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Often, your prospects and customers can’t see the images in your marketing e-mails images immediately because most e-mail programs automatically block images in the preview pane to protect their users from seeing unwanted images. Your audience has to rely on From lines and Subject lines to decide whether to download your images, which is where the header of your message assumes major importance.

To get the most from a preview pane, use these tips to make sure your audience recognizes you and your business:

  • Avoid placing large images at the top of your e-mails. Your audience’s preview pane may appear blank if an image at the top of your e-mail is as large as the average preview pane. Instead of using large images across the top of your e-mail, use a smaller image and include text above, below, or to one side of the image.

  • Include titles and captions with images. Using text above and below your images helps your audience determine whether to view them.

  • Use image descriptions in your HTML image references. An image description — also known as alt text — is a line of HTML code that tells an HTML reader to display text when images aren’t displayed. Alt text also displays in some e-mail browsers when a user places a mouse over an image without clicking.

    Most EMPs allow you to insert an image description when you upload an image without requiring you to know any HTML code.

  • Add text at the top of your e-mail to ask your recipient to add your From address to his address book. Most e-mail applications automatically show images when the sender’s e-mail address is in the recipient’s address book or contacts list.

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