label printer: A specialized, small printer that can create all kinds of labels on label tape.

LAN: Local area network; A group of computers connected to form a network.

laptop: A specialty type of computer that folds into a handy, lightweight package, making it easily portable; also called a notebook.

laser printer: A type of computer printer that uses a laser beam to create the image, giving a crisp and fast output.

LCD: Liquid crystal diode; A type of computer monitor, also called a flat-panel monitor, that’s thin and uses relatively little electricity.

LED: Light Emitting Diode; a display and lighting technology used in almost every electronic product.

live file system: When burning CDs and DVDs, this file system allows you to add and remove files as if the disc was another hard drive.

log in: To identify yourself on a computer by entering a user name and password.

log off: To tell Windows that you’re done using the computer without actually turning off the computer; you must log in to use it again. This action is also called logging out.

log out: Telling Windows that you don’t want to use the computer anymore; also called logging off.