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Knitting Cables

The simple technique of cabling (crossing one group of stitches over another) lends itself to many interpretations in knitting. It's easy to do, you can make all kinds of interesting and imaginative cable [more…]

Doing a Double Crochet

The double crochet (abbreviated dc) is one of the most common crochet stitches and is about twice as tall as a single crochet. (You can read about single crochet in [more…]

Machine Quilting Tips and Tricks

If you have chosen to machine quilt your project, you need to prepare your machine for the chore at hand. Each machine quilting technique requires a different type of presser foot and machine setting, [more…]

Tending to Mortise-and-Tenon Joints

Mortise-and-tenon joints are among the strongest joints in woodworking, and are used for projects that have frame construction and need to be strong. Chairs and tables use them as does most Arts and Crafts [more…]

Crocheting in Circles

To begin a design that you work in rounds, you first have to create a center ring. The center ring is the foundation for all crocheted designs that are worked in rounds — just like the foundation chain [more…]

Reading Stitch Patterns for Knitting

Once you know how to knit and purl, you can combine these stitches in a seemingly endless variety of textured stitch patterns, not to be confused with garment or project patterns. [more…]

Sewing a Quick Duvet Cover

A duvet is a fluffy comforter that's slipped into a duvet cover. You can make this quick duvet cover out of bedsheets, so your duvet will be as easy to care for as the sheets on your bed. [more…]

Reading a Sewing Pattern

Even though a sewing pattern might be labeled "easy" or "quick," the pattern instruction writers sometimes assume that you have a certain amount of general sewing knowledge. Nothing can be more intimidating [more…]

Making Machine Stitches Work for You

Chances are that your sewing machine has a few tricks up its sleeve — stitches that you almost never think to use. Whether you're getting to know your machine for the first time or you're starting to take [more…]

Framing Your Quilt with a Beautiful Border

A border is a strip (or strips) of fabric that frame the edges of the quilt. Your entire quilt top is usually bordered, but you can also have borders surrounding your quilt blocks or as part of the quilt [more…]

Mending Holes and Rips in Your Clothes

Even if you don't give your clothes a tough workout, you may find that you've worn holes into the knees, elbows, or elsewhere. Being able to mend your own clothes extends their life and saves you money [more…]

Understand Knitting Abbreviations and Knitting Terms

To knit from patterns, you need to know knitting abbreviations and knitting terms. As you work with knitting patterns, you'll get to know the most common abbreviations — for example, RS [more…]

Table Saw Specifications

Of all the modern tools in a wood shop, the table saw is the most used. Countless table saw designs are available, from a basic tabletop version to a contractor's version to a full-blown cabinet saw. As [more…]

How to Start a Scrapbook

Before you start a scrapbook, spend some time planning it. Start by collecting items for your scrapbook, and organizing your materials and thoughts so that your finished scrapbooks have the look you want [more…]

General Tips for Reconstructing Clothes

Let these quick tips for starting to reconstruct your clothes help you avoid the downhill spiral of frustration while still allowing you creative license to do it your own way. [more…]

Creating Paper Bag Luminarias for Holiday Decorating

Traditionally, luminarias are made of votive candles set in paper bags weighted with sand and placed in rows along walkways, driveways, and even rooftops. You can use them in new ways, however, to light [more…]

The Five Signs of a Valuable Antique

You're going to spend some money on furniture and accessories, so you may as well buy something that can hold its value after you use it. Antiques often have a greater chance of retaining value than new [more…]

Getting Hooked on Crocheting

Your crochet hook is the single most important tool you use when crocheting. To understand how it works, you need to know a bit about how it's made. This article explains, in detail, everything you need [more…]

Preparing to Crochet

Before you even attempt your first stitch, you need to master some basic skills. First, you need to know how to hold the hook and yarn, and second, you need to know how to get the yarn on the hook. [more…]

Discovering Your Scrapbooking Style

Scrapbooking styles aren't yet definable in a truly formal sense. Instead, they're as individual as the scrapbookers themselves, and scrappers are constantly experimenting with new looks and techniques [more…]

Turning Your Old Jeans into a Hip Bag

Jeans are so durable, it only makes sense that they would make a great day-bag to throw your stuff in and head off on an adventure. This bag takes your every-day jeans and turns them upside down to make [more…]

Choosing Yarn for Your Knitting Project

Yarns, garment shapes, and stitch patterns must work together for your knitting project to be successful. If you plan to knit a scarf or a blanket, go ahead and let the yarn you fall in love with dictate [more…]

Reconstructing Clothes: What to Avoid Trying to Fix

If you usually shop at regular stores, you may not be accustomed to checking for some flaws typically found in reused clothing. Don't buy second-hand clothes with the following issues, no matter how inexpensive [more…]

Buying an Antique Sofa

When you buy an antique sofa, you are buying the frame. You want an authentic, quality antique frame in good condition. Just because you see old feet doesn't mean you have an old sofa. The internal frame [more…]

Using Markers for Calligraphy

Markers are great when time, not quality, is a consideration in your calligraphic work. You wouldn't want to use a marker to letter a certificate, but a marker would be perfect for small tasks such as [more…]

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