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How to Knit a Button Pillow

Pillows are semi-quick knits with a lot of variations — and knit pillows look great on your favorite chair or couch. Knit a button pillow or two (or a dozen) for useful gifts from the heart. [more…]

How to Knit a Scarf In Under an Hour

Knit a scarf in under an hour by using super-ultra-chunky yarn, large needles, and this Natascha scarf pattern. Even new knitters can knit this scarf in under an hour if you concentrate. [more…]

How to Knit a Plain Hat with Rolled Brim

This plain hat with rolled brim (the most basic of knit hats) is nicely shaped for just about every head size. Add some pizzazz to this plain knitted hat by adding any desired stitch pattern after you [more…]

How to Knit Textured Stripes

When you knit textured stripes, you use one color of yarn. The texture is what makes the stripes stand out. The textured stripes can be of one thickness or you can alternate thick and thin. Here are some [more…]

How to Make a Cable Scarf by Knitting Lengthwise

When making a cable scarf by knitting lengthwise, you get to practice a lot of cable twists in a single row. You knit this cable scarf lengthwise, so you can stop knitting whenever you feel you’ve had [more…]

How to Knit a Striped and Textured Scarf

Knit a striped and textured scarf to practice your knitting technique. This knitted scarf pattern varies in texture, as well as colors. A striped scarf is the classic knitted item. [more…]

How to Knit Striped Wristlets

Knitted striped wristlets are simple but fun accessories that look amazing in multicolored or novelty yarns. The knitted wristlets are a great way to use up all the yarn bits you accumulate at the bottom [more…]

How to Make a Striped Bag by Knitting In the Round

Knitting in the round to make a bag is great because there's no purling. You knit the main body of the bag in the round, so no purling there, and the bottom is all garter stitch — also not a purl in sight [more…]

How to Read Cable Charts

Most knitting patterns give cable instructions in chart form. These cable charts show the cable stitches, turning rows, and often some background stitches. Depending on how complicated the cable pattern [more…]

How to Knit a Double Cable (Horseshoe Cable)

A double cable (or horseshoe cable) looks intricate but is easy to knit. Try knitting this sample panel of double cable. The panel is 18 stitches (the cable is 12 stitches wide with 3 set-up stitches on [more…]

How to Knit Standard Cable Stitch (Rope Cable)

Standard cable stitch (or rope cable) is a basic knitting stitch that looks like twisted rope. The cables have the same number of plain rows between turning rows as there are stitches in the cable. If [more…]

How to Knit an Open Cable

The open cable stitch is sometimes called the traveling cable stitch. To make open cables, you use basic cabling techniques and cross stitches over the background. To work an open cable, you simply cross [more…]

How to Knit a Wave Cable

A wave cable knit pattern consists of a panel of 12 stitches (the wave cable itself is 6 stitches wide). This cable gets its appearance from crossing inconsistently — to the right on one turning row and [more…]

How to Knit a Chain Cable

A chain cable is just two wave cables that move in opposite directions and line up side by side. This sample chain cable panel consists of 14 stitches; the chain cable itself is 8 stitches wide. [more…]

How to Knit a Braid Cable

When you knit a basic braid cable, it'll look like three knitted strands that are braided. Knitting braid cable looks hard, but it's really not. Practice by knitting this sample panel of braid cable. The [more…]

How to Knit a Twist to the Right

Knit twists are diminutive cousins of the knit cable. You can knit the twist to the right or knit the twist to the left. Either way, a knitted twist consists of 2 stitches — 1 stitch crossing over its [more…]

How to Knit a Twist to the Left

Knit twists are diminutive cousins of the knit cable. You can knit the twist to the left or knit the twist to the right. Either way, a knitted twist consists of 2 stitches — 1 stitch crossing over its [more…]

How to Knit a Hat with Cables and Pompoms

Knit a hat with cables and pompoms for a cute and creative gift. This cable hat with pompoms is a straightforward knit hat pattern that uses only one kind of cable: a 6-stitch cable twisting to the right [more…]

How to Knit Hand Warmers with Horseshoe Cable Stitch

These stylish horseshoe cable hand warmers are super-simple to knit. These hand warmers are basically nothing but a larger version of a horseshoe cable swatch. [more…]

How to Crochet a Turning Chain

Crochet a turning chain (one or more chain stitches that you make after you’ve turned your crocheted work) before you begin your next row. The purpose of the turning chain is to bring your yarn to the [more…]

How to Read Knitted Lace Charts

Charts for knitted lace, like other charts for knitted stitch patterns, “picture” the patterns they represent. Knitted lace incorporates two simple knitting techniques: a yarn over [more…]

How to Knit Eyelet Patterns: Ridged Ribbon and Cloverleaf

Discover how to knit eyelet patterns such as ridged ribbon and cloverleaf. Eyelet patterns generally have fewer openings than out-and-out knitted lace patterns; and eyelet patterns are characterized by [more…]

How to Knit Open Lace: Arrowhead and Miniature Leaf Patterns

Open lace patterns, like arrowhead and miniature leaf, offer a traditional knitted lace look. Knit open lace patterns in fine yarns on fine needles (think elegant cashmere scarves) or in chunky yarn on [more…]

How to Knit Faggot Lace Patterns

Faggot patterns (basic lace) are really a category unto themselves. Faggot lace patterns are composed of nothing but the simplest lace-making unit: a yarn over followed [more…]

How to Rip Out Knitted Lace

Rip out knitted lace when you discover dropped stitches. Ripping out knitted lace can be difficult because of lost time. Just grit your teeth and carefully rip out the lace — otherwise, the overall pattern [more…]

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