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You can use the Zoom slider on the Status bar in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to increase the magnification in a worksheet or shrink it down to the tiniest size to get an overall picture of the worksheet data. The Zoom dialog box provides another way to change the zoom magnification.


Find the Zoom slider.

The Zoom slider lives on the far right end of the Status bar, next to the View buttons.


Drag the Zoom slider to the right.

Dragging the Zoom slider to the right increases the zoom — the cells appear larger and you can more easily read the worksheet data. You also can click the plus (+) button on the right end of the Zoom slider to increase the zoom level in 10% increments.


Drag the Zoom slider to the left.

Dragging the Zoom slider to the left decreases the zoom. This gives you a bird’s-eye view and enables you to more clearly see the overall worksheet layout. You also can click the minus (–) button on the left end of the Zoom slider to decrease the zoom level in 10% increments.

To quickly return to 100% (normal) magnification in an Excel worksheet, all you have to do is to click the bar in the center of the Zoom slider.


Click the Zoom level button.

The Zoom level button shows the current zoom percentage (the default zoom is 100%). This button appears immediately to the left of the Zoom slider. When you click this button, the Zoom dialog box appears. Click Cancel to close the dialog box without making a selection.

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