IEEE: Also called FireWire; a type of connection that you can use to attach various devices to your computer.

impact printer: A type of computer printer that uses an ink ribbon and some device to physically bang the ribbon on the paper.

inkjet printer: A type of computer printer that lobs tiny balls of ink directly on the paper to create a printout.

input: Information sent to and received by your computer.

insertion pointer: The blinking icon that appears on your computer screen at the location where characters you type appear; also called a cursor.

I/O: Input/Output; the two kinds of activity that a computer engages in — it accepts input from outside devices and gives you output information in a variety of forms.

IrDA port: An infrared computer port that can be used to communicate with devices such as PDAs and other laptops.

ISA: Industry Standard Architecture; the oldest type of computer expansion slot, used now mainly for compatibility with older expansion cards.