Your iPhone’s About Feature

The iPhone’s About feature, well, tells you about the device. The About feature reveals your iPhone's serial number, Wi-Fi address, and firmware, among other things. Here’s what About tells you about:

  • Name of your network.

  • Number of songs stored on the device.

  • Number of videos.

  • Number of photos.

  • Storage capacity used and available. Because of the way the device is formatted, you’ll always have a little less storage than the advertised amount of flash memory.

  • Software version. As the software gets tweaked and updated, your device goes a little beyond. So in parentheses next to the version number, you’ll see something like 5A347. That (or another string of numbers and letters) is the build number of the software version you have. It changes when the iPhone’s software is updated.

  • Serial and model numbers.

  • Wi-Fi address.

  • Bluetooth address.

  • IMEI and ICCID. Say what? These stand for the International Mobile Equipment Identity and Integrated Circuit Card Identifier (or Smart Card) numbers.

  • Modern firmware. The version of the cellular transmitter.

  • Legal. You had to know that the lawyers would get their two cents in somehow. All the fine print is here. And fine print it is. Although you can flick to scroll through these lengthy legal notices, you can’t pinch the screen to enlarge the text.

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