accelerators : Internet Explorer 8–compatible add-ins that provide quick links to needed additional information on the spot without requiring a whole bunch more browsing.

Action Center: Windows 7 uses the Action Center to keep you informed of security and maintenance issues that need attention.

Administrator account: An account for the manager of a computer or network. An Administrator account offers significantly more privileges in managing the PC compared to a Standard account.

Aero: A Windows color scheme that changes the way Windows itself looks and behaves on your screen.

Aero Glass: A combination of the Aero color scheme and the Glass effect that creates a transparent effect in Windows

Aero Peek: A Windows 7 tool that allows you to quickly view all open windows and programs in either thumbnail or full screen mode.

Aero Shake: A Windows 7 feature that minimizes all windows except the one. Click on the title bar of the window you want to keep open and then drag it back and forth quickly.

Aero Snap : A Windows 7 feature that lets you resize a window to half size just by dragging it to a side of the screen.

alpha blending test: A test that Microsoft uses to determine how quickly a computer's graphics card can blend colors.

application: A kind of software used for productivity or to create things (the software that does the work).

attachment: A file that piggybacks onto an e-mail message.

AutoPlay dialog box: Appears when you plug a memory card into your PC.