stitch (abbreviated sl st) is the flattest (or smallest) of all the crochet stitches. Although you can use the slip stitch to crochet a fabric, the slip stitch is really more of a utility stitch [more…]

How to Make a Single Crochet

The single crochet (abbreviated sc) is the most fundamental of all stitches. The compact single crochet stitch creates a tight, dense fabric. You use this stitch over and over again, alone or in combination [more…]

How to Crochet the V-Stitch and Shell Stitch

The crocheted V-stitch (abbreviated V-st) is so called because it resembles, well, a V. Shell stitch (abbreviated shell) is versatile; you can find shell stitch just about anywhere. [more…]

How to Turn Crochet Work

To turn crochet work around so that you can start a new row of stitches, keep the last loop on your crochet hook and simply take the completed work, which should be positioned under your hook hand, and [more…]

How to Crochet a Row

Going back and forth may not get you places in real life, but it sure does when you’re crocheting in rows. When you crochet rows, you need to turn your work, make your turning chain, and start back across [more…]

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