Windows Experience Index; WEI: Microsoft's assessment tool that analyses the hardware on your PC and determines how efficiently your system will be able to handle Windows 7.

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security; WFwAS: Windows' limited outbound firewall interface.

Windows Home Server; WHS: Microsoft's software package that can be installed on a home computer or hard drive and that manages your home network for you.

Windows Live Essentials: A group of applications that Microsoft created to go with Windows 7, including Mail, Messenger, Photo Gallery, and Movie Maker — along with seven new applications.

Windows Live Mail: Microsoft's full-featured free e-mail service — now a part of the Windows Live Essentials pack.

Windows Media Player: Software that lets you collect, play, and share your music.

Windows Movie Maker: Software that lets you import your video and photos, edit them into a movie, and save your creation to your PC, a DVD, or a CD.

Windows Photo Gallery: Software that lets you easily sort through your photos by clicking different words, dates, and ratings listed on the Navigation Pane.

Windows Photo Printing Wizard: Software that offers nearly as many options as the drugstore’s photo counter, printing full-page glossies, wallet prints, and nearly anything in between.

Windows Registry: A portion of the Windows system that contains a wide variety of information that instructs Windows how to handle registered applications.

Windows Update: Allows Microsoft to automatically send you patches for Windows 7.

Windows XP Mode: A shell program that allows you to run Windows XP programs inside Windows 7.

WinSAT; Windows System Assessment Tool: The measurement tool that Windows 7 uses to assess your system's capabilities and to create the WEI index for your PC.

wizard: A Windows tool that automates common processes, such as adding software or setting up a network.