The convenience of wireless networks is also the greatest risk to security. Wireless networks can’t be contained inside your office or house like a wired network, so they’re more vulnerable to a network breach. Security measures, however, make it much harder to do anything with those signals, or compromise your network. Check out this list of security standards for Wi-Fi networks:

Security Type Infrastructure Requirements Security Level
WEP WEP-compatible AP and network adapters Low, easily cracked by active or passive attacks
WPA (PSK) WPA-compatible AP and network adapters High, vulnerable to password cracking (dictionary) attacks
WPA Enterprise WPA Enterprise-compatible AP and network adapters, RADIUS server Very high
WPA2 (PSK and Enterprise) WPA2-compatible AP, network adapter (RADIUS for Enterprise) Extremely high; adds AES (Advanced Encryption System), which could take millions of years to crack with current technology