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Fashion Staples Every Woman Should Invest In

Before you buy anything else, make sure that your closet has all the fashion basics. You can spend a little more on these fashion items because they’re essentials for every woman’s closet, and you’ll wear [more…]

Fashion For Dummies Cheat Sheet

So many women don’t know where to turn for reliable information about developing a personal style or dressing fashionably. Your budget, body type, and personality all play a part in the clothing choices [more…]

How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are the perfect Christmas decoration: You can hang wreaths indoors or out, and you can make them on a budget. Make your Christmas wreath from greenery, moss, flowers, faux berries, or dried leaves [more…]

How to Make a Christmas Garland

Garland is an inexpensive Christmas decoration that's easy to make. Your homemade garland can be simple or fancy, depending on what you use. It's a fun craft project for the whole family to work on, and [more…]

How to Make a Beautiful Floral Bow

Make your own floral bows (florist bows) to save money and to add a custom look to Christmas wreaths, garlands, and gifts. Tying floral bows isn’t difficult; if you can make loops, you can make beautiful [more…]

How to Make a Flat, Tailored Bow

Make flat, tailored bows to give your holiday decorations a clean, modern look. You can make flat bows with ribbon that’s hard to knot or gather. Use them on packages, floral arrangements, and napkins. [more…]

How to Create Pillow Covers for Christmas Decorating

Making your own pillow covers is an easy way to decorate your home for Christmas. Choose colors and prints that suit your holiday decorating theme if the traditional red and green don’t suit you. [more…]

Fun Paper Crafts and Decorations for Christmas

If you like the idea of crafting Christmas items from paper, or if you just like to embellish the paper goods you already have, then invest in a good paper-crafting stash of items and create any of the [more…]

How to Wrap Gifts Like a Pro

A beautifully wrapped gift is a gift in itself; it takes time and is an artful expression of the giver. Knowing how to wrap gifts like a pro requires patience, skill, and plenty of space. [more…]

How to Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Christmas gifts doesn’t have to be expensive. Brown craft paper and white butcher paper are cost-effective alternatives to sometimes high-priced wrapping paper. [more…]

How to Make a Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card

Making your own Christmas cards is a great way to save money while spreading holiday cheer. It's super easy to learn how to make a pop-up card for the holiday season. This do-it-yourself card, with a Christmas [more…]

How to Make a 3-D Découpage Christmas Card

Save money this Christmas by making your own découpage Christmas cards with a 3-D effect. These découpage holiday cards are fun to make and easy for children to do. People enjoy getting homemade cards [more…]

How to Make a Multilayered Pop-Up Christmas Card

Homemade pop-up Christmas cards don’t have to look like amateur work. You can create a beautiful, multilayered pop-up Christmas card by using magazine photos, your own photos, or old cut up Christmas cards [more…]

Give Old Christmas Ornaments a New Look

Paint and embellish old Christmas ornaments to change the whole look of your Christmas tree without investing in all new ones. Liven up old ornaments and give them a fresh new personality with these money-saving [more…]

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Shoebox Diorama with Peephole

A shoebox diorama is a great budget craft project to keep children busy during the holidays. To make the diorama, use images from old Christmas cards. You'll end up with a charming decoration that family [more…]

How to Make Dog Biscuits

Homemade dog biscuits are a special gift for the dogs and dog lovers on your Christmas list. Grains, milk powder, and molasses make a nourishing cookie. [more…]

Making Soap with Layered Colors and Scents

Homemade soaps of layered colors and scents make wonderful gifts — especially if they've been custom-designed for the recipient. In a layered soap, you alternate colors and scents, all in the same bar. [more…]

How to Embed Items into Homemade Soap

Making soap for Christmas can be a creative endeavor. You can embed objects in your soaps to make them really special. Embedded soaps look like a million bucks, but this gift fits even a small budget. [more…]

How to Make Scented Bath Oils

Homemade bath oil is a simple gift idea that's easy on the budget. Vary scents and colors to please different friends; combine the bath oil with bath salts and massage oil to make a complete gift basket [more…]

How to Make a Spa Gift Basket

You can make gift baskets filled with scented bath items to give as gifts to family and friends at Christmas time. Consider making bath salts and massage oils; both are great gift ideas. Simple instructions [more…]

How to Make a Molded Candle for Christmas

Homemade gifts are always appreciated. This basic molded candle is an inexpensive gift idea and even better, you can customize the candle colors and scents with your recipients in mind. Why not start a [more…]

How to Embed Items into Homemade Candles

If you're making candles for Christmas gifts, embellish them by embedding decorative items. You’ve likely seen a candle that has some object lodged inside it, such as shells or wax chunks. Gel candles, [more…]

How to Add a Crackle Finish to Homemade Candles

That crackle finish on candles you see in stores, is easy to replicate on your homemade candles. Add a crackle finish to create some visual interest on an otherwise plain candle. Your homemade Christmas [more…]

Free Candle Molds from Everyday Household Containers

Homemade candles are budget-friendly Christmas gifts, but save even more money by using household containers as candle molds. Free candle molds are everywhere in your house, if you know where to look. [more…]

How to Make Hand-Milled Soaps

Scented homemade soaps make great Christmas gifts. If you prefer not to use caustic chemicals while making soap, then hand-milled soaps are your answer. The only special tool that you really need is a [more…]

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